Friday, March 27, 2009

So much of the personal development part, now let's talk a bit of the lass called momo.

Well, she is fine.... As per normal, still so noti.

She sometimes refused to sleep early at nite, nowadays she doesn't want to sleep beside me anymore, I dunno why....

She is still the same, she likes to eat what is in your plate but not hers, even when both are of the same food.

Lately I have took some pics of her in action. I wanted to upload them here but on 2nd thoughts I think it's better not to. She is growing up and she needs her privacy.

We have discovered she is really a left-handed. She likes to eat her food using her left hand.

Next week, I might want to bring her out to the east side to one of the condo my friend is staying. She told me there are a few playgrounds so momo can sweat it out. Nice cosy bed for her to sleep just in case momo gets too tired running and swimming.

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