Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shall blog a bit of momo here, since this lass is now doing her own reading and the best part is she isn't disturbing me right now. Now momo is attending her pre-school, she isn't small anymore. It's time for her to mix around with other kids. And here are some of her homework. Well, if you know how to appreciate them it's artwork. If you dun, then they are just a piece of drawing.

E for elephant. Pink elephant.

Well, this artwork may seems to be a little... you know. Well, maybe at the point of time when momo is colouring it, someone gets on her nerves, that's why.

This is my favourite one. It's her left-hand print. You know what as times go, momo will get older and her hand won't be the same anymore.

I was passing by the Science Centre one evening and I was going to Mac when I saw this dinosaur, and since I got my camera with me so I snap a pic of it.
Just finished reading the book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader, by John Maxwell.
Here are some sharing;
When it comes to commitment, there are really only 4 types of people;
Cop-outs:People who have no goals and do not commit.
Hold-outs: People who don't know if they can reach their goals, so they're afraid to commit.
Drop-outs: People who start toward a goal but quit when the going gets strong.
All-outs: People who set goals, commit to them, and pay the price to reach them.
The person who knows how will always have a job, but the person who knows why will always be the boss.
Benjamin Franklin
Smart leaders believe only half of what they hear. Discerning leaders know which half to believe.
John Maxwell
Focus 70% on strength, 25% on new things, 5% on areas of weakness
Regard money as a resource
Someone once said that when it comes to money, you can't win. If you focus on making it, you're materialistic. If you try to but don't make any, you're a loser. If you make a lot and keep it, you're a miser. If you make it and spend it, you're a spendthrift. If you don't care about making any, you're unambitious. If you make a lot and still have it when you die, you're a fool - for trying to take it with you.

The only way to really win with money is to hold it loosely - and be generous with it to accomplish things of value. As E. Stanley Jones said, "Money is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. If it gets on top and you get under it, you will become a slave."

If you look at the lives of effective leaders, you will find that they often don't fit into a stereotypical mold. for example, more than 50% of all CEOs of Fortune 500 companies had C or C- averages in college. Nearly 75% of all US presidents were in the bottom half of their school classes. And more than 50% of all millionaire entrepreneurs never finished college. What makes it possible for people who might seem ordinary to achieve great things? The answer is passion. Nothing can take the place of passion in a leader's life.

A successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley, Television Journalist

A nursery in Canada displays this sign on it wall: "The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five ago... The second best time is today." Plant the tree of self-discipline in your life today.

Your growth determines who you are.
Who you are determines who you attract.
Who you attract determines the success of your organization.

If you want to grow your organization, you have to remain teachable.

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