Friday, December 19, 2008

Just finished reading the book, Discover Your Destiny, by Robin Sharma... I would like to share with you one story from this book.

There is this mountain climber who reached the summit of the peak he was scaling at midday. The challenge then became getting back down, to a place of safety before the sun had set. As he descended, he noticed that sun getting lower and lower. He quickened his pace but, as the hours slipped away, the light faded and the sun sank lower on the horizon. He began to grow frightened and many fears began to surface. He felt that if he did not get to the bottom of the mountain, he would be caught midway and be placed in an extremely dangerous position, perhaps even falling to his death.

Finally, the sun set and the climber found himself in utter darkness. Desperate, he fumbled to find something he could hold to, eventually clinging to a branch that grew from a crevice in the stone face of the mountain. The climber spent the night hanging on to that branch, frozen with fear, believing that if he let go of it, he would fall to his death on the rocks below. The night was a nightmare for him - pure terror.

But when the first ray of the morning cast light once again, he began to laugh. He could not believe what he saw. His fear was only an illusion. Only six inches below him rested a ledge. In the darkness, he could not see it. But in the light, he realized that all he had to do was to go six inches lower and he could have spent the entire night in safety and relative comfort. His fear were unfounded. His terror had no basis in reality. And fears, I have learned, are like that. They keep us small, shackled; they spoil our lives. And yet every single one of the fears that limit us is truly only six inches deep.

Do not let the fears own you. Do not let them spoil your life.

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