Sunday, November 23, 2008

This post is to tribute to them for their selfless sharing for my focus group training.

Mentor Yvonne Low

Trainer Pauline Yuen

Who is this then? She is not responsible for my progress in Herbalife.

She is my younger "sister" in Herbalife. You see, that is the wonderful encounter in this business. You can from nowhere rendezvous with your long lost sister... Haha! I beginning to like this business more and more. We both shared the same surname. XXXX Tham and Tham XXXX. She comes all the way from Malaysia to Singapore to attend today's training. The first time we first saw each other was in July at the Bangkok Extravaganza. I thought we only can meet again in next year Korea Extravaganza, but who knows today we see each other. So of cos mai du liao, fast hand fast leg take photo together mah...

I Love Herbalife!!!!

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