Friday, November 28, 2008

Going to be end of Nov soon...

I got home and this is what I saw on the floor... nicely placed in a semi-circle position. Which little girl did that?

Few days ago, I brought momo the swimming at the public pool. I thought she would like to go swimming cos' she was always playing with water at the bathroom. I even bought a swimming costume for her, a green coloured one with some patterns from Giant. Wanna see how momo looks like in her green swimming costume? I really want to laugh my head off when I took her pic. She looks so..... never mind.
Guess what, she just simply refused to get go of me. She keep on hugging me when I went into the shallow pool. The other time I went into the deep pool for adults, she hugged me tightly. I thought maybe she was scared of the depth but this time the water was only like... it's a baby pool!!! All the other children were screaming and playing so happily but momo was crying. Ever since I took her for a shower until I decided to leave the pool, she was crying. I think maybe she still can't get used to it, maybe I'll try again some other time when she is a few months older. This girl need to be "polished".
It reminds me of one quote by Robbin Sharma when I listened to his inspirational tape.
He says: "When we come to this world, we cries while everyone around us rejoiced. When we left this world, how many people will cry while we rejoiced"

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