Saturday, November 29, 2008

Okay, let's face the tough fact. Now the world is facing the global crisis. Everywhere is retrenching ppl. Currently US is facing the real tough times, companies are seeking the US Government to bail out. Can you imagine even GE Motors is effected, the company that is contributing to the 1/3 of the automobiles economy.

Now you won't feel the pinch, the standard flow is here in Asia, we will only feel the lash 6 months after US had felt it. Every economist will know that...

Our CEO of Herbalife International is now reaching out to the world to provide a solution to this economical crisis. "Tough times, Proven Solution". We are not begging ppl to join us or to take advantage of the crisis to recruit more distributors. Not a form of advertising gimmicks, NO!

The star of Herbalife is not me, not our CEO, or any of us. The star of Herbalife is the products. With or without any of us, Herbalife is still going to the US$5 billion. Just last year Herbalife operates in 65 countries. Now in Nov, we operates in 70 countries already. In June next year our Extravaganza to Korea will not postponed, in 2010 our 30th Anniversary to Atlantis Extravaganza will still commenced. Not because we are arrogant or what, cos' Herblalife is the proven solution! It will not give you a get-rich scheme or easy-way-out plan, we still need to work hard. We doesn't sit at home and collect money from our downlines. We will still be doing the leads since the past 28 years, since Mark Hughes days; Use the products, Wear the button, Talk to people.

Give yourself an option for your family, for your children and most importantly, for yourself.

Now at this times. you will either faced retrenchment, you watch someone get retrenched or you're retrenching someone.

Mark these words "You can earn what you are worth"

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