Saturday, November 29, 2008

Okay, let's face the tough fact. Now the world is facing the global crisis. Everywhere is retrenching ppl. Currently US is facing the real tough times, companies are seeking the US Government to bail out. Can you imagine even GE Motors is effected, the company that is contributing to the 1/3 of the automobiles economy.

Now you won't feel the pinch, the standard flow is here in Asia, we will only feel the lash 6 months after US had felt it. Every economist will know that...

Our CEO of Herbalife International is now reaching out to the world to provide a solution to this economical crisis. "Tough times, Proven Solution". We are not begging ppl to join us or to take advantage of the crisis to recruit more distributors. Not a form of advertising gimmicks, NO!

The star of Herbalife is not me, not our CEO, or any of us. The star of Herbalife is the products. With or without any of us, Herbalife is still going to the US$5 billion. Just last year Herbalife operates in 65 countries. Now in Nov, we operates in 70 countries already. In June next year our Extravaganza to Korea will not postponed, in 2010 our 30th Anniversary to Atlantis Extravaganza will still commenced. Not because we are arrogant or what, cos' Herblalife is the proven solution! It will not give you a get-rich scheme or easy-way-out plan, we still need to work hard. We doesn't sit at home and collect money from our downlines. We will still be doing the leads since the past 28 years, since Mark Hughes days; Use the products, Wear the button, Talk to people.

Give yourself an option for your family, for your children and most importantly, for yourself.

Now at this times. you will either faced retrenchment, you watch someone get retrenched or you're retrenching someone.

Mark these words "You can earn what you are worth"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Going to be end of Nov soon...

I got home and this is what I saw on the floor... nicely placed in a semi-circle position. Which little girl did that?

Few days ago, I brought momo the swimming at the public pool. I thought she would like to go swimming cos' she was always playing with water at the bathroom. I even bought a swimming costume for her, a green coloured one with some patterns from Giant. Wanna see how momo looks like in her green swimming costume? I really want to laugh my head off when I took her pic. She looks so..... never mind.
Guess what, she just simply refused to get go of me. She keep on hugging me when I went into the shallow pool. The other time I went into the deep pool for adults, she hugged me tightly. I thought maybe she was scared of the depth but this time the water was only like... it's a baby pool!!! All the other children were screaming and playing so happily but momo was crying. Ever since I took her for a shower until I decided to leave the pool, she was crying. I think maybe she still can't get used to it, maybe I'll try again some other time when she is a few months older. This girl need to be "polished".
It reminds me of one quote by Robbin Sharma when I listened to his inspirational tape.
He says: "When we come to this world, we cries while everyone around us rejoiced. When we left this world, how many people will cry while we rejoiced"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This post is to tribute to them for their selfless sharing for my focus group training.

Mentor Yvonne Low

Trainer Pauline Yuen

Who is this then? She is not responsible for my progress in Herbalife.

She is my younger "sister" in Herbalife. You see, that is the wonderful encounter in this business. You can from nowhere rendezvous with your long lost sister... Haha! I beginning to like this business more and more. We both shared the same surname. XXXX Tham and Tham XXXX. She comes all the way from Malaysia to Singapore to attend today's training. The first time we first saw each other was in July at the Bangkok Extravaganza. I thought we only can meet again in next year Korea Extravaganza, but who knows today we see each other. So of cos mai du liao, fast hand fast leg take photo together mah...

I Love Herbalife!!!!
Just come back home from a wonderful training, 2 special guest speakers all the way from Philippines. Husband and wife tag team... The wife started this business and the husband was very skeptical about this business. He doesn't want to do this business and his wife had to do it secretly. Not until 6 months later when she has accumulated 1 million peso, that was about SGD$30,000, he then decided to join his wife into the business. You may think that SGD$30,000 is not a big sum of money, but 1 million peso in the Philippines is a lot of money. Try and asked any of your Filipino friends around, how much a house can cost to buy.

Well, let's blog a bit about momo first. I think she hasn't been appearing here for a month now or so. Last week I took her to a gathering some where in the east side of Singapore. She is considered quite a good girl there, cos' she didn't break any things there.... But she still can't help it when it comes to her itchy hands. So far so good, she still eats her food.

Curious momo looking around the house, trying to find something to play with.

The one and only momo sitting on the floor digging her ears.

It takes a lot of courage to bring momo to a place so far away from home. The next time I think I can bring her to Changi Airport for ice cream. I got to learn that dun run away from your fears, run towards them. Face your fears.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the check. The people with no problem are the people with no check.

The most risk a person can take is not by not taking any risks.

Back to my main point of this post....

This couple were staying at this small house. They have to take up a loan from the Government for 25 years to repay this small house.

Can you imagine how small is this house? You step in and that's it. What you see is how big the house is. The bed, the sofa, the TV.... all lies in front of you.

Just one year with Herbalife, they managed to re-pay back all the money and not only that, they can buy a new house.

This is how the living room looks like.

This is how the house looks like, a new car some more....

Check it out at this article. It wasn't invented by any of us. This is a publication by one of the US Health authority.

This is something that will benefits me from the event. Sounds so meaningful....

Can it get more logical than that?

I mean, what is more can you learn? In this company, you can get rich. Rich in mind, rich in wealth, rich in health.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lately I developed the habit of reading books, not just books it's inspirational books. Last Fri I went to Jurong East library to borrow this book wrote by Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferarri. Can you imagine it sold 20 million copies? He self published it, his mom edited it, his dad sold the books. Maybe you may wonder how did a person managed to sell 20 million copies? Well, one person at a time. This is how we build our business, one person at a time.

"It is not what happens that determines the major part of your future. What happens, happens to us all. It is what you do about what happens that counts." -- Jim Rohn

"Some people take better care of their pets than they do themselves. Their animals can run like the wind and they can barely make it up a flight of stairs." Jim Rohn

Monday, November 03, 2008

Now the sky is getting dark... So I supposed soon it's going to rain. To most people, at this hour they should be at work. I mean now the time is 9am. Even if you're not at work, you would most likely to be still in bed. Maybe it's your off day, or your rest day, or maybe who knows....