Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yesterday went for the amazing training from the Exective President Team member, all the way from Indonesia to here to give us his wonderful speech. He was once a bankrupt when there is a crisis in Indonesia 10 years ago. Anyone still remember 10 years ago there is this crisis going on; people burned down the stores, robbing other shops, etc? Yes, at that point of time he as doing business and the USD$ shoot up so much that he had to sell 8 of his 9 cars to pay off his debts, sell off his house to settle for the shipment of goods that is coming from US. He got no other choice but to declare bankrupt. He found the opportunity in Herbalife and he began to work very hard. He organisation grew from just 3 person he recruited; one was his cousin, one was his neighbour, and one was his son's doctor. At that point of time, his wife gave birth and he got no money to pay for the hospital bills.

Slowly his business grew...

Just when you thought his spring was coming, he is leading a better life, he no longer has to suffer again... Another blow came, the tsunami. Remember he is from Indonesia? Yeah, 92 of his downline died. Can you imagine 92 of them died? What will going to happen if now 92 employees of your company at the same time resigned?!?!

He was telling us one story... The donkey story.

One donkey fell into a big hole. It was crying so loudly. His master loved it very much and can't bear to see it suffering, so he decided to bury it alive. He was pouring sand into the hole, keep on pouring and pouring. The donkey, you know, once the sand fall on its back, he just shake it away and step on the sand. Soon the sand get more and more, and the donkey was able to get out of the hole.

In this business, there will be many people who will pour sand on you. Just shake it off your back and take another step forward.

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