Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today is Friday and I got some time for myself. Blog a bit here... Today is my last day for my assignment... Even though it's a temp job, but I requested if there is a post for a full time one. I mean, the staffs there think I'm pretty good at my work, and I know the work there. At least they dun need to re-train a new staff again. Anyway, I went home and hope to hear from them.
Meet Faisal Solichin from all the way from Indonesia, Surabaya, the Executive President Team member. To us, he is one diamond President member.

In Bahasa Indonesia... Anyone knows what is written there?

This theory is not inverted by him, by me or by anyone... This is a study done by the experts. I just type it out here, just for the sake not to strain your eyes... For every 60 years old out of the top 5% of the every 100 people; 1 will be rich, 4 will be financially independent, 5 will still be working, 12 will be broke, 29 will be dead, and 49 will still dependent on social security and charity... Where do you want to end up?

His talk is really so inspiring... He is not a someone who is out to impress you, or to sweet-talk you. He is here to just share with all of us his life, how he transformed his life, how he change his life. Life experiences....

This is the house he used to stay in after he was bankrupted. It was leaking whenever it rains.

And this is the transformation after Herbalife. See the great difference?

This is just one of his 3 houses in Indonesia.

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