Friday, October 03, 2008

Guess what? The F1 Had ended and many roads are cleared. If I'm still in the stupid CISCO, for sure I'll be played (backside) again, one more time. No OFF days, make you work like a dog and still treat you like a dog.

Come In Sure Come Out= CISCO

Working very hard for my Herbalife business. Distribute flyers every time I can make it. Bring momo along oso. Momo is quite good nowadays. At home she will make a lot of noise, but once I bring her out to distribute flyers, she doesn't make any noise. I will tell you in her ear that papa need to work and she be a good girl, ok? If momo is hungry, tell papa "Nan Nan.." and papa will go home to feed you. If momo is tired, just close your eyes and rest into papa's chest.

And she can understand....

Currently I got myself 5 distributors and other retail customers oso, and more to come. Need to work hard. tsk tsk...

In Herbalife, anything is possible.... if.... you.... just.... keep....going.

Consistancy is the key.

Now there is a lot of rumours flying in the air about the china milk powder. I was at one of the food court ordering dessert. I overheard an auntie ordering. She was asked by the dessert lady if she wants coconut milk or fresh milk for her black glutinous rice.

The auntie replied saying "the fresh milk, is it from China?"

The dessert lady said "Not from china, from New Zealand lah... Singapore where got milk from China!"

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing....

Lately was like I got no time to take pics for momo. I guess many of you out there are wondering how is she, right? Well, not to worry, momo is fine. She is now about 10kg, all thanks to the product Herbalife!!! She has gained a 0.5kg. Just mixed it in her milk and let her drink it, she got the 100% nutrition she needs for the day. 40% carbo, 30% fats, 30% protein. For sure you can trust Herbalife products. Afterall, which company got more than 30 doctors, 10 PhDs, a top 7 doctors from US who is funded unlimited by the US Government for research in human nutrition, obesity and cancer, and last but not least a 1998 Nobel Laureate.

And the best of all, we even got the former President of Walt Disney International to be our CEO, Michael O Johnson. I didn't know that this man got such influential in US. Can you imagine he can just pick up the phone and calls any of the senators, and meet for breakfast, lunch or even for a coffee session? I was like "Wow....Is he real or what? Dun even need to make an appointment, that is the best thing.

You think your company's CEO can be able to fix an appointment with.... Tony Tan or Sami Velu, as and when?

Get ready for the true, nothing but the truth. On 16th Dec 2004, Herbalife is listed in NYSE. God damn, you know in order to be listed in there, Herbalife gotta be really transparent. In 2004, it was only about USD$13, now it has rose to USD$38...

Check it out this site. All of us know what is WWE, right? It got listed too, oh yeah, in 25 Oct 2000. Their stocks is USD$14... I gotta make a disclaimer here. I'm not trying to criticise WWE but I just want to make a point to you that if WWE, so famous on TV, can get itself worth USD$14, then how about a company which is trading USD$38? You got my point?

Ok.... next time round I shall blog about momo. She is now getting more and more smarter. Now she is hungry, she will climb to grab her milk bottle, the milk container and the Herbalife spoon and put it in front of me. She even can choose where she wants to drink her milk. On my bed, at the living room couch or even the master bedroom.

Oh my....

Guess what is the similarity between momo and David Beckham?

The both take Herbalife products!!! Oh yes, they both drink our shake every single day for good nutrition. There are many people out there on the streets who don David Beckham jersey T-shirt, some even spotted with his beckham hairdo. You know that hairdo that look something like a rooster head, some even dye that particular patch of hair golden coloured. Now how about you got the chance to take the same shake as David Beckham? You can go around and show to your friends, your neighbours, and some of your negative people that "I'm drinking what David Beckham drinks, Ha!" And it's not expensive at all. It won't cost you a 20 bucks, it only cost you a 3 bucks. A Starbucks Frappucino cost more than that....


nutcase said...

not to pour cold water on you. but check first before u give herbal life to momo. hubby wanted me to drink some of his herbal life cos very energizing, but not suitable for pregnant ladies & lactating mothers. so, dunno whether the product is suitable for kids or not.jus my thought.:)

eggyoke said...

So your hubby is oso doing herbalife lah... Yeah, you're not wrong cos' some of the products are not advisable for kids. The products I give to momo are F1, herbalifeline.. It is very good for kids. Dun trust me oso must trust Dr Louis Ignarro mah, 1998 Nobel Prize winner. :)