Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today is Friday and I got some time for myself. Blog a bit here... Today is my last day for my assignment... Even though it's a temp job, but I requested if there is a post for a full time one. I mean, the staffs there think I'm pretty good at my work, and I know the work there. At least they dun need to re-train a new staff again. Anyway, I went home and hope to hear from them.
Meet Faisal Solichin from all the way from Indonesia, Surabaya, the Executive President Team member. To us, he is one diamond President member.

In Bahasa Indonesia... Anyone knows what is written there?

This theory is not inverted by him, by me or by anyone... This is a study done by the experts. I just type it out here, just for the sake not to strain your eyes... For every 60 years old out of the top 5% of the every 100 people; 1 will be rich, 4 will be financially independent, 5 will still be working, 12 will be broke, 29 will be dead, and 49 will still dependent on social security and charity... Where do you want to end up?

His talk is really so inspiring... He is not a someone who is out to impress you, or to sweet-talk you. He is here to just share with all of us his life, how he transformed his life, how he change his life. Life experiences....

This is the house he used to stay in after he was bankrupted. It was leaking whenever it rains.

And this is the transformation after Herbalife. See the great difference?

This is just one of his 3 houses in Indonesia.

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone
I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk a...
My shadows the only one that walks beside me
My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Til then I'll walk alone
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh
I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the border line of the edge
And where I walk alone
Read between the lines what's
Fucked up and every things all right
Check my vital signs to know I'm still alive
And I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk a...
My shadows the only one that walks beside me
My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Til then I'll walk alone
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh
Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ah-Ah Ahhh
I walk this empty street
On the Blvd. of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk a..
My shadows the only one that walks beside me
My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Til then I'll walk alone!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yesterday went for the amazing training from the Exective President Team member, all the way from Indonesia to here to give us his wonderful speech. He was once a bankrupt when there is a crisis in Indonesia 10 years ago. Anyone still remember 10 years ago there is this crisis going on; people burned down the stores, robbing other shops, etc? Yes, at that point of time he as doing business and the USD$ shoot up so much that he had to sell 8 of his 9 cars to pay off his debts, sell off his house to settle for the shipment of goods that is coming from US. He got no other choice but to declare bankrupt. He found the opportunity in Herbalife and he began to work very hard. He organisation grew from just 3 person he recruited; one was his cousin, one was his neighbour, and one was his son's doctor. At that point of time, his wife gave birth and he got no money to pay for the hospital bills.

Slowly his business grew...

Just when you thought his spring was coming, he is leading a better life, he no longer has to suffer again... Another blow came, the tsunami. Remember he is from Indonesia? Yeah, 92 of his downline died. Can you imagine 92 of them died? What will going to happen if now 92 employees of your company at the same time resigned?!?!

He was telling us one story... The donkey story.

One donkey fell into a big hole. It was crying so loudly. His master loved it very much and can't bear to see it suffering, so he decided to bury it alive. He was pouring sand into the hole, keep on pouring and pouring. The donkey, you know, once the sand fall on its back, he just shake it away and step on the sand. Soon the sand get more and more, and the donkey was able to get out of the hole.

In this business, there will be many people who will pour sand on you. Just shake it off your back and take another step forward.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guess where am I now blogging? I'm actually at the Changi Airport Terminal 1 Pacific Coffee Company. Ha! I was supposed to help the CEO to pick up his "lost" bag that he forgot to take when he touched down in Singapore. You wanna know what kind of job I'm doing? Well, my job is pretty simple, it's so simple. My job... is to receive students from the airport and send them to their accommodations. Simple? So for the past few days, I was like going to the airport every single day. Terminal 1, Terminal 2... so far not yet been to Terminal 3. I mean, I have been to Terminal 3 before, what I mean is I so far have not picked up any students arriving at Terminal 3 yet. There is will be one on Fri... You wanna know which school I'm working for? I'm not going to tell you now... Wait till my contract is finished then I'll tell you. You know.... yeah, you know why...

Initially I didn't really like this job. It doesn't pay well for me. I need to drive here and there, wait for them at the airport for like for 1 hour.... The journey from my home to the school is not near oso. I need to do office admin stuffs when there is no pick up for me. So I feel like I'm underpaid....

But I was listening to some personal development from Herbalife when I was on the way to work and oso on the way when I was driving to the airport. It taught how to be positive. Look at things at the positive side, and everything will be "No Problem!!!" Well, at least I got the chance to drive a Mercs. Yeah, the vehicle I'm driving is a Mercs, those 8 seater one. Who got the chance to drive a Mercs around the whole of Singapore, doesn't need to worry about the gas, and can even get paid for doing that? Now dear is no more sitting beside me when I'm driving so I need to learn how to read the road signs and recognise the surroundings. The staffs there are good to me, I got a laptop to use and no one bothers me much. I mean, what else more do you ask for? They trusted me as to give me all the passwords to their access, whether is the door or their Outlook Express. Just last weekend I was required to work whereas everyone is not in the office. I was told to pick up these and these students, and I got total freedom myself. I was enjoying myself alone at the office, on the air-con and watch DVD at the laptop. Of cos' I didn't delay the pick-up. I did my job and everything went smoothly. I still do my basic job, of cos.

My assisgnment will ends at the end of this month. Then I will be doing Herbalife again. In fact, I never give up the business. This business will give me financial freedom, I know it. Just that I need to work very hard. This morning, momo is not been a good girl. She was sleeping in my bed and at 4:30am, she woke up crying. I have to bring her downstairs to the playground. The best part was she only went to bed at 2am. So you can see how many hours I only get to sleep. But that is not a problem cos' later when I got home, I am going to spank her butt. Btw, now momo is getting more and more smart. She can even talk back to you. You sometimes can't bluff her through.

I need to go now cos' I can't be out too long. I got things to do at my office. So see ya....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'll be starting work tomorrow... Or rather in 7 hours' time... I can't sleep cos' i took Herbalife Herbal Tea.... now i dun even yawn... Ha!

So that means for the time being I won't be able to do Herbalife.... Nah, no... I still will be doing that. It's a dreams come true company, of cos' I'll be doing it. I'll be doing it for as long as I could. This is the last company that I'll be quitting. You can have the wildest dreams cos' the wildest dream can come true in Herbalife, so long you be consistant, free yourself from all the negatives. There will be alot of negative people around you, trying to get you off the business. They will be telling you "give it up", "it's time to do a big man's job", "when then you will grow sensible enough", "this is not for you, wake up", "how can you possibly do it when you can't talk", etc....

Well, Albert Einstein could only talk when he was 10 years old. At that point of time before 10, everyone thought he was dumb.

Well, Beethoven was deaf.

BTW, do you know that Herbalife had create the most number of millionaires in this MLM, direct sales, weight lose companies, or whatever you called it....

Check it out, this where we will be going in 2010 for our Herbalife 30th Anniversary at Altantis, Bahamas. No international flights will be able to reach there, you need to take a international flight to LA, then you need to take a private jet to Altantis. Can you imagine if this private jet bears the name of...... No, no.. not some XXX airlines, or YYY airways.... It's Herbalife own private jet. I think it's simply unbelievable, man. Inside the jet, all the stewards and stewardess wear Herbalife's accessories, they serves Herbalife shakes, we watch Herbalife clips... even the toilet covers got the word "Herbalife". Oh yes, the hand soaps, the towels....

Next I'm going to share with you this amazing clip... It's one of our Chairman's Club member, Doran Andry, and he is only 30 yrs old when he turned billionaire in Herbalife. See how his house looks like, his lifestyle, his family, his cars, his office, his time...

I know what you're thinking right now... "Oh, that can't be happening to me... it's too far away a dream.... I wouldn't have such good luck.... he is just being lucky....." All these are excuses, plain excuses.

Well, just sit back and listen to me for a few minutes. Think this way, you may not be so hardworking, you are not so good in talking, you're not so "lucky", maybe you take more years to get to "this" level.... Let's say you only can accomplish just 10% of what he is achieving, but that 10% is definitely better than what you're having now!!! You may take 20 years to get to that 10%, but that 20 years you spent will get you much more further than what you will get in your present situation!!!!

Put it this way, he took 10 years to earn a monthly of USD$200,000, ok, for example. You look yourself in the mirror... You're 2 times as ugly as him, you're 2 times as lazy as him.... Congratulations!!!You will be earning a monthly of USD$50,000!!! See? Is that amount good enough for you?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finally... momo is going to show her pretty face here... Guess what, yesterday I took momo for a dip at the pool. I guess she would like to go for a swim cos' she is always playing with water at home. Whenever she is bathing, she will scoop the water up and splash on the floor. Or she will play with the water dispenser. She puts a cup underneath and press the catch... Water flows out.. then she will pretend to drink it and "refills" it again. The best is she will pour the water into the sugar container.

So since dear is able to make it, so I SMS her that if I can drop by to take momo to the pool. You know, the pool over there is like no one else is using. So I pack her bag, took some diapers, milk powder, a set of clothes for her to change, etc. Momo still doesn't know where we are heading to when we left home... I told her that we are going kai-kai.

We are early when we reached XXXXXXXXX. I'm not going to tell you where dear is staying cos' it's confidential. Niak niak...

Anyway, the sky was pretty dark that time so I was thinking what if the sky begins to rain? Then what is the point of coming all the way there. Dear sms me that she is on the way back home... I told her that even if it rains, it's still ok. She got a bathtub at home too. Momo can swim in there too.

30 mins later, dear appeared from the lift. Momo is sleeping in my arms. What a good timing... Well, I thought the worse had yet to come, so I bring momo into her room and want to put her on the bed. Just at the instant, momo wake up. She found herself in a totally unfamiliar environment, her eyes are so wide and keep looking around. She doesn't want to lie in the bed and stretched out her arms to me.

So I carried her around the house.

I was thinking "Well, today must be a wasted trip... All the way to here and momo didn't go for a swim". Momo was clinching to me so tight, and refused to come down.

Dear told me to just bring momo to the pool side. Maybe when she sees the pool, she will want to come down. So I took my things and bring her down. Dear was sleeping in her room, she doesn't want to join us. No problem, it's gonna be me and momo playing with water all by ourselves!!
While momo is quietly by herself and didn't cry, I quickly get myself a drink from the kitchen. When I come out, I was momo sitting on the chair. Earlier on, I just placed it there and told her to sit.

Momo loves to sit at this bamboo chair. Maybe I should get one for her at home so that she can sit still eating her rice.

Okay, I took momo downstairs. While in the changing room, momo suddenly said she wants to drink milk. I have to feed her milk, get her changed into her swimming attire. I didn't get a swimming costume for her, I thought she could just wear her T-shirt and shorts. Afterall, no one here will care if you wear your swimming suit or your birthday suit. I deflates the arm band for her to slip into later on in the pool, while she lie down on the bench sipping from her milk bottle.

This is how momo looks like before she goes into the pool. Why that expression on her face?

I took lots of pics for momo, but I just upload a few here. Maybe the weather is too cold or momo is afraid of the water so deep. She doesn't want to get into the pool. I had to catch her, carried her in my arms and slowly went into the deeper side. She was shouting for her life when the water reached her chest level. I keep on assuring her that papa is here, papa is here...

Since she doesn't want to go into the pool, I let her play with the water at the pool side. In fact, I think she enjoys herself more. I swim on my own and i let her be on her own.

Huh? Who is the lost little girl sitting at the edge? Maybe she was thinking if she should....

Okay, she done it... She wash her feet in the pool.

See how happy is she? In fact, she was pushing me back into the pool when I wanted to get out from the water.

Want to go for jacuzzi?

Anyone wants to guess what momo is doing earlier on before I snap this pic? I saw her shivering for an instant and then her shorts, water was dripping. I mean momo was on the land for some time already, her clothes shouldn't be dripping with water till then.

We were at the pool since, like 4:30pm and the time was already 6 pm when I think it's time for momo to get changed to go back. I had to catch her again and bring her into the shower. She needs to take a shower, together with me. I was carrying her in my arms and we took a shower, at the same time, then get her dry up and get dressed.

We went upstairs and dear was still sleeping, so I let her. Me and momo was watching TV at the living room. We watched Kids' Central. Dunno what cartoon is that. Got dinosaurs... Then at 6pm, we watched Lover In Paris. I was eating Korean noodles while momo is playing with her pig from Korea.

Do you find this pig familiar?

My Lovely Samsoon? Nae Ireumeun Kim Sam-Soon? 내 이름은 김삼순

I tell you momo was like keep on hugging it. She will toss it on the floor and then went to pick it up again, kiss it and then carry it in her arms. I teach her to call it "momo pig". If you watched My Lovely Samsoon, then you probably will know the relationship between momo and this pig. Shall I get one for momo? Just a small one will do...

Oh no, this is what happen when momo watched too much WWE...

No lah papa, we are good friends... See we sit sit together watch TV...

Momo pig is tired now... momo is tired oso... Momo is so enjoy when she was there. Well, she was still the same, like to touch things on the coffee table.

So I guess in future I should be able to bring momo out more often. At least she can behave herself when she is outside.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mark Hughes - Una increible historia

You gotta watch this clip, after watching it then you will know why Herbalife is the No 1 weight lose product in the entire world. What makes Mark Hughes so determined to start this Herbalife company.

Friday, October 03, 2008

I want each and everyone of you out there to watch this part...8:45.
Guess what? The F1 Had ended and many roads are cleared. If I'm still in the stupid CISCO, for sure I'll be played (backside) again, one more time. No OFF days, make you work like a dog and still treat you like a dog.

Come In Sure Come Out= CISCO

Working very hard for my Herbalife business. Distribute flyers every time I can make it. Bring momo along oso. Momo is quite good nowadays. At home she will make a lot of noise, but once I bring her out to distribute flyers, she doesn't make any noise. I will tell you in her ear that papa need to work and she be a good girl, ok? If momo is hungry, tell papa "Nan Nan.." and papa will go home to feed you. If momo is tired, just close your eyes and rest into papa's chest.

And she can understand....

Currently I got myself 5 distributors and other retail customers oso, and more to come. Need to work hard. tsk tsk...

In Herbalife, anything is possible.... if.... you.... just.... keep....going.

Consistancy is the key.

Now there is a lot of rumours flying in the air about the china milk powder. I was at one of the food court ordering dessert. I overheard an auntie ordering. She was asked by the dessert lady if she wants coconut milk or fresh milk for her black glutinous rice.

The auntie replied saying "the fresh milk, is it from China?"

The dessert lady said "Not from china, from New Zealand lah... Singapore where got milk from China!"

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing....

Lately was like I got no time to take pics for momo. I guess many of you out there are wondering how is she, right? Well, not to worry, momo is fine. She is now about 10kg, all thanks to the product Herbalife!!! She has gained a 0.5kg. Just mixed it in her milk and let her drink it, she got the 100% nutrition she needs for the day. 40% carbo, 30% fats, 30% protein. For sure you can trust Herbalife products. Afterall, which company got more than 30 doctors, 10 PhDs, a top 7 doctors from US who is funded unlimited by the US Government for research in human nutrition, obesity and cancer, and last but not least a 1998 Nobel Laureate.

And the best of all, we even got the former President of Walt Disney International to be our CEO, Michael O Johnson. I didn't know that this man got such influential in US. Can you imagine he can just pick up the phone and calls any of the senators, and meet for breakfast, lunch or even for a coffee session? I was like "Wow....Is he real or what? Dun even need to make an appointment, that is the best thing.

You think your company's CEO can be able to fix an appointment with.... Tony Tan or Sami Velu, as and when?

Get ready for the true, nothing but the truth. On 16th Dec 2004, Herbalife is listed in NYSE. God damn, you know in order to be listed in there, Herbalife gotta be really transparent. In 2004, it was only about USD$13, now it has rose to USD$38...

Check it out this site. All of us know what is WWE, right? It got listed too, oh yeah, in 25 Oct 2000. Their stocks is USD$14... I gotta make a disclaimer here. I'm not trying to criticise WWE but I just want to make a point to you that if WWE, so famous on TV, can get itself worth USD$14, then how about a company which is trading USD$38? You got my point?

Ok.... next time round I shall blog about momo. She is now getting more and more smarter. Now she is hungry, she will climb to grab her milk bottle, the milk container and the Herbalife spoon and put it in front of me. She even can choose where she wants to drink her milk. On my bed, at the living room couch or even the master bedroom.

Oh my....

Guess what is the similarity between momo and David Beckham?

The both take Herbalife products!!! Oh yes, they both drink our shake every single day for good nutrition. There are many people out there on the streets who don David Beckham jersey T-shirt, some even spotted with his beckham hairdo. You know that hairdo that look something like a rooster head, some even dye that particular patch of hair golden coloured. Now how about you got the chance to take the same shake as David Beckham? You can go around and show to your friends, your neighbours, and some of your negative people that "I'm drinking what David Beckham drinks, Ha!" And it's not expensive at all. It won't cost you a 20 bucks, it only cost you a 3 bucks. A Starbucks Frappucino cost more than that....