Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today I attended my very first home party. The food is great, I eat and eat, so I need to lose weight again. Ha! With Herbalife products, I never need to worry about any extra kgs. Share some of the wonderful partners' stories to the guests. Of cos', the feeling is great. My very first HP leh, you bet.

Actually the main point is not about the sharing part. I mean of cos' the sharing of stories is great. Without stories, we wouldn't the highest paid story-tellers. Which story-tellers can earn a few thousands dollars a month by just sharing?

I was stting down with them and one of the partners was telling us about her younger son's medical condition. How her son got admitted into hospital, after hospital. It makes me think of momo. It was really God blessed that momo is still able to run around at home. It makes me pondered that what will happen if one day momo needs medical attention. Will I be able to provide for her the medical fees? Momo only admitted to KKH once. It was lucky that I can use my Medisave for her fees. What if she was referrred to a private hospital? What is her medical fees is not able to be subsidise with Medisave? What if.... What if..... Too many "what if" comes to my mind.

Is that I'm too selfish to leave momo at home while I went outside? How will it be wonderful if I can spend most of my time with momo? Able to take her to school, able to bring her down to the playground, able to tuck her to bed every nite, able to take her for holidays once a year, able to watch her grow day by day....

Every parents want the best for their child. I want the best for momo, I want her to live in comfort, got lots of toys to play with, got new clothes to wear, etc.

Now momo is 26 months old. I dun have much time left. Soon she will be attending pre-school.

That is why I choose to work from home. My mum was saying momo is really pitiful cos' she doesn't have a mother to give her the love she needs. I have to do both jobs. I need to work hard. I have to build my business strong, it is not for myself but for my family. Everyone will grow old one day, I'm not exception. There are many debts that I need to pay off, even I got no clues of where does the money goes. One mistake it is all it takes. But life still needs to go on. Like what my mentor told me what passed is passed, must learn to put the past behind me, work hard for the future.

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