Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little momo got hurt in an accident few days ago...

She was climbing on top of the massage chair and jumping on it. She climbed higher and she for dunno what reason she fell from the chair. Her head hit the floor and she was crying so loud... Keep on crying and crying... My mum had already scolded her, beat her with a cane, smack her, etc before not to climb but she apparently doesn't listen. Many times we saw her climbing so dangerously dangling her half body over the head-rest. When I catch her down, she will scream and protest. So some times it's good for her to learn the hard way.

So when her head hit the floor, a bum protrude out from the part above her eye, just at the eyebrow area. My mum pressed it and the swell disappeared soon. I was coming home that nite and I saw little momo's right eye was unable to open. You can imagine how she looks like if you ever watched a boxing match... Yeah, that was how she looks like. I did take pics of her and I showed her whenever she was climbing the massage chair again.

Now after a few days, her right eye is getting better. Now her right eye is as wide as the other one, but just that the clotted blood has flowed to her eyelids and she looks like a panda now.

Want to see how she looks like? i won't post the pics here cos' momo will be angry with me for doing that. You dun think that she doesn't know what's happening around her. My dad was, that time, making fun of her and she got angry and start to throw the album on the floor. You cannot oppose her. When she is in goood mood, she is so lovable. Her giggles, her laughter, her actions can fill up the whole house. But when she is in bad mood.... you won't like her when she is angry.

Today is Wednesday, it's my off day...

I'll be very busy today cos' I got so many stuffs to do. I need to cut my hair, go down to Herbalife office at Takashimaya, to buy ink cartridge, to collect my divorced cert, to print my flyers, to meet my customers. Wow... So little time, so much things to do.

You know, ever since I become a supervisor in Herbalife everything starts to change. In the past, I was keeping to myself. Now I keep on talking and talking to people about our products. At my workplace, I had influenced 2 person to take Herbalife products and both of them have lose weight. Well, it's not my credit. It's Herbalife's credit... It's the product that is doing the job. I was merely sharing with people.

Use, Wear, Talk.. Use the product, Wear the button, Talk to people...

I take my shake in front of people, some ask me what am I taking every morning and there is one prospect.

I pin my buttons on my backpack, as I walked people behind can read the words "Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How", "Turun Berat Badan Anda Tanya Saya Bagaimana"

I share with people how I managed to lose weight. Can you imagine now I have lost a total of 9 kg!!! From 77kg until now 68kg..... Unbelievable, right?

Herbalife is really amazing. I want to lose weight, can. I want to gain weight, oso can. I want to maintain my weight and take a more nutrition lifestyle, can too.

These past weeks I did really encounter many incidents when I was calling up my friends one by one. Some will refused my politely when I told them I'm with Herbalife, some are already taking other products.. No problem! Some are not interested but still are willingly to give me referrals. Some agreed to attend the event, some told me they tried to attend if they got the time. Both positive and negative response, I received.

When I told them Herbalife sponsor LA Galaxy, some were like "Sure or not? I thought Adidas sponsor them the jesery already..." So I showed them the pic I took at Bangkok Extravaganza. I know there are many reports circulating in the net that Herbalife is a scam, it's a false, it's a trick to cheat ppl money.

Here you can read about testimonials from real people who benefited from Herablife

Why do Herbalife want to sponsor LA Galaxy, why Herbalife want to sponsor David Beckham? One of my friends was asking me, so I told me "Well, you should ask why does David Beckham wants Herbalife to sponsor him and his whole team?" I mean, there are so many companies who offered them free this free that, as long as they can wear their companies logo and run around in the football field. If Herbalife is really a scam, if Herbalife is really a trick to cheat ppl money, why would David Beckham wants to be the bigger fool and wear our jersey? As all of us know, he is a hell-of-a-rich SOB in England, he makes tonnes of money every year. Apparently he doesn't need to be paid by a fake company, dun you agree? I dun think he will be that stupid to choose any Tom, Dick or Harry company and wear their label running around the football field.

I dun need any more illustrations....

I have been telling everyone that I come face-to-face at my workplace that I'm resigning this Thursday. Many of them asked me why, since I have been working in CISCO for 5 yrs already.

Furthermore I was a SSgt there... I got rank there, got work experience there so why want to resign?

The sad truth is CISCO play me out....

Since they doesn't recognised my efforts in the company and promise me this but later turned out to be that, they treat me like a fool, my ex OC the Indian snake is the one who make me want to resign. In fact I already wanted to resign back in Apr when I learnt that he played me out, but I didn't cos' I'm a responsible person.

That time in Apr, one nite he came to me and told me that he and dunno which bunch of idiots got a meeting and in the meeting he was questioned why is there a SSgt in this team, whereas the rest are only Sgt? He claimed that he need me to go out from my post and resume duty in the office so that he can justify for my next promotion. He said I need to do office work; deployment, duty rooster, leave application and all those you know wah wu wah boh work. He also emphasise to me that I will have no chance to be at the field again cos' SSgt will not be at the ground anymore. So I think think... Ok loh, since this is the arrangement made by the Management. So the next day I reported back to PLD and I was told that I'll be leading a team to this new post, and the best part is my name is also one of the men there. Which means I still need to go and perform duty outside lah!!!! He told me this is to test my capability, see if I can be able to lead a team on my own. I was like stunned... What the fucking hell does this means? I need to go to the post to do my duty and also do my deployment, duty rooster, leave application... How can I manage all these? It was a 12 hour post and where am I going to find the time for my deployment, rooster, leave... I know that this Indian snake play me out. Someone at the previous post doesn't like me so now this Indian snake used underhand method to get me out. So what I did was I request to see him concerning this issue. I SMS him a 2 page long message and all he reply was "busy". KNNBCCB.... Just one word? Before that, when he sees me he will smile at me and talk to me... After what he did to me, he treat me as transparent... He just walked past me. Isn't it obvious?

I wanted to throw my resignation letter that time but I choose to stay on cos' the whole team of men are new. They all just passed out from CISCO not long ago, so I being their in-charged I need to guide them and make sure they will be alright there. In the mean time I also look for another job before I can tender, so I just wait for the right time to come. And guess what I found Herbalife. I went for the event and see if it suits me or not. Events after events, slowly I learnt about the marketing plan, the products, the success...

This is what I want, this is what I have been looking for....

In fact, I want to throw my letter within 24 hours last month. I really got no more interest in CISCO. My parents told me not to do that, it's best to give one month prior notice. I tell my sponsor about my decision that I want to resign 24 hours. She told me not to do that cos' it will leave a bad impression on me. I need to give one month notice before I bid goodbye. Okay, I listen to my sponsor, I typed my letter and hand it over to my new OC. That Indian snake doesn't dare to look at me. News spread very fast and almost everyone in the office knows my resignation. That Indian snake still got the balls to ask me if I am interested to go back to my old post, I told him no need anymore. Once I made this decision, I won't turn back anymore.

There is one more idiot who also refused to entertain me when I told him I wanted to see him back in Apr. He purposely avoided me, guess what? A Senior Inspector doing this to someone who requested to see him, not one not twice but many times. How busy can he be? 24 hours working no rest? So when I told him I wanted to resign and my new company is with Herbalife,he told me he also ever work in MLM before and it was all crap. He couldn't make any money so he quitted. He even wanted to give me 2 month unpaid leave to go and try it out first. I told him my decision is final and I want to resign from CISCO. He said it's not worth it lah, it's all crap one... I told him one thing "Now it's July 2008... in July 2010 I will come back and prove to you my decision is correct and my pay that time will be more than what you're earning"

I know that some people will say I'm foolish to quit my job without securing a new job first. But I know what I want in my life and I won't regret my decision.

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