Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh my.... It has been a good quite time since I last blogged... Nowadays seldom blogged, I still read your blogs. Yes, Yours, yours, and yours too... I still do and I always did but just that I got no time to blog on my own.

Lately, I was busy with my own stuffs. Not easy but still I make it an effort.

Want to see my product testimonial?

This is how I looked like before... See I was not fat; I got no flabby arms, I got no elephant legs, I got no double chin, just that I got a tummy to lose. Been sitting every day after my NS, go home eat my dinner than go to bed. This lifestyle had been my daily routine from year 2000.

This is the result of my eating then sleep lifestyle. Pregnant, say 3 months? or more or less, I dunno...

See how protuding is my tummy? The side, the front....

After taking the product seriously for less than 3 months, I have successfully lost 7kgs!!! From a hefty 77kg to now 70kg.I now become more confident in my wearing, more energetic and I definitely become a new person.

See? I have "given birth"!!! No more protuding tummy, and I now have the waistline to boast to people..

Dun believe? See... The same pants I wore is now a lot looser. No more "tight fit", no more having to hold my breathe when I need to zip up.

My pants now is going to drop, I need to tighten my belt everyday.


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