Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yesterday was momo's 23rd month old... Next time she will be 2 yrs old. It was like time flies so fast. My mum said wants to make a mini feast for her. I guess this time round she will be able to blow off the candles herself. One year ago, she will can't able to stand on her own. You saw her leaning at the table, right? In fact she is just holding on to the table for support. She wasn't able to stand oh her own feet yet, but on the next month she will be dressed up pretty and she will make history, for her own.

Now little momo might not be little anymore. She grew taller and her dress suddenly shrinked. It was so comical, I was coming home this day and I saw little momo greeting me at the door step. She was wearing her yellow dress, the same one as when she was still in her walker. I recognized it when I saw it. I was wondering why is momo so sexy, exposing her diapers underneath. I thought her diapers was dropping down so I offered to pull it up for her. You know, many times momo pee-ed in her diapers so naturally the weight will weighed it down. I pulled with my hands... It was not dropping off leh... In fact it was nicely fitted at the waist level. Only then I realised that momo has grow taller, and heavier too. Now she weighed a hefty 10 kgs. She is still not yet reached to the expected weight, but at least she is heavier now. I am sure as times goes by, little momo will be BIG MOMO... Dun get me wrong, I definitely doesn't want momo to be fat and round and meaty.... Just tall and not so skinny.

My mum has taught her many things at home while I was at work. Momo can even able to point out which is me from my Secondary School photos... It was like.... taken 17 yrs ago?!?! Her big round eyes are really sharp. She is able to point at many stuffs in my home.... She knows what is papa's pillow, papa's bolster, papa's shoes, etc.

There is something wrong with blogger and I can't upload momo's pics here. Maybe in the due time, when I can successfully load her pics here, then I can show you how is little momo getting. I know there are peeps who asking me how is momo getting... Not to worry, momo is fine. In fact she is always doing fine here. Just that earlier she is a little sick.

This clip is taken some time ago at the playground below my block. I did told her not to come near but she didn't listen, so....

She most probably have been watching too much TV ads for keeping fit. She knows how to shake her bon bon... She doesn't behave like a girl and her actions are like... boylish.

Now I really dun have much time for blogging. It was only during the late night when little momo is asleep then I can spare some time to go online. And you know what, little momo doesn't like to sleep early. Hardly she will go to bed on time. She will play in my mum's room, climb onto the bed and play with the hi-fi set, roll on the floor, make a lot of noises... only then she will obediently go to sleep. By that time it will be like 12 plus 1 am...

This clip is taken one night when I got home. It was pretty bright cos' i set the brightness to the max.

She did it purposely... She knows I was home and she purposely close the metal gate on me...

This is the clip that my dear took during her trip to Hokkaido. I did mention that I wanted to load it up but too bad I dun have the chance to do it, until now.... So forgive me for delay.

See how the ship sails across the Hokkaido's sea? The ice needs to be thick enough for that.


Koizumi said...

How time files! Momo is getting 2 year olds. She is getting more adorable and sweet!
Saw the cilps, very cute!
Especially she at the playground.

eggyoke said...

Wow... I really cannot imagine you're one of my loyal readers... Think that I really let you down cos' I didn't actively update my blog posts...

Little momo is going to celebrate her 2nd birthday next month!!!

Wanna buy her a present and a cake for her. I think she should know what's going on now.