Friday, April 18, 2008

Today is 19th Apr, it's Momo's 22nd month old. It really seems so fast and now little momo is already 22nd month old. Soon she will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. Soon little momo won't be so little anymore. Anyone wants to have some limelights with her? How about planning a birthday party for her at MacDonald's? I'm sure she will be very happy to have many people celebrating with her?

Okay, let's not waste time and start blogging!!!

The following pics are all taken by dear's LG KU900 Viewty. Not all but majority of it. A 5M pixels camera phone is worth buying. You can see the difference from my 2M pixels phone.

Little momo was wondering why does she has so much clothes to stack up...

See, momo loves to read books. Often you can find her in my room reading books by herself.

My mum, her personal tutor... Momo always wants my mum to story tell for her what the pics mean...

Can you see how pretty momo features are? Her eyes are so big and double eyelids...

Huh? Me pretty ah? Of cos' you're... you're my little princess.

My mum said since it was my nite shift so we can utilise the morning free time and take momo out to IMM for a walk. It had been a long long time since I last take momo out for shopping. Well, to be exact this is my very first time taking momo out. All the previous occasions are either for CNY visiting or to the hotel cafes for lunch or to the supermarket for groceries with my mum. Never did I take her to the malls... Anyway, everything there will be the first time. so this day marks the day I first take momo out.

Taken inside the lift, my mum and little momo.

While waiting for the bus to arrive...

I was playing with my slippers at the bus stop when it snapped. It was bought not long ago at Fox Men. I like this slippers very much. Damn it!! It can't be mended back cos' it's the string inside that was snapped. Although it was bigger size than my foot but I love this slippers. I wore it when I went to Malacca. In fact, I bought it together with dear. She has one pair and I got one pair but of different designs. Hers was still intact cos' she seldom wears it. Nah, dun tell me to stun her pair from her... I'm not going to wear a ladies' slippers.

Closed up... Can you see it?

So I have to limp back home to change another one. You can't expect me to walk normally with the centre part snapped. There is no grip between my big toe and my 2nd toe... I threw it away after I took its pics. Maybe someone will pick it up and recycled it, you never know... I still feel it's a waste for it to die off, just like that. Maybe I should have keep it and figure out a way how to fix it back. This slippers was bought at the clearance section at Fox Men. You think I can find another pair again? Stop pondering over spilled milk...

I did mention in my last post that momo was sticking onto my mum, and she doesn't want to me hold her hand, let alone to carry her. It's a miracle that momo can actually walk all the way from the bus stop until the doorsteps of IMM, considering how small her footsteps are. Let the walking momo walk...

See the little girl in her jumper suit?

We had lunch at the Banquet, I did mentioned in my previous post. I wanted to take pics of her sitting at the corner seats. She definitely look so cute with just her head above the table level, bit ever since my last experience at the Jurong Point Banquet where I was taking pics of momo, one of the staff approached me and tell me that no photography is allowed. To prevent similar incidents from repeating itself, I didn't take any pics this time.

After lunch we went to the play ground next to Banquet... There is a water playground section on the right side. And the management actually have a shower section on the extreme left side of the playground for kids who get wet.

Tsk tsk... I must conquer this flight of stairs, no matter how steep...

Papa, here I come.........eeee!!!!

Did I hurt my pat pat?

Papa, whose pair of shoes is that? Can I try it on?

Faster... faster... grandma, faster push me....

Momo not scared... momo very brave...

I hold tight... momo hold tight...

It stops liao... Where is papa?

To finalize, taking momo out for the day is a good experience for her. She gets to interact with the outside world. She was busy exploring things around her. Her fingers run through, her legs walk across, her eyes roll by.... And by the time it's time to go home, she was tired and was sleeping in my mum's arms. At least we will have some peace at home after that, even it's for just a couple of hours before she wakes up.

Yesterday, I was about to leave for work and I dropped by to check how is momo doing inside the room cos' it was so quiet. Normally with momo inside she will be busy running around and you can hear her giggling voices behind closed doors. So I reached for the door handle and opened the door slightly ajar. I saw a pair of legs... Haha, no wonder it's so quiet. That explains the reason why... I got this long-time-idea-but-no-chance-to-fulfill in my head.. I reached for my boxing gloves in my room, it got a little dusty after storing it for so long inside the cupboard... Cleaned it up a bit and then I don it for momo...

Classic shot, huh?

Oh no, momo was KO by her opponent!!!

I was passing by the pasar malam at Jurong Point the other day and I remembered that momo should start to learn her ABC and 123... So I got for her the children set. Apparently the saying goes it true, good things don't come cheap. It only costs $1.90. I thought it was good bargain... I mean at least my mum can teach her alphanumerics while I was at work. But I got it wrong calculated.

Firstly, momo is not interested about the numbers or letters, she is more interested for her curiosity. She starts to dig out the centre pieces out and put it in her mouth. My mum was so worried that she might swallow it and got choked. So now currently it was packed in a plastic and put high up.

You see the letter 8? Little momo will actually dig out the centre 2 pieces and put them in her mouth. So dangerous for her... Cheap things is like that, what do you expect? CE marking or ISO certified?

Wait till momo gets older then I'll let her learn her alphanumerics.

These below pics are actually taken last month where I bought the CJ7 toy for momo at Terminal 3 while waiting for dear to come back from Hong Kong with her family.

Taken by my 2M pixels camera phone... Can you see the difference compared with the pics above?

Momo in this not so glamorous posture. Actually she was doing her small big business...

Who did momo learn all those ugly Singaporean habits from? One hand carry her CJ7, one hand digging gold...

I was about to go to work the other day and little momo was actually sitting beside me. When she is still awake and she knows that I was about to leave home for work, she will come to me from behind and lean against me or my back. I will then put her sitting next to me and tell her that "papa needs to go to work and you must be a good girl at home, okay?"

After I tied my shoelaces, momo will actually close the metal grills for me... I kiss her good bye want wanted to leave, I saw her doing this..

She will get into her prone position...

Then she will lie down like that... Oh my, I don't know what does it mean by that? Is she peeping from below the door or she is trying to use her war tactical skills to listen from the ground is there anyone approaching?

This is what she will do when I was leaving home for work and when I come back from work, without fail each time I saw her at the doorstep...

See, I told you momo loves reading books.... Guess who did she inherit from?

My dad bought a bicycle for momo to cycle, but apparently momo's legs are still short to be able to cycle it. Whenever I'm free, I'll bring momo to downstairs and manually push her around the jogging track. She do enjoy riding the bicycle, even her legs are unable to reach for the pedals. I'll make sure she holds onto the handle while I push her around. There is 2 storage; one at the front one at the back. When momo gets older, it can be used for her to put her own beach sand castle spades or pail. Right now, it can be used to put her bag; it got her water bottle, biscuits, handkerchief, etc.

Pics taken using my Samsung E720c... 1m pixel phone.

Momo in her proud bicycle... A bicycle is every kids' dream possession. Just like a grown up adult getting their first car.

Although the pedals are unreachable for momo but her legs are long enough to touch the ground. So whenever I was pushing her, her tip of her shoes will actually gets friction with the ground.

See what I mean?

Momo was coming down from the slide at full throttle, crash landing... Nah, it's the wind that was blowing at her hair.

Momo taking a break from the playing and climbing the stairs...

Momo was grabbing her water bottle so tightly... Earlier on, I try to snatch her Ribena away from her cos' she was sucking it non-stop. Momo loves to drink Ribena and she likes it when it's chilled.

Little momo just can't play by herself. She keeps one pestering my dad to let her try on the exercise equipmments. Never mind if she is too small for that but she just want to have feel of it when she sees others using it.

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