Monday, March 31, 2008

Been thinking a lot of things today....

Last nite at work I encounter an old lady who was in IMH cos' she hurt her head, went to Alexandra Hospital and there she was referred to IMH. So I was talking to her cos' the doctor couldn't speak Chinese and Cantonese. She wasn't mad or something, just that the doctor at Alexandra Hospital need IMH here to write them a memo about her condition. So I was in the room talking to her, asking her those questions like "Do you know where are you...", "Do you know what is your name...", "Now is day or night....", "This year is which year..." In fact I wasn't require to be there cos' she got her family members with her, they can interpret for her. But since I was requested by the doctor, so I just sit down there. You know what I was touched was that her family members really care for her. They can repeat the words over and over again beside her ears cos' she was a little bit hard hearing, you see. Seeing her, it reminds me will my momo do the same thing when I grow old? Will momo love me too?

I had a little talk with this lady who came with her too... I dunno whether she is her daughter or granddaughter or maybe her daughter-in-law. She was telling me since this morning she hurt her head and she lost quite an amount of blood, she has been talking and talking non-stop. Talking to them non-stop... Her father got high blood pressure and he really got a hard time with her. All they want (this lady and her family) is to let her temporarily stay at the care centre for a few days before fetching her back home. At least her mother or grandmother can have a good rest, be away from her husband who is suffering from high blood.

Well, that is their family problems so I can't really interfere so much. Before I go, I bid farewell to this old lady. I tell her " Ah por, I need to go now... you have a good rest" You know all her family members almost instantaneously was telling me dun call her ah por, call her auntie. I was like.... huh?

"She will ask you if she so old meh, she is still young mah" they told me...

Well, that is a nice experience how they can get along together despite this. Family bonding in very important.

I was thinking of getting a new job... but due to unforseen circumstances I can't leave my current job. Little momo needs to buy diapers and milk powder. Some ppl got to gamble in order to find life, some ppl can't afford to gamble. When you got nothing, you might want to consider to take a risk. At least you got 50-50. But when you got a stable income, you doesn't want to take any risk. What if you lose, how? What is you can't get another job, how? What if.. this... what if... that. You need to consider the risk factor before making a move. Who doesn't want a job with high pay, no stress, air-con environment, annual increment, transport provided, yearly promotion, various benefits... but is there such a job awaiting for you?

The past few years ago when the economy is pretty bad, many ppl got retrenched and got fired. There is a high increase of ppl applying at the NIE or government sector, iron rice bowl, huh? It doesn't seems so... Now even the government sector retrenchment happens, no more permanent scheme, contract scheme is more widely implemented. So no more the iron rice bowl myth.

Many ppl went on to be teachers, applying at NIE. They graduated and become teachers at Primary Schools/Secondary Schools... When they economy become better they quitted. Cos' that wasn't their dream job in the first place. They join the teaching career cos' at the point of time the situation is bad, no other jobs available so they join the teaching career. I'm not saying that it's wrong to job hop or to switch career but many ppl failed to realise that teaching line is not a field that you want to join, you join... you dun want to join yo just throw in the towel. You're teaching our little kids in the classrooms, you're the person who is going to install in them and guide the correct way in life. Whatever you say in classrooms will and is going to have a great effect on them when they grow up. Parents trusted in you so they send their kids to the school to be taught by you, and if you are going to have that "taking shelter only" attitude teaching them in class, how dissappointed will they going to be? Will you want to hire someone who is just play play only in his mind? Or will you want to promote someone who is just waiting for another company to offer him a better position?

I know being investors can earn a great deal of money. Now in the maket there are many companies who is doing helping ppl to invest their CPF monies and whatever investments they got. That need a great deal of responsibilities too. You're using other ppl hard earned money to get your commision. They handed over to you a cheque of say $10000. To you, it's just another piece of paper, but to them it can be 16 hours a day 7 days a week 12 months a year 25 years or working, just to be able to hand over to you a cheque of $10000. You need to be responsible of what you invest for them. When you earn your commision, you are happy and they also happy. When times are good, everyone is happy. But when the investions goes wrong, you cannot just simply disappear. "I can't do anything mah, it's not within my control.." And I just off my phone and went overseas. Afterall they have already sign the documents that they are willingly to invest so naturally investments that can fetch a high returns will have a resonable amount of risk, you can't blame anyone.... Of cos' NO, you can't do that. You need to come out and handle the situation. Not to the extend of forking out your own money and pay the investors back, how to pay them when they invested so much with you? Can be millions of dollars or so... What I mean is you need to meet up with them and assure them, talk to them be it over the phone or in person. You can't pay them back but what you can do it to show them you're not those person who treat them as money tree. Good times or bad times, you are still with them. This will help them a lot, at least they know you're someone whom they can rely on.

Not many ppl can do that when times are bad, I can assure this.

Yesterday I have attended an In-service about "Give them a prickle!" by Bob Farrell. Time is running out for me, the next time I will tell you peeps about the story...

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