Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something to share with my peeps...

I was reading a magazine (forget what mag was it now) and I came across an article of a really cool house in Toronto, Canada.


Toronto’s Little House was built in 1912 by well-known contractor, Arthur Weeden. Mr. Weeden was born in England and migrated to Canada in 1902. For a short time, he was Superintendent of the old Lighthouse Mission and later became one of the pioneer builders in Toronto’s west end. Located in what was known as the Earlscourt District, Day Avenue is home to many of Arthur’s building projects. During the street’s development, Lot 128 was conceived as a laneway for the neighbouring home. However, the curb was never cut by the City to allow vehicular passage from the street. Observing this, Arthur decided that “in order to use the land, I would build on it” (Weeden, Toronto Sun Telegram, 1939). After completing the laneway house, he and his wife lived in it for 20 years. After his wife passed away, Mr. Weeden, 77 years of age at the time of the Sun Telegram article, lived in the house for 6 more years, during which time he tended to the vegetable garden in the rear of the house, growing tomatoes, cabbages, Swiss chard, rhubarb and some flowers. At the time, a house on Sydenham street was said to be the smallest, but Weeden discredited this claim by noting, “it has a frontage a foot and a half longer [than his]”, and was not a complete house as it did not have electricity and other conveniences. The other disputed ‘smallest house’ is located at 383 Shuter Street, but it too is larger. Eight inches wider, to be exact.

One year before Arthur Weeden began construction on his home, Sir Henry Pellatt broke ground for his home, Casa Loma. Completed in 1913, this was the largest residence in Toronto. It is interesting that during this two year span, both the largest and smallest homes in the city were constructed. After a market value assessment in 1923, Sir Henry was prompted to move out, and it has been a tourist attraction ever since. 128 Day Avenue, on the other hand, has always been occupied and has changed hands numerous times over the years. After being sold by Mr. Weeden, it was inhabited by several different families (although information on them was difficult to track down), including one elderly man who now lives down the street. He visited during our renovation and recounted a story of the time he lived in the house: he came to Canada from Italy, after serving as an officer in his country’s army. Working in the construction industry among other jobs, he lived with his family in the house for 15 years. He claims to have lived there with his wife and three children. It was not clear if his story was completely accurate, however, we do know the most recent owners (a couple), who came to Toronto in 1996 from Brazil, lived in The Little House for over 10 years. While in the home, they made many improvements: updated flooring, a new roof, new electrical, new drywall and insulation in the bedroom and living room. The couple moved out in May, 2007, when the Little House was sold.

The current owners continued with renovations and upgrades, with a view towards making the space as useful, enjoyable and comfortable as possible. After the house was listed for sale in the fall of 2007, media interest continued and this website was created so that people from all over the world could visit The Little House.

The Little House just had to have a logo!

Famous front view of The Little House.

With snow covering the roof and blanketing the lawn and gardens, the view is spectacular!

Just the right size perennial gardens and lawn to fuss over and enjoy! Tumbled stone entrance walk.

Sit back and watch a favourite show.

Fenced patio - just add a barbecue and some guests for a great time, or relax in solitude. With the Murphy bed in its cabinet there's lots of room to entertain with free-flowing areas from the front gardens right through to the patio at the back.

This is the present floor plan of The Little House. Easily lift the Murphy-style Bed into its custom cabinet to turn the Bedroom into a multi-purpose room and to allow flow-through to the back patio and parking.

This was the whole plan of the little house.

Imagine there is such a small house in Singapore... How much will it cost? How many people will actually part with their monies to buy such a small house?

I really can't imagine that....

For your wholly info, the website is

Today is 20th Feb, yesterday was little momo's 20th month old. Soon she will have to enrol in the Nursery. I mean it's good for her to mix around with other little toddlers and make more new friends, rather than she play with carrots, onions, remote controls, etc.

Now momo knows how to call "papa" and "mah mah". Now whenever I was going to work or I was about to go out sitting at the door wearing my shoes, little momo will try to close the door onto me. Just a few days ago, she was playing in my room when she heard/knows I was going to work, she actually climb down from my bed and run all the way to the door and close the door. Cos' I was still sitting at the doorstep, the door will in fact keep on banging on my back.

Momo closes the door, it hits me...


Little momo will laugh so hard...

Momo closes the door again, it hits me again....


Little momo laughs again....

(the process will repeat itself until I get up)

Sometimes little momo will tap me on the back and sit beside me

Everytime before I goes off to work, I will kiss her on the cheeks. Sometimes she doesn't let me, sometime she do.

Unless little momo is sleeping in her room, the above process will occur.

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