Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some random pics of little momo taken during last week... Uploaded them but got no time to blog until now...

Will be a short one here...

As you can see here, little momo in trying out my mum's shoes. Her feet are small but still she wants to put her little feet into it. She already got her... 13 pairs of shoes but she still not contended. What to do other than let her walk around the balcony?
Do I look like Young MacDonald's?

On the 4th day of CNY, we went to east side for CNY gathering at one of the government chalets. Lucky for me, my dear agreed to lend me her car. So in the noon time, I went down to collect her car from her home, then drove home to pick up everybody up and off we go to Aloha Loyang. I didn't know where was the place, in fact. I only got a faint idea of where was it roughly. All I know was it was somewhere around Downtown East. When dear was with me, she will guide me where to turn and where to keep left/right... But dear was not beside me so I need to depends on myself. Furthermore her GPS is not working well. It did not detect where is our location since the time I left her home until I reached home, then left my home all the way until I reached my destination.

Time to send the stupid GPS to servicing. Maybe the software needs to be updated.

Didn't spend much time at the chalet, roughly stay there for about 2 hours or so.

This year round, I played blackjack with my cousins and aunts, managed to win a few dollars. It was all for the sake of fun, can't be playing with high stakes, right? Only each game bet $1 or at most $2. If I stayed longer, I would be able to win for momo's her diapers cost.

Before we went back, we went to Downtown East for dinner at the foodcourt.

See how greedy momo is when she saw my food.

Momo loves to point things with her finger like this...

Downtown East is nothing so much to shop about. That was my first time to there and I think I won't want to go there again. The whole place makes me think of A Famosa, some how similiar.

This is gonna be the first black and white clip of little momo...

Just imagine that this happens in the olden days where poverty strikes. Children got little to eat, children got little to wear, children got no education... Here you can see little momo is stealing food from the bowl... (visualise the music yourself)

Okay, I didn't know that my phone got this effect (greyscale), so I thought why now make a clip using this effect.

This is how little momo used to take her dinner, her own special way.

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