Saturday, February 23, 2008

I just got back home... Supposedly I was off today. I got home in the morning cos' I was working nite, I fall asleep on my bed after playing with little momo for a while. Momo sick lately, doesn't have much appetite.
I woke in the afternoon, take a quick peep at my phone cos' earlier I SMS my dear asking what she is doing. Yeah, you know those mushy mushy stuff couples normally do. Asking what she is doing lah, today what she done lah, is she a good girl today lah, got bully anyone today lah...
Guess what I saw in my phone?
An unfamiliar number...
Normally any unfamiliar number I dun take any heed. What is there to bother cos' the person is not in my phone list = I dunno who the f&#k are you...
But this contents that makes me jump out of my bed..
Open Mobilisation!!!!!
Really a mood-killer... Can you imagine I got mobilisation on my weekend, the best thing is on my off day some more. If it happens on my working day, then I will tan dio but on my off day? Anyway, I just got my barang barang ready and left my home, in an hour's time.
Dun ask me about my mob cos' I won't tell you any.
But you can ask me about little momo's stuffs...
Upload some pics that was taken some time ago. Not really long ago but not lately lah...
Little momo won't be bored at home cos' she always got ways and means to entertain herself. She always find her own toys to play with. This time round she got nothing better to play than to lay her hands on a corn.
Can I just eat it like that or I need to pop it first leh...

I think I give it to my mah mah to cook for me Campbell corn soup..

Now momo is officially 20th months old. She shouldn't be wearing diapers anymore. It's time for her to learn how to use the potty to pee/poo/shee/orr.... Toilet trained momo, so that she not be a laughing stock when she goes to the restaurants or functions.

Anyway, I went to Kiddy Palace to shop for a potty for her. There are many types available there but this potty is useful for little momo to be toilet trained. It can also be mounted on the adult toilet bowl when momo gets older. The base can be used as a stool too.

I choose this potty cos' there is a handle for momo to grab while she do her little business. It can stimulates as a wooden horse too. Even if momo got no business to do, she can also sit on it.

Remove the lid and there it is, the toilet bowl. Enough for little to bomb all she wants.

The picture at the front... Blah blah white sheep...

See, I told you... momo loves her new potty. Here she isn't doing her business yet, she is just trying it out. When I was paying for it at the counter I was thinking if momo will loves her potty or not.

This pic is so damn cute... Momo in her sian ji buah look... Do you find it very familiar scene? This is what you look like when you're sitting at the cubicle doing your big business in the office. Elbows on your knees.... *Sigh, finally got time to sit down liao... the whole morning need to do this do that. Outside the dog still barking fiercely. Dunno today after work jio who to go pub leh, stressed*

Huh, got a package for me?

Right now, the potty still sits clean. Wait till momo exhausted all her diapers then we will let her wear shorts minus the diapers. You know, momo knows how to tell us after she poo-ed or pee-ed. She will point to her diapers and "Agrr..." If you still dun get her, then she will tap you with her palm and squeeze her diapers at the couch area.

That's why I said, momo is a smart lass.

Smart lass do smart things...

Momo is now learning how to gossip over the phone. She now always will go into my room and climb on top of my bed to play with my handphones. Dun try to bluff her with her fake phone my mum gets for her, she wont fall for your trick.

I want to boil telephone porridge with papa.... Ask him how he doing at work, ask him to buy for me my favorite mum mum...

See, momo is the same as me. We both use left ears to answer the phone. In fact, I doesn't like her to be left-handed. It wasn't so convenient in real life. I mean there are so many stuffs that are cater for only right-handed. Maybe that's what separate momo from other babies, inheritage.

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