Monday, February 25, 2008

Sigh..... Noti momo is still the same old noti momo....

This time what noti stuffs she did? Many loh... she everyday is still so noti....

Like what? For example?

1) She will run from dunno where and ramp into my room door... I can hear her tiny footsteps, getting closer and closer.... then "thump"...

2) She will try to sneak into my room and climb onto my bed, using my pillow as a support and climb onto my table... Whatever is on my table, she will grab; my handphone, my wallet, my key pouch..

3) She will wear other people's shoes and walk around the house... Any shoes she can find... The best thing is she sometimes can even wear it the wrong side, her left foot wearing your right side shoe, and vice visa.

4) She will lift up your top and play with whatever underneath. Your navel button, your scars....

5) If she enters the room and find you sleeping, she will smack you on the head. You will be like; dreaming in your sweet dreams then out of a sudden, a small but powderful bun will land on your face.

6) More to come.......

Snapping momo from on top.... Can you imagine this little noti momo is now 78cm tall?

Wearing her sneakers... You think it's a pair of Addidas sneakers? Look again....

It's a pair or Adedis sneakers.... Or some where nearby...

Lately I watched a funny show on DVD, Good Luck Chuck. The show is so funny and the lead actress is damn pretty... Jessica Alba.

Jessica and her little penguin, if you watched the show oso you will know what I mean... Give you a hint; at the carpark....

Never, never offend a witch, esp. those little 10 year old ones... You never know what they will curse you and their curses will actually follow you.

Okay, time to keep my little momo company cos' she IS ramping into my room door again...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I come across a really meaningful link in my e-mail.

Take some time to click on it and watch the clip. It may be useful for those who got swimming pool at home/condo. Or those who like to bring along their kids to the pool side. You never know, you never know what gonna happen.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I just got back home... Supposedly I was off today. I got home in the morning cos' I was working nite, I fall asleep on my bed after playing with little momo for a while. Momo sick lately, doesn't have much appetite.
I woke in the afternoon, take a quick peep at my phone cos' earlier I SMS my dear asking what she is doing. Yeah, you know those mushy mushy stuff couples normally do. Asking what she is doing lah, today what she done lah, is she a good girl today lah, got bully anyone today lah...
Guess what I saw in my phone?
An unfamiliar number...
Normally any unfamiliar number I dun take any heed. What is there to bother cos' the person is not in my phone list = I dunno who the f&#k are you...
But this contents that makes me jump out of my bed..
Open Mobilisation!!!!!
Really a mood-killer... Can you imagine I got mobilisation on my weekend, the best thing is on my off day some more. If it happens on my working day, then I will tan dio but on my off day? Anyway, I just got my barang barang ready and left my home, in an hour's time.
Dun ask me about my mob cos' I won't tell you any.
But you can ask me about little momo's stuffs...
Upload some pics that was taken some time ago. Not really long ago but not lately lah...
Little momo won't be bored at home cos' she always got ways and means to entertain herself. She always find her own toys to play with. This time round she got nothing better to play than to lay her hands on a corn.
Can I just eat it like that or I need to pop it first leh...

I think I give it to my mah mah to cook for me Campbell corn soup..

Now momo is officially 20th months old. She shouldn't be wearing diapers anymore. It's time for her to learn how to use the potty to pee/poo/shee/orr.... Toilet trained momo, so that she not be a laughing stock when she goes to the restaurants or functions.

Anyway, I went to Kiddy Palace to shop for a potty for her. There are many types available there but this potty is useful for little momo to be toilet trained. It can also be mounted on the adult toilet bowl when momo gets older. The base can be used as a stool too.

I choose this potty cos' there is a handle for momo to grab while she do her little business. It can stimulates as a wooden horse too. Even if momo got no business to do, she can also sit on it.

Remove the lid and there it is, the toilet bowl. Enough for little to bomb all she wants.

The picture at the front... Blah blah white sheep...

See, I told you... momo loves her new potty. Here she isn't doing her business yet, she is just trying it out. When I was paying for it at the counter I was thinking if momo will loves her potty or not.

This pic is so damn cute... Momo in her sian ji buah look... Do you find it very familiar scene? This is what you look like when you're sitting at the cubicle doing your big business in the office. Elbows on your knees.... *Sigh, finally got time to sit down liao... the whole morning need to do this do that. Outside the dog still barking fiercely. Dunno today after work jio who to go pub leh, stressed*

Huh, got a package for me?

Right now, the potty still sits clean. Wait till momo exhausted all her diapers then we will let her wear shorts minus the diapers. You know, momo knows how to tell us after she poo-ed or pee-ed. She will point to her diapers and "Agrr..." If you still dun get her, then she will tap you with her palm and squeeze her diapers at the couch area.

That's why I said, momo is a smart lass.

Smart lass do smart things...

Momo is now learning how to gossip over the phone. She now always will go into my room and climb on top of my bed to play with my handphones. Dun try to bluff her with her fake phone my mum gets for her, she wont fall for your trick.

I want to boil telephone porridge with papa.... Ask him how he doing at work, ask him to buy for me my favorite mum mum...

See, momo is the same as me. We both use left ears to answer the phone. In fact, I doesn't like her to be left-handed. It wasn't so convenient in real life. I mean there are so many stuffs that are cater for only right-handed. Maybe that's what separate momo from other babies, inheritage.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something to share with my peeps...

I was reading a magazine (forget what mag was it now) and I came across an article of a really cool house in Toronto, Canada.


Toronto’s Little House was built in 1912 by well-known contractor, Arthur Weeden. Mr. Weeden was born in England and migrated to Canada in 1902. For a short time, he was Superintendent of the old Lighthouse Mission and later became one of the pioneer builders in Toronto’s west end. Located in what was known as the Earlscourt District, Day Avenue is home to many of Arthur’s building projects. During the street’s development, Lot 128 was conceived as a laneway for the neighbouring home. However, the curb was never cut by the City to allow vehicular passage from the street. Observing this, Arthur decided that “in order to use the land, I would build on it” (Weeden, Toronto Sun Telegram, 1939). After completing the laneway house, he and his wife lived in it for 20 years. After his wife passed away, Mr. Weeden, 77 years of age at the time of the Sun Telegram article, lived in the house for 6 more years, during which time he tended to the vegetable garden in the rear of the house, growing tomatoes, cabbages, Swiss chard, rhubarb and some flowers. At the time, a house on Sydenham street was said to be the smallest, but Weeden discredited this claim by noting, “it has a frontage a foot and a half longer [than his]”, and was not a complete house as it did not have electricity and other conveniences. The other disputed ‘smallest house’ is located at 383 Shuter Street, but it too is larger. Eight inches wider, to be exact.

One year before Arthur Weeden began construction on his home, Sir Henry Pellatt broke ground for his home, Casa Loma. Completed in 1913, this was the largest residence in Toronto. It is interesting that during this two year span, both the largest and smallest homes in the city were constructed. After a market value assessment in 1923, Sir Henry was prompted to move out, and it has been a tourist attraction ever since. 128 Day Avenue, on the other hand, has always been occupied and has changed hands numerous times over the years. After being sold by Mr. Weeden, it was inhabited by several different families (although information on them was difficult to track down), including one elderly man who now lives down the street. He visited during our renovation and recounted a story of the time he lived in the house: he came to Canada from Italy, after serving as an officer in his country’s army. Working in the construction industry among other jobs, he lived with his family in the house for 15 years. He claims to have lived there with his wife and three children. It was not clear if his story was completely accurate, however, we do know the most recent owners (a couple), who came to Toronto in 1996 from Brazil, lived in The Little House for over 10 years. While in the home, they made many improvements: updated flooring, a new roof, new electrical, new drywall and insulation in the bedroom and living room. The couple moved out in May, 2007, when the Little House was sold.

The current owners continued with renovations and upgrades, with a view towards making the space as useful, enjoyable and comfortable as possible. After the house was listed for sale in the fall of 2007, media interest continued and this website was created so that people from all over the world could visit The Little House.

The Little House just had to have a logo!

Famous front view of The Little House.

With snow covering the roof and blanketing the lawn and gardens, the view is spectacular!

Just the right size perennial gardens and lawn to fuss over and enjoy! Tumbled stone entrance walk.

Sit back and watch a favourite show.

Fenced patio - just add a barbecue and some guests for a great time, or relax in solitude. With the Murphy bed in its cabinet there's lots of room to entertain with free-flowing areas from the front gardens right through to the patio at the back.

This is the present floor plan of The Little House. Easily lift the Murphy-style Bed into its custom cabinet to turn the Bedroom into a multi-purpose room and to allow flow-through to the back patio and parking.

This was the whole plan of the little house.

Imagine there is such a small house in Singapore... How much will it cost? How many people will actually part with their monies to buy such a small house?

I really can't imagine that....

For your wholly info, the website is

Today is 20th Feb, yesterday was little momo's 20th month old. Soon she will have to enrol in the Nursery. I mean it's good for her to mix around with other little toddlers and make more new friends, rather than she play with carrots, onions, remote controls, etc.

Now momo knows how to call "papa" and "mah mah". Now whenever I was going to work or I was about to go out sitting at the door wearing my shoes, little momo will try to close the door onto me. Just a few days ago, she was playing in my room when she heard/knows I was going to work, she actually climb down from my bed and run all the way to the door and close the door. Cos' I was still sitting at the doorstep, the door will in fact keep on banging on my back.

Momo closes the door, it hits me...


Little momo will laugh so hard...

Momo closes the door again, it hits me again....


Little momo laughs again....

(the process will repeat itself until I get up)

Sometimes little momo will tap me on the back and sit beside me

Everytime before I goes off to work, I will kiss her on the cheeks. Sometimes she doesn't let me, sometime she do.

Unless little momo is sleeping in her room, the above process will occur.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear comes back from Hokkaido on the 13th Feb midnight...
I was supposed to fetch her from the airport but...
I was working mah, so someone else do the job for me.
Dear bought for me pressies all the way from Hokkaido and Toyko when I meet her on the 13th Feb afternoon.
A handphone ornament... The centre was actually how a snow flake looks like...

This T-shirt is quite thick and it's only available in Hokkaido...

As I requested from dear that I want a HRC T-shirt. She bought for me, a Designer one...

Narita Tokyo limited edition...

A Hokkaido wolf keychain...

This is a musical photo frame, my Valentine's gift. Dear says must put our photo in it...

This an amulet dear got for me from one of the temple. I dun really believe in this but since it's a effort dear made for me, so I just keep it.

It reads 金龙山浅草寺

Chocolates... It got 4 different favours...

Mei3 Dong1.. Millefeuille...

I asked dear to bring a coke bottle from Japan for me.

Dear took lots of pics during her trip but I didn't go with her and her group so I myself didn't know whether if I should get the pics from her to post them here. Hokkaido is really so cold there and the winter pics are really so fairy winter-like. The whole place is all snow white... Dear even took videos during her ice breaking cruise trip. You know the ship will sail across the ice and you can see how the ice breaks up through as it sails across.

Little momo was eating some pears in my room... I sit beside her and I hint to her that I want some of her pear slices, she got my message and feed me with it. She keep on putting the pear slices in my mouth..

Diligent momo is busy sweeping the floor... Shee got nothing better to play with than to play with the handheld broom. Hmm... it's time to train her with the household chores. Believe it or not, momo loves spack and clean environment.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some random pics of little momo taken during last week... Uploaded them but got no time to blog until now...

Will be a short one here...

As you can see here, little momo in trying out my mum's shoes. Her feet are small but still she wants to put her little feet into it. She already got her... 13 pairs of shoes but she still not contended. What to do other than let her walk around the balcony?
Do I look like Young MacDonald's?

On the 4th day of CNY, we went to east side for CNY gathering at one of the government chalets. Lucky for me, my dear agreed to lend me her car. So in the noon time, I went down to collect her car from her home, then drove home to pick up everybody up and off we go to Aloha Loyang. I didn't know where was the place, in fact. I only got a faint idea of where was it roughly. All I know was it was somewhere around Downtown East. When dear was with me, she will guide me where to turn and where to keep left/right... But dear was not beside me so I need to depends on myself. Furthermore her GPS is not working well. It did not detect where is our location since the time I left her home until I reached home, then left my home all the way until I reached my destination.

Time to send the stupid GPS to servicing. Maybe the software needs to be updated.

Didn't spend much time at the chalet, roughly stay there for about 2 hours or so.

This year round, I played blackjack with my cousins and aunts, managed to win a few dollars. It was all for the sake of fun, can't be playing with high stakes, right? Only each game bet $1 or at most $2. If I stayed longer, I would be able to win for momo's her diapers cost.

Before we went back, we went to Downtown East for dinner at the foodcourt.

See how greedy momo is when she saw my food.

Momo loves to point things with her finger like this...

Downtown East is nothing so much to shop about. That was my first time to there and I think I won't want to go there again. The whole place makes me think of A Famosa, some how similiar.

This is gonna be the first black and white clip of little momo...

Just imagine that this happens in the olden days where poverty strikes. Children got little to eat, children got little to wear, children got no education... Here you can see little momo is stealing food from the bowl... (visualise the music yourself)

Okay, I didn't know that my phone got this effect (greyscale), so I thought why now make a clip using this effect.

This is how little momo used to take her dinner, her own special way.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Dong dong chiang.... dong dong chiang...

Today is the 2nd day of CNY... It's past 12am liao....

Yesterday, same as usual, my whole family went for visiting. This year little momo really give everyone a headache. Last year when momo was there, she is still a baby and she is sleeping. Too young to know anything. But this year she is showing everyone what she is made of. My aunties called her a chilli padi... Yes she is a little shrew.

When she arrived there, she was actually sleeping in the arms. So my mum had her placed on the bed in the room. My aunt laid a towel for her to sleep on and a small bolster for her to hug. So she was taking her late morning nap while we are all at the living room watching TV. When more ppl came, my dad purposely wake her up to let everyone sees her. Wow, she was really a hard nut to crack. We can't put her down on the floor. She doesn't want to, she wants someone to carry her, all the way. My mum, then my turn, then my dad... One by one take turns to carry her. The best thing is she doesn't want my maid to touch her. Don't she forget how she used to play with her back at home? When all of us are not at home, she will hug and kiss my maid? That's why I say, little momo knows.

When I was carrying her, she was laughing at pulling my hair when I was watching TV. There are a few times when she was hitting my head. I smack her on the hand... She screamed couple of times loudly and I slap her on the cheeks. It's time to disclipine this little lass before she gets out of hand.

Sigh, I think this little lass will grow up to be a tyrant in school.

My mum was dressing little momo ready for CNY yesterday. Just in case if you find her dress so familiar, that was the same dress that she wore during her first birthday. My mum had a hard time dressing her up... She keeps on struggling and she keeps on running away.

Carrying the basket that was meant for putting mandarin oranges.

See little momo slings her own "Harrods" carrier? Well, that was only for photo taking purposes. She isn't really carrying it going out visiting.

We went out at about 10 plus am... Reached home at about 2 plus pm. Momo got ang baos about $40... I didn't keep it myself. I put aside for her. Anyway, she is still too young to know what is money for.

So I temporarily keep for her, in my bank account... hehe...

A pic of momo sitting on the stool. I, in fact, wanted to take this pic for a long time already. I was having my lunch when i saw her sitting there eating a fishball, so I seize this chance to snap a pic of her.

Momo, after bathing and changing into her new set of clothes.

Big head photo... I snap it when she was standing behind my back watching TV.

Can anyone guess what is momo doing? Is she stealing food or.... Well, this is the unique way for momo to take her dinner. She doesn't want to sit down quietly during her meal times. We need to accommodate her weird ways. Like this... She wants to stand on my bed while she takes her dinner.

You heard of men in black, lady in pink, women in red... now let me presents to you, girl in blue....

1... 2.... 3... 4..... total is 13 pairs of shoes. All are momo's ones. In the past I was wondering how can a woman owns so many pair of shoes in her lifetime. Now I can understand it. If a little toddler can have 13 pairs of shoes when she only learn how to walk a few months ago, then how about those females who has been walking the whole day, for like 20 yrs already. If a 19th month old little toddler can have 13 pairs of shoes, then what about 20 -45 yrs old females?

Okay, let's talk about something else...

I just send my dear off to Japan on the CNY eve. I went to her place in the afternoon, pay her parents a visit then help her to carry her luggage into her car. Not too much, in fact. Just a suitcase and a haversack. I drive her to Terminal 1, parked her car at the parking lot and help to wheel her suitcase to the check-in counter. Her relatives were there waiting for her.

We still got about an hour more before boarding so we had a coffee break...

Walked around... Saw Caffe Ritazza, wanted to rest our feet there but when I take a look at their menu, mostly are hot beverages so I tell dear why not we find another place.

So we went Mr Bean's...

After dear check-in, I went over to Terminal 2 to find my friend. He was working there so I think might as well drop by to see him. Afterall I hardly go to the Changi Airport... Since I was around so I just pay him a visit. The next time, God knows when will it be.

We walked around Terminal 2, then he send me to my car (dear's car in fact). Both he and dear are driving the same model, Honda Airwave. He wants to take a look at the interior design, so I let him. After which. he went back to work while I tidy up dear's car before returning it back to her family. You know, dear likes to keep so much rubbish in her car. Empty drink bottles, papers, tissue all over the mat, etc.

I leave Changi Airport at about 8:15 pm. I drive along PIE, listening to Lexy's CD I bring along earlier. I wanted to enjoy the CD so I keep my speed to 80 kmph, took the 2nd lane or 3rd lane. Saw so many cars overtake me.... I keep my cool and continue to drive. If not I will ramp on the gas pedal and hit 110 kmph.

So tired, now the time is 1:48am... I need to hit the bed, need to check how momo is doing then I will sleep beside momo.

Earlier on, I just did a video call with dear in hokkaido. There was one hour ahead of my time here. She is pretty tired, after a day of walking and transit. We only chat for like 5 mins over the phone. You know when I was talking to dear, I saw little momo walking and standing in front of me so I show dear and tell her that momo wants to talk to her.

Can't wait for dear to come back next week...

When the cat is away, the mouse will play... hehe..

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Today is 5th Feb, so fast and it's time for CNY again... Little momo will be getting her 2nd year of ang bao, again. Yeah, I thought of getting her a little backpack for her to carry. Inside she can store her own diapers, water bottle, napkins, toys. I mean, it's her own stuff for her own usage, right? So naturally it's only right for her to carry on her own. And this year she can put her own ang bao in it too. Well, that was just a draft idea for her papa...

Can anyone imagine how little momo will look like carrying a backpack?

Will she look like a mini tortise or a typical backpacker or a little schoolgirl?

Wake up!!!!

Anyway, we shall discuss that issue later when she really needs to carry one.

As usual, some pics of little momo...

Momo had her haircut done for CNY, not by us... My mum took her to one of the salon to get it done. In the past, we had a very hard time just to trim a bit of her hair cos' she doesn't like being restraint or even to hold onto her when she doesn't feel like. Furthermore, my mum says going to a salon will be better. At least let the professionals do the job. Like the saying goes, "next better player". True enough, momo's hair is nicer compared to when we cut for her. Don't think that it comes cheap although momo's head is so small. Just a few trims and snaps cost $8.... What to do?

Why is momo's mouth lopsided to one side?

I give you a five, yeah!!!

Ahh.... Is momo putting things in her mouth or taking taking stuck food from her mouth? Ahhh...

My mum was teaching her how to read for the past months, now she can recognise some of the words that was read to her. How to identify certain fruits, some animals, some objects. Well, nice try little lass!!!

I was about to take a nap when i heard little momo yanking to herself or to someone else, I dunno. I come out from my room and say my mum giving momo some of the CNY's goodies to eat. Supposingly that can of goodies should be opened when guests come to our house during CNY, but to keep momo occupied and not let her wander around the house pulling things so we just let her have some of it. You know, once it's opened everyone will take a few pieces.... one person take a few pieces.... few person will take a couple pieces.... the same person will take a few pieces, few times in a day... Needless for me to say, the can of goodies is now about half-full/half empty....

Hmm... sucking her fingers while watching TV...

Papa scold me... dun like him from now on... *frown*

Momo and her ultraman bolster...

Talking about her ultraman bolster, momo is now spiritually linked to it. Some times when she was playing in my room; my mum brings her to my room so that she can watch TV and also accompany momo at the same time, momo will suddenly gets up and walk to her own sleeping place to get her bolster. I ever witness it with my own eyes, a couple of times we carried momo up leaving her bolster on the floor, she would want to get down to pick up her bolster or she will make some irritated acts for us to get her bolster for her. Once the bolster in her arms then she will keep quiet and stop her nonsense. Even when she is sleeping... when I was sleeping beside her, she will toss here and there when her bolster is gone. She will sound as though she is crying, but once I put her bolster within her reach, she will immediately grasp it and hugs it with her 2 hands and 2 feet.

Not only momo needs a haircut, her papa oso needs one too...

I went shopping with dear at Vivocity. She wants to get a pair of shoes for her trip to Japan next week. She doesn't have any decent pair of shoes to wear during winter. Actually we were at Vivocity for another purpose. It doesn't matter if I were to tell you what was it, it's not important anyway. After we settle it, I went to the gents and my dear dunno where she wandered around and ended up at Crocs. Supposingly she told me she is going to dunno-what-is the-name-now-of-the-shop, when I went to look for her her is gone. I SMS her and she told me she is at Crocs.

She said she say a new design for Crocs that she likes it very much, esp it can be used during her trip next week. So she bought it... What she bought was actually black coloured, not the pink one. The store at Vivocity doesn't have the size, we need to collect it at Marina Square, 3 days' reservation. We went to Marina to collect it on the same day cos' after Vivocity we went to Esplande for our dinner.

The salesgirl at Vivocity was telling us this new design is not suitable for Singapore's weather. Can you imagine how smelly your feet will be, even if you doesn't wear socks? Or rather your pair of Crocs stinks?

Yeah, this kind of design is suitable for Singapore's weather... Everyone one knows that, duh...

Crocs oso come with boots' design... Maybe momo will look nice in her boots when she is older.

I went to Chinatown with my dear. She was meeting 2 of her ex-colleagues there, so I just accompany her. The place was not really crowded. In fact, many stalls were like "no customers" at all. It doesn't have the CNY atmosphere, somehow. And the stuffs sold there are not really that "good". Good in the sense like up-to-date or innovative. Can someone please tell me which year is this coming CNY? I mean the horoscopes... Is it the year of the pig? Then how come there are so many about pigs horoscope selling around at the stalls.

I forget to take pics of the Waterloo Street, as we were walking. Until we are sitting at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple then I took some pics. In fact you can see, a pic of the lantens hanging. So many lantens hanging...

Big red lantens high high hang... (大红灯笼高高挂)

I saw little momo sleeping soundly when I was about to go to work. She was clinching her fists when she was hugging her bolster. So I play a prank on her....

Momo's first middle finger pic...

I was saying "one... two..." and little momo say "three". Her pronunication isn't that clear but let's pardon her, okay? Little momo is getting smarter day by day... She can't sit still, and you oso cannot restraint her or else she will scream. Sometimes I wonder if she is a boy by nature or not..