Saturday, January 26, 2008

Soon will be CNY, again...

Time to give out ang bao... Little momo will be receiving them, and I'll be giving out. How I envy her. Well, that's the advantage when you're young. And when you're this young as little momo, that's double the advantage. This year I guess little momo will be getting her ang bao personally, cos' she finally has master the skill of stretching out her hand and take from you. But of cos' there are times where she will also extend out her hand to give to you. She did, she always did, when I asked her to give me a piece of her food.

In the post dated at 17th January;

I saw little momo sleeping and she rolled out of her mattress and was only
her head on the mattress and her body and legs are at the floor. I carried
her gently and place her back to the correct position. I then took my pillow
and sleep beside her.

I woke up at 6 plus, finding her again had rolled onto the floor. This time
her whole body was on the floor. Momo really resembles me so much the way she
used to sleep. When I was young I also rolled off from my pillow. Well, I think
most babies do too...

This is what I meant.... but pardon the bolster anyway. The position of it doesn't seems to be very elegent. But who cares, little momo is.... well, forget it.

Can you imagine she can roll herself from where the pillow is... and end up in this position just within a minute? Unbelievble.... but it's true...

Just a few days ago, I was pacifying little momo with her new toy, the garlic. She was crying when I was carrying her in my arms, I just bring her to the kitchen and look for is there any things/objects for her to play with. I tired the dragonfruit but she doesn't really interested in the weird shape so I just, on the way, pick up a garlic and give it to her.

She was holding it for a long time and refused to let go of it. I need to wait till she found another new toy then I can take it away from her. In case if you're wondering whether momo likes garlic or not, the ans is yes. She was spotted biting it a couple of times.

So the conclusion is: Momo isn't a vampire.

Can this shape like my poo be eaten? Why papa give a poo for me to play leh?

Huh, not a poo ah... Oh so it's for me to throw at vampire when they want to bite momo's neck...

Still remember the last time momo was carrying a bag when she is only able to crawl, now this time she is carrying the same bag, walking. Just visualized that she is coming back home, tired and her shoulders are aching, so she just throw her LV/Gucci/Prada/DKNY/Coach sling bag on the floor... "click here for the clip"


Pinkalicious said...

hey! Happy new year to you, and your little momo! And little momo is continuing to grow prettier and prettier as the days passed!

eggyoke said...

still okay loh... small babies are like that one... when they grow older then you will see the change.

eggyoke said...
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