Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Year 2008 everyone!!!!!

Today is the first day of the year and I was blogging here... How was everyone's New Year Countdown? Been to where for countdown?

Well, as for me I didn't go for my countdown, I was working at the god damn boring place last nite. So sianz, man. I was thinking whoever pissed me off at my workplace, I would beat the shit out of his mouth. There is also another reason why I was so pissed at work. My leave for Feb is not approved. So I need to re-scheduled my holidays. I mean leave is subjected to approval but the reason they gave me is like Na beh chee bye god damn fucking lousy... What nonsense the give me... Cannot find men to cover me, why I didn't inform them before booking the trip.... See colour only, orang kampong they say.... It's true mah.... I now got to pay a penalty cos' I cancel my trip. If I do it later say tomorrow, the penalty will be higher.

If I ever find out there is someone else doing the same thing; book their leave before informing and still approved, then I tell you I will beat both of them up into a pulp. Do you know how much is the penalty I have to give? It was like throwing your money into the sea... Can you imagine you going to the brothel and just when you want to fuck, someone tell you to get dressed and get lost cos' your time is up....

Eunf of the bad 2007, let's talk about 2008....

What is my resolution for the new year?

*I hope momo can grow up healthy....

*I hope that I can settle my divorce case soon so that I can move on with my life.

*I hope that I can settle off my debts soon, to be precise it's some bitch's taichi-ed debts to me.

*I hope that justice will be served.

*I hope that my family will be healthy.

*I hope to get my Toyota Blade in the next 3 yrs' time.

*I hope to get a job soon.

*I hope that momo will be able to talk soon cos' now currently no one understands what she is talking.

*I hope that my dear will be happy with her life and she can always win in her mahjong games.

*I hope that the cat in my home will be fatter and fatter each day.

*I hope that my dear will be happy with the man in her life now.

*I hope that momo will get a bit fatter cos' she is too thin now.

*I hope that...... those who read my blogs will stay happy throughout the year 2008 and many many happy moments for them. Kiki will be happy with her hubby, Liana will be happy with her hubby, Yit Kean will be happy with her hubby, Jessyn will be happy with her hubby and her new born baby, Jessie will be happy with her hubby, Juliana will be happy with her hubby and her baby will be healthy, Peppermin will be happy with her b/f, Zen will be be happy with her b/f, and those who I know but I left your names out will be happy with your other half (too lazy to type one by one out). Last but not least, I hope that Silverelf will find a b/f soon... (dun you ever dreamt of giving me that kick again), Orlando will find his dream girl soon...


nutcase said...

umm... i dun hv a baby... wat made u think so?

eggyoke said...

then that time we went out and you're carrying a big tummy?