Thursday, November 29, 2007

...29 November...

I just got home meeting my dear for dinner and movies. Today I reached home about 11 am from my nite shift. So tired then I told her to let me sleep first. Let me sleep till I wake up by myself then I will sms her, only then we fixed a time to meet up. She said she want to watch the movie Lust, Caution by Tony Leong.

Tony Leong really aged a lot. Can see his haggard face when the camera closed-up on him.

So I accompanied her.

We went to Eng Wah @ Suntec City. We were given the corner seats, only two seats at the corner end so it doesn't really matter. The show was like..... still okay lah, I would say. It surrounds the time where Japan invade China, the students wanted to do their part against the invasion. And they really sacrificed a lot, if you watched the show too...

Rich wives got nothing bettter to do than to go shopping and play mahjong... And gossiping as they go shopping and play mahjong.

Today I reached home after my night shift, my mum was not at home, together with my maid and momo. It turned out that momo has a sore throat infection. My mum took her to see the doctor. Momo has lost her voice for the time being. She couldn't speak as her voice is hoarse. It was kinda sad to see momo in this state. She was crying out to my mum but her voice is like so hoarse that you couldn't hardly hear what she was trying to say. Now as I was typing, momo is soundly sleeping hugging her bolster. Later I'll be joining her in the room. It was pretty hard to sleep together with momo cos' of my work.

It was all my fault that momo becomes like that....

Pic of her drinking water from her training cup.

"Gurp, gurp, gurp" Momo can hold her own drinking cup by herself... In fact, she should know that long time ago. Now whenever she eats something or time to time, we give her water to drink. She drinks, but sometimes she doesn't drink much.. Well, at least she is better than before.

At least now she drinks more water. Before that, she hardly touches any water.

Lately, I got obsessed with watching Supernatural on DVD. Can you believe it or not, now I'm watching season 3. I can watched all night, yeah, all night from 8pm till 7am. You know, it was like you got so addicted that you just can't stop watching. Sam and Dean Winchester, the 2 brothers... Heroes, can't be compared to Supernatural. I didn't know that ghosts are afraid of salt, huh? Sam was born in June and the demon says he got plans for him. Momo is also born in June, so does that mean momo oso got some kind of supernatural powers? Oh no, I got too addicted with the show...

Okay, now the time is 1:34am. I need to head for my pillow. You know what, momo loves to hold my finger when I was sleeping next to her.

Her tiny palm with her little fingers wrapped around my 2nd finger.... I know momo feels so cosy in her heart.

Momo finally know how to walk!!! I caught her walking out from my parent's room to the living room. Still not very stable, need to use both her hands for balancing... Guess what, I've been waiting for this day for 16 months already....

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