Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday I was on leave... take momo to the polyclinic to take her Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) jab. Momo is always a brave little girl. She never scared of needles, unlike her dad. Yeah, I admit... I do scared of taking jabs. What's wrong with that? This time the staff nurse jabbed momo at the left arm. I thought momo will get jab at her butt or thigh....

Want to snap some pics of little momo taking injection but no chance cos' momo is struggling so hard and me and my mum need to restraint her.

I thought ask driving dear dear car to the polyclinic but I thought of letting dear dear rest more so I didn't drive dear dear's car back home the previous night before.

We took cab there and took cab back.

When going there, momo vomitted a bit at the back of the cab. The driver's fault loh... We had reached the destination already.... but the driver jerked his cab... just jerked once and momo vomit out, like a little merlion. Luckily the thing is momo only consumed her milk not long ago so the stench isn't that much, as compared to the time I drove to have lunch at Hyatt Hotel, but still there is a smell. The driver got so worked up when I told her momo has vomitted. He quickly hand over to me a rag and I wipe the seat belts and the seats.

Me and my mum was busy wiping away the vomitee and momo was sitting there.... laughing.

After that, we head home... I sleep for a while before meeting dear dear. She wants to get some car accessories.

We went to Autobacs, located at Bukit Timah. The place is really wonderful. You can get free tibits at the entrance. There is even a traffic control man at the gate. The whole place gives a feeling like you are in Japan. They played Japanese songs. In the outlet, there are 6 main departments namely Tyres & Rims, Car Audio & Visual Entertainment, Oil & Batteries, Car Accessories & Car Care, Motor-Sports and Workshop Services. Autobacs also provide replacement of tyres, rims and battery. They have a wide variety of tyres with brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli.

Dear dear wants to get GPS system for her car. Want to buy, dun want to buy..... buy or not to buy....

She says it's good if she were to go to Malaysia. The person who will really benefit from it will be me. After she installs the GPS, she can just sleep in the car and I dun need to wake her up asking for directions anymore. The GPS system is really so cool. It can monitor your speed and match your car. So if you stop moving, the system will oso halt there. The cool function is it will tell you to turn right or turn left, and it even can tell you where the speed cameras are.

Cool or not, you tell me?

Lately I spotted a car that I like so much, Toyota Blade...

The interior is so nice. Check it out for the gear and the handbrake. The seats are so spacious and it got push-start key-less ignition. 2.4 litres, same as Toyota Camry. The whole is SG, only 2 car dealers carry it. Who doesn't want to own it...

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