Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little momo got fever 2 days ago. Her body was pretty hot, but there is nothing to worry about cos' that was expected due to the fact she took her MMR jab last week. The staff nurse told us that after the jab about 5 days later momo will be having a fever.

True enough, momo is running a fever. Initially she still play with her toys, when I kissed her I could feel her cheeks are so warm. I told my mum that momo is running a fever "Oh yeah, she took the jab last week mah"

So we gave her some liquid panadol... She doesn't like the taste, you can see it from the expressions the very moment I squeeze it into her mouth. But what to do leh, it's for her own good. After squeezing 1.2ml of liquid into her mouth, the next one is to give her some water. Oh my, you can see it that she was really sucking for it. Well, I guess the better option for her is to give her Remedol 125... Anyone knows what is it? Well, it's a paracetamol that is for rectal use only.

The last time when momo was running high fever and I took her to NUH, the nurse there gave that same medicine to me. I insert a bullet into momo's little ass and just a few hours later her fever was gone. Not bad, huh?

This pic was taken last week when we took her to the polyclinic. Does momo look nice in this dress? Wanna see how momo looks like when she was in this same dress one year ago, when she was 6 months old?

Momo when she was 6 months old. See how much diff a girl makes just in one year? It was like "WOW....."

Momo in her cool blue shades... Does she look a bit like the Termininator?

She is trying to remove the shades in this pic, actually. But the still picture looks like she is trying to throw some vainity here.

Wow, this pic is even making momo more vain. I guess she had learnt it from watching too much TV programmes. Will she grow up to be the next what... model or host?

Momo now takes rice, no more porridge. Momo now is like a little missy, with a maid to tend to her needs.

Now momo is big enough to eat some rice, doesn't have to take porridge everytime. My mum mixed some rice with chicken liver soup and feed the little momo. She does take it, even she doesn't really like to eat it.

Just in case you are wondering where is the "Tag Me" message box on the left. I had it removed cos' there is a real sicko who has been posting me nonsense messages. And her intention is to make me and my dear quarrel, just like what she does in the past. She not only leave her nonsense comments in my "Comments" box but also in my Friendster account too.

But what she didn't think of is... my dear dear doesn't read my blog at all. Ha!!! Sorrie for screwing your ownself.

Let's not bother about this kind of person... Wasting my time to talk about her here...

Now it's almost end of September. Next month will gonna be October, knows why I was looking forward to Oct? Cos' on the 14th Oct, it marks the end of my P-plate licence!!!

I just got home, earlier on I went to Sengkang with my dear dear... She wants to go to her long time friend's place, so I accompany her. Down there, I watch HBO at the living room while dear dear play mahjong in the room. It shows Darkman... I wanted to finish watching the show with dear dear but it's getting late so we make a move. Furthermore it's a long drive from Sengkang to Jurong.
Does it look nice during the night time?


janet said...

So how is your the DNA test? You went for it? btw, when is your court hearing?

shhhh said...

not to worry, dear... Momo sure is your daughter lah.. Dun need to do what DNA test. How about you do the old ancient meothod lah.. drip both of you blood into a bowl of water and see if it mix or not. At least this method has been use for thousand of years...