Saturday, September 29, 2007

Little momo got fever 2 days ago. Her body was pretty hot, but there is nothing to worry about cos' that was expected due to the fact she took her MMR jab last week. The staff nurse told us that after the jab about 5 days later momo will be having a fever.

True enough, momo is running a fever. Initially she still play with her toys, when I kissed her I could feel her cheeks are so warm. I told my mum that momo is running a fever "Oh yeah, she took the jab last week mah"

So we gave her some liquid panadol... She doesn't like the taste, you can see it from the expressions the very moment I squeeze it into her mouth. But what to do leh, it's for her own good. After squeezing 1.2ml of liquid into her mouth, the next one is to give her some water. Oh my, you can see it that she was really sucking for it. Well, I guess the better option for her is to give her Remedol 125... Anyone knows what is it? Well, it's a paracetamol that is for rectal use only.

The last time when momo was running high fever and I took her to NUH, the nurse there gave that same medicine to me. I insert a bullet into momo's little ass and just a few hours later her fever was gone. Not bad, huh?

This pic was taken last week when we took her to the polyclinic. Does momo look nice in this dress? Wanna see how momo looks like when she was in this same dress one year ago, when she was 6 months old?

Momo when she was 6 months old. See how much diff a girl makes just in one year? It was like "WOW....."

Momo in her cool blue shades... Does she look a bit like the Termininator?

She is trying to remove the shades in this pic, actually. But the still picture looks like she is trying to throw some vainity here.

Wow, this pic is even making momo more vain. I guess she had learnt it from watching too much TV programmes. Will she grow up to be the next what... model or host?

Momo now takes rice, no more porridge. Momo now is like a little missy, with a maid to tend to her needs.

Now momo is big enough to eat some rice, doesn't have to take porridge everytime. My mum mixed some rice with chicken liver soup and feed the little momo. She does take it, even she doesn't really like to eat it.

Just in case you are wondering where is the "Tag Me" message box on the left. I had it removed cos' there is a real sicko who has been posting me nonsense messages. And her intention is to make me and my dear quarrel, just like what she does in the past. She not only leave her nonsense comments in my "Comments" box but also in my Friendster account too.

But what she didn't think of is... my dear dear doesn't read my blog at all. Ha!!! Sorrie for screwing your ownself.

Let's not bother about this kind of person... Wasting my time to talk about her here...

Now it's almost end of September. Next month will gonna be October, knows why I was looking forward to Oct? Cos' on the 14th Oct, it marks the end of my P-plate licence!!!

I just got home, earlier on I went to Sengkang with my dear dear... She wants to go to her long time friend's place, so I accompany her. Down there, I watch HBO at the living room while dear dear play mahjong in the room. It shows Darkman... I wanted to finish watching the show with dear dear but it's getting late so we make a move. Furthermore it's a long drive from Sengkang to Jurong.
Does it look nice during the night time?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hard times now... I'm having hard times now... Someone claimed that momo isn't my biological daughter... I mean, what kind of sick joke is that? I mean, everyone commented that momo look just like me. The look when she sleep and the way when she behaves...

Oh my god, she is really.... sorrie, I really can't think of any verbs or nouns or adverb to describe here. So sorrie to all my English teachers who have taught me the wonderful language of English.

Hey, I think I'm not the only one... I too suspect that they aren't biological related. It's true, it's true... I mean, don't you agree with me? They don't look alike at all. The eyes, the nose, the face... You tell me what do they look alike? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, right? So maybe they should go for the DNA test too.

C'mon lah, stop being an idiot and wake up!!!!

Don't you have better things to do?

That's definitely going to be the joke of the year...

Well, just now I went to Autobacs with dear dear... She did some shopping there. She is a happy woman now, cos' she got what she wants. She change her sport rims... to the original 14" to a 15" one. Not only that, she also purchased a GPS. She said now she can go to Malaysia without getting lost, and me I can without getting lost too, in Singapore. The system is really cool.. Can you imagine when you're approaching the traffic light that is amber or red, it will actually tell you to slow down? I wonder what will it tell you when you're approaching a speed camera. Will it tell you :

"Smile, say cheese", or

"Camera ahead, comb your hair"

Finally I have done my task... Now dear dear's car has past the first 1000km mark. *wipe my sweat phew* The piston now should have been exposed to the necessary warm-up. So the next time I hit on the road, I can ram the speed to 110km/hr. It's so tiring to keep to the 80km/hr limit.

Little momo now got her own shades, in fact two pairs. Her grandpa bought for her from Malaysia. Last nite my mum was trying on her. She doesn't like things to be put on her head. The moment my mum puts on for her, momo tries to remove it away. So my mum tries it on herself, momo oso pulls it away from my mum's face. ><

I'm getting a new DVD recorder tomorrow. Yeah....

Something that I always dream for. After tomorrow I can watch DVDs in my own room. Maybe burn into a DVD when I happens to see any nice show cos' it comes with a hard disk within.

Just now when I got home, I saw momo awake in my parent's room. She was playing with her own belly button. She loves to touch it. You know if she enjoying touching her own belly button, it's fine. I mean that's your own belly button, you can touch it whenever you like but momo not only like to touch hers, she also like to touch mine too. She will come crawling quietly and then she will lift up my top and poke her finger into my belly button. Not only for my case, it's everyone who carries her.

Firstly, she will touch her belly button. Then she will lift up your top and touch yours. That's not all, my friends. She will use the same finger and insert into her nostril... and stick it there for a few seconds. Then she will use back the same finger and insert into your nostril/ear/mouth. When that happens, it's either you will be dumbfounded or you stare at her hard. You dun know whether to scold her or to beat her. Oh my, that's momo, alright.

Maybe next week, little momo will be going for her first dip in the private pool. You know when you eat sushi, you will drip it into the soya sauce with washabi. Yeah, that's what going to happen to little momo. niak niak...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday I was on leave... take momo to the polyclinic to take her Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) jab. Momo is always a brave little girl. She never scared of needles, unlike her dad. Yeah, I admit... I do scared of taking jabs. What's wrong with that? This time the staff nurse jabbed momo at the left arm. I thought momo will get jab at her butt or thigh....

Want to snap some pics of little momo taking injection but no chance cos' momo is struggling so hard and me and my mum need to restraint her.

I thought ask driving dear dear car to the polyclinic but I thought of letting dear dear rest more so I didn't drive dear dear's car back home the previous night before.

We took cab there and took cab back.

When going there, momo vomitted a bit at the back of the cab. The driver's fault loh... We had reached the destination already.... but the driver jerked his cab... just jerked once and momo vomit out, like a little merlion. Luckily the thing is momo only consumed her milk not long ago so the stench isn't that much, as compared to the time I drove to have lunch at Hyatt Hotel, but still there is a smell. The driver got so worked up when I told her momo has vomitted. He quickly hand over to me a rag and I wipe the seat belts and the seats.

Me and my mum was busy wiping away the vomitee and momo was sitting there.... laughing.

After that, we head home... I sleep for a while before meeting dear dear. She wants to get some car accessories.

We went to Autobacs, located at Bukit Timah. The place is really wonderful. You can get free tibits at the entrance. There is even a traffic control man at the gate. The whole place gives a feeling like you are in Japan. They played Japanese songs. In the outlet, there are 6 main departments namely Tyres & Rims, Car Audio & Visual Entertainment, Oil & Batteries, Car Accessories & Car Care, Motor-Sports and Workshop Services. Autobacs also provide replacement of tyres, rims and battery. They have a wide variety of tyres with brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop and Pirelli.

Dear dear wants to get GPS system for her car. Want to buy, dun want to buy..... buy or not to buy....

She says it's good if she were to go to Malaysia. The person who will really benefit from it will be me. After she installs the GPS, she can just sleep in the car and I dun need to wake her up asking for directions anymore. The GPS system is really so cool. It can monitor your speed and match your car. So if you stop moving, the system will oso halt there. The cool function is it will tell you to turn right or turn left, and it even can tell you where the speed cameras are.

Cool or not, you tell me?

Lately I spotted a car that I like so much, Toyota Blade...

The interior is so nice. Check it out for the gear and the handbrake. The seats are so spacious and it got push-start key-less ignition. 2.4 litres, same as Toyota Camry. The whole is SG, only 2 car dealers carry it. Who doesn't want to own it...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today Momo turns 15th month old... She still can't talk or walk yet. Right now we are teaching her how to walk. I sometimes hold onto both of her hands and let her take her first steps. And yeah, momo loves to walk, walk around the house, walking and laughing happily. When she is tired, she will just stop and sit down on the floor. Her feet refused to take any further steps, just stay put at the spot.

You will like walk forward together will momo and then suddenly you will see her feet stick to the same spot and she is sitting down.. Oh, momo is tired and wants to talk a rest. Right now it's kinda hard to record a video of her learning how to walk, wail till she is able to walk on her own then I will make a video of her...

Once again, some pics of little momo... Soon she won't be little anymore.

Momo loves her Tweety Bird... She is sleeping with momo every nite...

Huh... papa someone is looking at us leh... Gee, see the look at momo's face... She look so defensive...

Not to worry papa... nothing is going to separate us. I want to go swimming with papa...

Today after work, I meet up with dear dear. She was washing her car at Shell station. Not she do it herself, of cos, but dun think my dear dear is not pampered child who can't get her hands wet or dirty. When she said she will do it, she really does. Dear dear cooks for me, dear dear prepared food for me to eat at her home, dear dear setup the steamboat, dear dear does all the washing... I likes it when she is busy with her own work.

Same as usual, I will take over the driving from the time i meet her. We went to Marina Square. Now dear dear's car has hit until about 550km... Still got another half more to go before I can ram on the gas pedal. tsk tsk....

After dinner, we walked around Marina Square and before we head for home, we went to Changing Appetits... for desserts.

Frankenstein Mudpie... Massive... not for weight-watchers it claimed to be...

Lime Me Up... Supposingly dear dear ordered another one, Kiwi Pop. But when the waitress came, I told her Lime Me Up... Dear dear is so nice, she didn't scolded me... She finished up the whole drink.

This one is mine... Super Sized Iced Chocolate. Really huge in serving.

After eating the Frankenstein mudpie and my Super Sized Iced Chocolate, it really feel like vomiting. Dear dear was asking me if I'm able to drive home or not.

I was about to admit that I can't drive home, but dear dear is already so tired after her work and she come down all the way to meet me for dinner so I doesn't want to add on to her exhaustion.

So dear dear sleep beside me, hugging her soft toy I bought for her earlier. I hit the ECP then AYE. Until I reached my block then I wake dear dear up. She is really tired after a hard day of work.

Tomorrow maybe I'll accompany dear dear to buy the car accessories. If I got the time...

Momo is curious about her little infant cousin. She keeps on coming back to her as though she wants to play with her but yet she can't cos' she is still small. Momo knows what is happening around her. Momo knows...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday morning is great for blogging... Little momo is sleeping and there is no one to disturb me, at least for the time being.

Bought for little momo her first pair of walking shoes quite some time ago. I was at SingPost the other day and there is this shop that was selling something like kinda clearance sale so I just popped in and bought for momo a Tweety Bird soft toy and this pair of shoes. Momo's little feet just nicely fitted into it, so I guess in no time she won't be able to wear it anymore.

See how "big" is momo's walking shoes compared to my boots?

I'm sitting in a Mercs... hehe... Someone despise me, saying that I won't have the chance to sit in one, but I prove her wrong... Okay maybe for your own consolation, you just take it as I'm in a Mercs cab loh...

Dear dear's car was sent to the workshop for repairs cos' got some idiot cut into her lane and scratched her car at the right side. Dear dear was going straight and the new driver wanted to cut lane and just stick his bonnet out. Dear dear tried to horn him but it was too late... Even though both cars are travelling at a slow speed, still both cars were dented. The best thing is the new driver insisted that dear dear was in the wrong and even claimed her insurance.

So dear dear send her car to one of the workshop to get all the dented parts done before she can collect her new Honda. While waiting for her Altis to be repaired, she rent another car from the rental car company and claimed the rental fees from the new driver. According to dear dear, it's a Mitsubitshi Lancer with a few month old car, still P-plate.

Anyone can guess who model is this Mitsubitshi is? It's a Colt Plus... It got good grip and the steering wheel is easier to steer, the brakes is good and inside is spacious. Dear dear say she thought of getting this car if not she had already bought her Honda.
Just last nite dear dear sms me when I was doing OT at STC New Upper Changi... Her Altis is ready to be collected, spray painted and all the prominent dents were gone. After work, she fetch me from Paya Lebar to the nearby workshop to collect her Altis. You know there are so many workshops nearby at SingPost... Yeah, it was one of the workshop. She drive her Altis while I drive her Colt Plus. Dear dear went off first with me following her at the back. She sped off once she hit the PIE, with me trying so hard to keep up with her. But still I lost sight of her car, so I sms her if she is heading back home. She told me she is heading back home so that I can park this Colt Plus at the carpark and we can go to the car agent's place with her Altis, so she can one car to one car trade-in to collect her Honda.

My dear dear's latest toy on the road... Honda Airwave...
Dear dear said have to keep the speed limit at most 80kmh for the first 1000km. Sob... You know, once you get used to ram speed at 110kmh or so, it's heart breaking to see cars over taking you and one by one speed past you. Dear dear comforted me saying we need to drive slowly to let other drivers admire your new car mah... So I asked her what if now we bought a new car like Honda Civic Type R or Honda Interga, and you imagine being overtake by a.... Kelisa?!?! Haha, you can go gaga...
Dear dear let me drive home last nite. I got a hard time trying to keep to the 8okmh speed limit and my right ankle almost got cramped. I think this is the first time you ever heard of someone driving an auto trasmission who got leg cramp...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today is Sept 13th... Know what day is it today? It's me and my dear dear together for the 4th month. Yahooooooo.....

2 days ago is the 6th anniversary of Sept 11th... It has been 6 fucking years that US still haven't found that so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), or still on the process of searching. Maybe the weapons are hidden beneath the oil fields, only that they have pumped up all the oil then they can uncovered the weapons. Yeah, that could be the explaination.

Today no pics of momo here cos' momo has been a noti little girl so no pics for her. niak niak...

On the Sept 11th, me and my dear dear drove to Changi Airport. She was complaining to me why the earth I have to pump her oil tank to the full. I could have just pump it like $20 or a quarter tank full, cos' she will be collecting her new car anytime this week after she got her existing car patched up. So what we had in mind is she wil meet me at my block after momo has drink her milk and been a good girl going to bed, but momo didn't went to bed after drinking her milk... Well, my mum was trying to pat her to sleep so I went down to meet my dear dear.

I was asking her where to go from the time I leave my block till we hit PIE.

Where, where, where to go leh? What you want to go? Where got sell dessert at this late hour?

But the petrol tank is still very full, so I suggested since we are already at PIE so might as well we drive all the way to the east, to Changi Airport. Guess what, it took me only 25 mins to drive from Jurong to Changi.

We went to Terminal 2....

We patronise Coffee Bean....

We had mango cake and salad, and coffee too. Dear dear ordered Mocha Mudslide Ice Blended, I forgotten what is my order, hehe...

Anyway, the atmosphere is nice. So quiet, no one to disturb us. I thought of going to Starbucks which is at the south. But since we parked our car at the north so we just save the energy of walking all the way to Starbucks.

We left the place about 1:30am, I send dear dear back home first then I drive home. Reached home about 2:20am, sleep for about 2 hours then wake up to go to work. Drive to fetch dear dear, together we drive to Paya Lebar. I went to work while dear dear drive her car back home.

Dear dear today need to send her car to the workshop to get it fixed before she can collect her new car, so today dunno what car she will come and fetch me leh... Maybe she will come in a Mercs and BMW.

Have anyone heard of there is such a BMW model that you need to step 3 times and hold it there so that you can hit 100km/hr? Well, according to someone she has such a car model... Yeah more like she is talking about in the arcade.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Always the same old excuses for my case, so I'll not going to repeat myself anymore... Okay, time for some pics and updates of myself for the past one week or so. *How about me?* Psst... you be a good good girl and go to bed okay...

Yesterday on Sunday, was the day where my family went to have lunch at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt Hotel with my dear dear... She came to my place to fetch all of us there. Me, as the driver.

Momo new set of clothes... Is it cute? It got a bunny at the front...

Wow.. it definitely look so nice on momo...

Me? Is papa talking about me?

Of cos' lah... I'm papa little princess mah... But where is my shoes?
Want to see how momo looks like when she first wear a dress when she was 6 months old?

Well... it sure doesn't look very feminine, right? I mean the whole presentation... Well, most probably is the hair that spolit the show...

Why is the look at momo's face so fierce? Now at Channel 8 got this drama; Like Father, Like Daughter. 宝贝父女兵. Maybe momo isn't happy... or she is just posing in front of the camera...

Dear dear sms saying she is on the way to our place. So we wait for her downstairs. It's better for us to wait for her rather than to let her wait. So while waiting for my dear dear to come, I take a few pics of the little princess in her new clothes. The shoes, is Grandpa bought for little momo. I didn't know there is light emitting from it until yesterday when momo is "walking".

See the impatience look on my face? Why the XXXXXXX still haven't come and fetch me leh? I hungry liao leh... The milk is not full one. I want to eat otak otak...

If the car is not coming, I'm going to take cab on my own already.

Let me down, let me down grandma...

Hehe... I think I better wait for my toyota altis lah.. cos' papa is driving mah... He never drive before leh... I mean drive let momo sit in the car behind...

And I did drive to Hyatt Hotel. You know, I normally drive alone going home after sending my dear dear back home, or I drive with only my dear dear beside me. But this time there are passengers at the back. The last time I drove with passengers at the back seats was during CNY early this year.
I was driving along PIE, exit at Stevens Road, heading to Orchard Road. There are many cars on the road and I tend to step the brake a little harder, the car did jerked a few times and guess what, momo actually vomitted out the milk she drank earlier at home. Not in the car but on my mum's clothes. Momo's dress do have a bit of the vomittee but most of it was on my mum's. The whole car got the strench of sour milk. I got to switch off the air con and wind down the window.
When we reached Hyatt Hotel, my mum change another set of clothes for momo. Luckily we brought another spare set of clothes but my mum didn't. She can only clean up a bit in the ladies and with the same clothes she wore to the lunch at Straits Kitchen.
Momo didn't give me face when I was driving..... Damn...
My dear dear is the best. She paid for all of us, using her OWN credit card. Yeah, you didn't read it wrongly. That was her own credit card with her own signature and name.. No doubt about it.
Apparently, my dear dear drives better than me, cos' momo didn't vomit on the way back home, she even falls asleep at the back seat.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Okay, short and sweet post for today.

Today I just went to test drive with my dear. She now got the dream car in her mind. She knows what to get and she is heading towards it. Me? You asking me? Well, I'm not as rich as her so what I can do is whenever I'm driving her car, I just help her to throw away the rubbish or tidy up the magazines inside her car. A little more is I can help her to top up the petrol.

What to do leh... All my money got cheated.... by a bitch.

Today I reached home and saw little momo being her naughty self.

She need to constantly being accompanied by someone. She just can't play with her own self. So we give her a piece of her fav biscuits to make her occupied. She did, she loves to eat. Not that she is a glutton or whatever, but she will keep quiet when she got something to bite, that's the most important thing.

Ahh... I put one big piece in my mouth...

Huh? Did I eat your share too? But all are my biscuits leh.. you want I give you one small piece, but you need to return me back one piece, okay?

Finger licking good... Got a bit stuck under my fingernails...

Hmm.... You not happy, is it? Does my pose look like I'm reading a magazine? Invisible one...
My dad give momo some biscuits to eat cos' she was making a lot of noise. Momo really did, enjoy her little appetizer while waiting for her main course to be served.

Today is Sat night and I was cropped at home. I thought of meeting my dear dear for a drink or so, since her place is famous for night life/night owls/night kittens. But I doesn't want to let my dear dear sleep so late so I just stay at home and keep in touch with her via sms.
Now is already the month of Sept. Soon my licence will be one year old. Haha... Then I can remove the holy triangle. Talking about the holy triangle, I got a shocking news to tell you, but I'm not going to tell you here nor I'm going to tell you now.
I think it's pretty late now. It's almost 12am now... Time for me to.... no no, not for me to sleep but for me to take a quick peep at momo. Earlier on, she was making a lot of noise. Check her out and apparently she wet her diapers. Her eyes are still closed and yet she doesn't want to sleep. She was like rolling here and there, with her eyes closed. My dad carried her up and still her eyes remains closed.
Why is that so?
Cos' little momo just wet her diapers and she was also hungry. She slept quite early, just about 8:30pm and she hit the mattress. I thought she will wake up around this timing but she misses the clock. Well, better for us cos' we dun need to attend to her. As the famous saying,
Let the sleeping momo lie
Soon I will have a new car to drive around. Niak Niak....

Before I go off, I just share with you peeps a corny joke...
Why is that a football match is 45 mins half time? Why not 44 mins or 46 mins or an hour, more easy to count?
According to one of my friend, the reason is cos' one time got 11 players, 2 teams will have 22 players running on the field. One half will have 22 players, 2nd half will have 22 players playing on the field. So it makes 44 players and plus one referee. So total is 45...
The corny one is.... one team is 11 players, 2 teams is 22 players... There will be 44 balls on the field plus the football ball.... it makes 45 balls....
Hotel California
On a dark desert highway,cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas,rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance,I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself, ´
This could be Heaven or this could be Hell´
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,I thought I heard them say...
Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Any time of year, you can find it here
Her mind is Tiffany-twisted,she got the Mercedes bends
She got a lot of pretty,pretty boys,that she calls friends
How they dance in the courtyard,sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember,some dance to forget
So I called up the Captain,Please bring me my wine´
He said,We haven´t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say...
Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin´ it up at the Hotel California
What a nice surprise,bring your alibis
Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice
And she said We are all just prisoners here,of our own device
And in the master´s chambers,
They gathered for the feast
The stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can´t kill the beast
Last thing I remember,I was Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
Relax,said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,but you can never leave!