Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today I went to the car showroom with my dear dear at Ubi. She said she want to consider buying pararell import cars. I waited for her at the SingPost after work. Get for her something to eat, buy for her Subway sandwich and I myself had Long John Silver's.

It was a busy day for me today... Raining during the day... Run here run there...

Let's not talk about work... Sensitive issue here...

Well, I meet my dear at SingPost. She want to go to the car mart at Ubi cos' earlier the salesman called her up. So I drive while she eats.

She got in mind; Honda Airwave, Honda Stream, Toyota Wish.

We spend about 2 hours or more... Viewing and talking to the salesperson.

Down there, we saw Toyota Axio, Toyota Camry too.... So big, so nice... of cos' the price is pretty "nice" too.

Toyota Mark X is the best one... Stylo and the gearbox.. so nice.

Tired to post the pics so I just include the link:

Honda Airwave

Honda Stream

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