Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okie, just blog a bit here since little momo is sleeping now...

I tell you, this little girl is not a simple little lass...

She can really give us a great impact in our lives.

Now let's see some of her latest pics...

Momo is sporting a punky hair-style sia!!! Her salt-egg ultraman pillow case set. I gotta tell you first, I didn't se her up for this photo shoot. I was passing by and I saw her sleeping with her hands raising up, so....

This pic? Momo was actually lying on her pillow watching TV from my room, hugging her bolster. My mum was tapping her to sleep, and soon and true enough momo falls asleep.

Last week, momo was suffering from high fever. Her body was so hot. When I carried her in my arms, I could feel as though I'm carrying a mini oven. She couldn't get to sleep, she keeps on waking up times after times. She doesn't finish her milk, she dun want to play with her tons of toys, she doesn't even want to eat what I offered her. Normally when momo sees us eating, she will pester you to give her a piece but she didn't even bother to climb to your side.

On Thursday momo was already having a fever, but we gave her panadol for infants. Her temperature did goes down a bit. She is not too active since Thursday. Hardly want to play, cries more and wants ppl to carry her.

Friday nite, momo is starting to be very hot. I got a hard time coaxing her to sleep. I carried her in my arms till my right arm went numb. The moment I put her in her mattress, she starts to cry again. I need to fan her manually and keep on singing songs to her ear.

Saturday about 2am, momo starts to cry again. My mum said it's best to take her to the hospital. So I told my mum to pack some of her stuffs and I took momo to NUH. Luckily, my place is accessible for taxis. The moment I was waiting at the roadside with my bro, a taxi came by, I told the driver to head to NUH. Along the way, the driver was asking me what's wrong with momo. So I told him momo is having a fever pretty high. He then asked me why am I alone taking momo to NUH. So I just tell him the truth....

He said I was steady. He told me not to get beaten down by (you know who). If I want, he can asked his wife to introduce me a girl. Pretty one, and good to husbands. He said that he will help me, not to worry. When we reached NUH, he told me to stay in the taxi while we enquire for me whether is it the correct building cos' he went to Kent Ridge building. I told him that he should be turning at the next road, not the current one. He said not to worry, he will find out for me, if that's not to correct one, he will turn again. Even after I reached the Children A&E Dept, he continued to wait for me. I was thinking why he doesn't drive off, then I realised that he was actually want to make sure that everything is okay for me then he will drive off. So I gestured him I'm fine and he can proceed.

Before I left home, we measured momo's temperature. 39 degrees plus... That's why I think it's besto to send momo to the hospital.

At the Children and A&E Dept, the nurse take momo's temperature again. OH MY, it was 40 over degrees. Straight away the pediatrician inserts a bullet-like into momo's little anus. She told me to give momo more water while she took her blood. She said it could either be bactiral or viral. Hopefully it is viral so she need to comfirm it's not any bactiral if not momo needs to be admitted.

She poked momo's little fourth finger. Momo is a little brave girl. She didn't cry at first, but eventually she cried when the pediatrician is squeezing her blood into the test tube. She told me to feed momo with milk or more water while waiting for her blood results, which will take about 45 mins.

Throughout the consultation, momo has been crying periodically. The other patients were looking at me, why the mummy isn't here with momo. You can't expect me to tell them that her mummy has run away to JB, right? I didn't really bother too much about them. In fact, there are only a few of them there. I went to the toilet to check if there any urine, but momo simply didn't urinate. Even when the time is up for me to get the blood results, momo still haven't pee yet.

I told the staff nurse that I can wait for a while longer for momo to pee into the urine bag pasted at her diapers. The staff nurse told me if I want, I can go home and rest. Once I have collected momo's urine, I can send it back to them.

And I did... Eventually I got tired of waiting for momo to pee, so I told the staff nurse that I want to go home. Before we left, she teach me to to paste the urine bag in momo's diapers, and she gave me a small container. The other reason why I choose to leave the place is momo had been crying non-stop. Even the nurses and doctors came out to see what's happening. The same staff nurse even offer her help to collect the medicine and take the bag for me.

So I went to the taxi stand, alone with momo in my arms. The taxi driver, saw me, quickly opened the door for me. He told me it's okay cos' he also got babies himself too. While on the way home, he was telling me about his son went in and out from hospital too. I was already so tired and I didn't hear what he was telling me. Momo didn't sleep, she just lie on me and my shoulder was soaked with her tears and mucus. I just answer him "hmm... oh..."
When I reached my block, he told me to just leave the door open after alighting cos' he will close for me.

It's pretty good experience to meet both taxi drivers who were so nice.

Monday me and my dear went to celebrate our 3rd month together. We actually want to dine in here last month for our 2nd month together but it was fully booked cos' we didn't make any reservations beforehand. So this time round I called and reserved a table for us the week before. The service is great, the atmosphere is great, the food is great... Even it's a little expensive but I think it worth every single cent.
Carousel, previously it was known as Cafe Vienna at Royal Plaza On Scotts.
Just the soups, it got 4 different choices to choose from.
It got breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner and supper. So it means you can drop by for a bite any time you feel like you're hungry. But not to the extend of dropping after 4am, cos' the supper is only till 4am.

Just look at the set of cutleries... Nothing so special about, you know, the fork, spoons or knife... The thing is whenever you use a fork or spoon, the waiter/waitress will change it for you. Say, you are using it to cut your meat, for example, they will come by and replenish the same one for you.
Now momo is okay... No more fever. She can laugh when I lift her up in the air. She is at her usual self, crawling around and throwing things on the floor. She drinks her milk and was as greedy as usual, except.... she got rashes all over her body.
I was home on Mon nite and momo is already asleep. I take a quick peep at her, even with the light is dim, I can see that there are many rashes on her face and neck. I told my mum, see if she noticed it too or not. I told my mum to take her to the doctor the next day to diagnose what is the reason for her rashes. Could it be some allergy or something that we feed her with? Or the air pollution...
So the next morning, my mum took momo to the family doctor. He said that it was nothing in fact. He gave us some medicine and after taking it, four days later momo will be fine.
I even consult my friend who is a staff nurse at the hospital, she said it was nothing serious oso. So be it loh...
This coming Sunday momo will be 14th month old. I was thinking of stop posting momo's pics in this blog. Cos' due to some private and confidential issues. I was thinking it was best not to upload so much of her pics online.
So what do you think? Tell me your views, okay?

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