Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just came home from watching the mid-night show with my dear dear... Dead Silence. We catch it at West Mall. God damn it, it's was so fucking scary... My dear dear was holding my arm and curl herself like a kitten in her seat. I was laughing at her, so old already and furthermore she wants to watch this movie and now she is scared.

Frankly speaking, the show did really give me the creeps. I even got a shock a few times during the show. Can you imagine a vengence 70 years ago, even till now it still on-going? And it will keeps going on and on. Till all the people's descendents who silenced her are all killed. I mean so many people who are going to get killed just for a crime their ancestors did... Hard to imagine, huh?

In the cinema theatre, there are not-so-many patrons... Most of them are sitting at the back row... In fact, ours are also at the last row. But when we entered the theatre, we realised that out seats are somehow being occupied by a couple who put their helmets on our seats. Furthermore, the seats are being in the middle, so we didn't want to squeeze our way in and then end up being like sardines by other couples so we took the seats further down below.
Poor dear dear, she was so scared and she really want to scream out loud but the funny thing no one in the whole god damn theatre is screaming so she dun dare to utter any sound too. She told me after the show ended and while we are in the car, how come so funny leh... The show is so scary but no gals is screaming. I told her maybe the show already is already saying, do not scream if you saw Mary Shaw.... So no one screams.

We bought MacSpicy meals before we go in. We thought of having our burgers while watching the show but we ended up not eating it during the show. We only had our burgers when I was sending her home below her house. We only had the fries during the show. My dear was so scared that she didn't dare to go to the toilet even she was high-tide. I need to reassure her that I'll wait for her outside the ladies, only then she dare to go in.
So fast and it's about end of August. I'm looking forward to Oct 14th. Anyone can guess what is the occasion? Well, it will be the end of my 'P' plate days on the Oct 14th. No more displaying the holy triangle anymore. No more ganna horned by other drivers, no more ganna bullied by other drivers.

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