Sunday, July 29, 2007

So fast and it's Sunday already.... Next month will be the 42nd birthday of Singapore...

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!!

Yesterday I was at Esplanade doing OT for the NDP Preview, from 11am till 11pm. That was the actual contract time stated we must perform 12 hour ad-hoc assignment, but in fact we reached Esplanade about 12:45pm due to the raining weather and we sign off at about 10:40pm due to the crowd managed to clear off early.

Dun have much chance to watch the NDP Preview cos' my duty there is to patrol, not to watch the performance. Furthermore there are so many spectators gathering around the Waterfront thus blocking my view somehow or another. BTW, Waterfront is referring the the whole stretch along the sea, whereby you can sit and enjoy the sea breeze on the seats. It has been quite some time since I last went to Esplanade. In the past I used to go there quite often. The last time I was there was last year where I did my OT there. Anyone still remember my post where I mentioned about Naadia Chan when she was here for her concert? Yeah, now I was there again I realised that there are a few changes; the Atrium was no longer there... You know the performance stage just outside Harry'O bar? Every weekend there will be free performances, either live band or whatsoever.

Yeah? Now it was just a green patch of grass.

There is also another place for food-eaters, Makansutra. I didn't went in to take a closer look. From far I guess it should be a nice place to eat there. Humm... I think can take my dear dear there someday, together with little momo...

So many crowd there last nite... Saw some interesting stuffs....

When the cannon gun was fired, I saw one little girl who was sitting together with her parents and maybe her mum's friends, she suddenly was screaming so loudly. I guess it was the sudden loud "bang" that caught her unexpectedly. Her mum gotta go carry her away, to somewhere safe for her. The girl was like about 7 yrs old or so. Maybe older or younger, I dunno. And I can oso saw there are other younger children than her who obviously didn't get affected by the cannon bang. So I think it all depends on individual.

I this time got the chance to watch the fireworks at close range. Not only it was displayed at Esplanade itself, there are also a part of the fireworks displayed at one of the tower, if I'm not mistaken or remember wrongly, it was on top of Hitachi tower..... Can't remember the name if the tower now... "blush blush"

Lately momo got a new hobby... She loves to drink from packet drinks with straw. My mum gave her taste it once and then from that time onwards momo will always whine to drink it again. Many times after we finished drinking and throw the empty packet in the bin, momo saw it and she will crawl to the bin and pick it up. OMG!!!

So now in order not to let her search from the bin again more, I tell my mum to satisfy her desires by giving her a packet to drink too.

Momo loves to drink packet drink... Marigold products, she love most....

Still drinking.... And it isn't empty, there is really chrysanthemum tea inside...
Momo doesn't like plain water, she fall head over heels in love with her new drink. She can't do without it everyday. But it's good for her too cos' she needs to be trained to drink with a straw. So you can see here how momo enjoys her drink.
Last nite after the NDP rehearsal, I was waiting for my dear dear to come and fetch me. She will come all the way to my workplace or sometimes she will meet me downtown area and I will drive her home, send her to her doorstep then I'll drive her car back home.
The next morning I'll drive to her home to pick her up and send her to work. Maybe we will have breakfast together or so.
No need to envy us, it's normal for everyone. Just that some people doesn't appreciate that effort, that's all. You dun know to appreciate it, it's your own loss, not mine. And if you dun, someone else will.

This is called smashed face... Look momo can't do without her saliva soaked bolster. Momo looks quite tortured but she isn't feeling that way.
Papa loves momo loves papa loves Alexandria

Last Thursday we went to Manhattan Fish Market. I missed the garlic butter mussels. The butter gravy is so nice. Yum yum....
So I meet my dear dear after my work there. There isn't much customers at that point of time so we got the table near to the wall. Dear dear was not so hungry but I am, so I asked her if I go and eat. And she is so sweet to accompany me. I like her cos' she is willingly to give in to me.
This is none other than the garlic butter mussels. I know from this pic it looks a bit awful but trust me, the taste is superb. You can dip your whatever food, be it prawns, mussels, oysters, fries or mixed with your rice... it tastes as good.

This is the Manhattan seafood platter for 2. In fact, even for 2 persons it could end up too much to finish up too. I think 3 person will be just nice. You noticed the prawns on the left side? That waiter/waitress will come with a burner and on the spot he/she will torched the cheese on the prawns till it melts before serving it onto your table. Can you notice there is a fries that got a bit charred?

Me in my dear dear's Toyota Altis... I was about to drive to fetch my dear dear to work... I won't post any pics of my dear dear's car here cos' you never know who is reading my blog. Nowadays there are a lot of psycho who got nothing better to do than to vandalise ppl's cars.
Dun laugh, dun doubt, nothing to impossible. Esp for those who are sick in mind. Split personality sia.....
"Oh, I can't remember what I did during the nite time cos' I'm not what I'm when the moon is full...."
"Oh, I got depression... I'm too stressed.... I.... I....." Go fuck spider then.... Maybe that helps.
Macham like "Me, myself and Irene" starring Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger...
My mum today just bought for momo a doll... It can sing and blink her eyes.. I told my mum that now momo is still too young to play with dolls. She won't be able to know that is her toy, anyway.
Who knows maybe momo will play with guns and remote cars. Oh No!!!!!

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