Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here are some updates of little momo...

She is doing fine, not to worry for her. She got so many people to care for her, a loving family and so many toys to play with, new clothes to wear and a car awaiting to ferry her to the private pool.

Few days ago, momo is sick... She is down with fever and sore throat. My mum and I took her to the doctor. Momo has throat infection, it could be due to the milk powder she is taking. Well, now momo should be fine cos' she just played with me before going to bed.

Yesterday momo is crying early in the morning. He body is so hot and she just can't stop crying. So my mum and I took her to the doctor. I carried her in my arms all the way. When we stepped out of the house, momo stop crying and she simply loves to stare at passer-bys. We walked all the way to the central to see the doctor. While walking there, momo seems to be okay. She can smile and laugh, so we touched her body and forehead. There is no more fever, so we assumed momo should be okay. Furthermore, before we left home I had given her baby panadol mixed in her milk. So we take a walk at the central and my mum bought some meat and fish. Momo is quite a good baby yesterday cos' she didn't really make much noise while we are outside. Seeing that momo is okay, so we head back home.

But when we reached home, momo starts to cry again. Her body is so hot again. I tried to damp a wet towel on her back but it doesn't really help much. So my mum and I left home again to take her to the doctor. This time we indeed proceed to the doctor. We waited for more than an hour before it's our turn.

The doctor measured momo's temperature and it's normal. I told him that earlier on I have given her panadol... He take a look at momo's throat and he said there is a little infection.

And the consulation costs $37...

Momo and her grand-dad... Momo love her grand-dad very much cos' he always bring her to the playground.

Momo is trying to blog again... This time she tries to guard her back cos' she knows that I'm going to spank her butt. Momo is wearing her diapers, ok? I know from this view it looks like she is baring her butt.

Yucks... Momo is playing with her saliva...

Momo now knows how to hold her own bottle, and she wants to hold it herself. She doesn't even allows you to touch it. Oh, she is so smart a little lass.

I went to the Civic Plaza last Sat. Saw in the papers there is a car show... but when I went there is was raining and moreover the show wasn't that good. I mean the cars on display are so few. I didn't really went in closer to view them. I only snap a few pics and I think sometimes it is really true, Those things that are free won't be that good. This car show is open to public and it's free. Yeah it reminds me of something.

This car exhibition can't make it...

I think it's better to wait for those Asia Motorcar Show at the Expo or those that need entry fees. At least those are worth waiting for, besides the racing gals. Anyway, those gals are not necessary pretty. I mean, let's be open-minded. Guys who went to motorcar shows are only interested in two things; the cars or the racing gals. I still remember there are an article some years ago there are some men who brought their kids along and took pics with the gals, trying to take liberties of them by placing their hands around their waists. Just when the camera was about the snap, they suddenly pulled the gals towards them by the waists. There are even some more absurb morons who even got the cheeks to tell their kids to take pics with their new mummy. It was like.... "Can you just wake up your bloody idea?"

Anyway, here are some a few pics that I took...

This pic I actually took it from far

Guess what? There is actually someone who drive this car featured below. Oh no no, it wasn't take at the car exhibition. It was taken at one of the carpark in Singapore. I couldn't believe it when I saw it too. I wonder who is the owner of this antique car. Can it still run on the road? How fast can it goes? How much does it cost; the COE, the road tax, the insurance, the... the.... All these runs through my mind when I was taking pics of it.

See how big is the steering wheel? It actually can sits 5 person.

It got a spare tyre through it's so old.

See, it's really at the parking lot. I didn't lie to you, right?

Ben & Jerry ice cream, Turtle soup favour.... Anyone tries it?

This is the famous durian roll from Goodwood Park Hotel. My dear dear bought a few of them for me to try. Trust me, it is really so nice and it worth the price. Rich aroma durian favour.... The taste, the favour...

Haha.. This video is really funny. Momo was trying to imitate me. I was "humm..." and momo also go "humm..." I did one time, she follow one time. And she seems like she is having fun doing it. My mum scolded me not to did it in front of momo cos' it might hurt her throat.

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