Monday, May 14, 2007

Recently I was sick... Flu and sore throat... I always got sore throat hor...

I was coming home early the past days so I offered to babysit momo for a while... Snap a pic of momo in the swing. Actually it was supposed for her to play when she was like a few months old, but at that point of time momo doesn't like to be sitting in the swing so we gotta keep it aside. My mum was about to throw it away...

She said since momo no longer want to play with it and it will only take up more space in my room...

Then one fine day momo is seem crawling to the swing, touching it. So We thought of just putting her on the swing, and momo now likes to sit in it.

Everything goes smooth except for the fact that momo is to heavy for the swing now. Even if I select the fastest momentum, it doesn't swing as fast as it should be. But momo seem just as happy as she is playing with the actual swing at the playground.

She enjoys it, trust me she really enjoys it.

Haha... Last Saturday I got nothing better to do and little momo was crawling on the floor so I got a noti idea in my head. I wet momo's hair and I comb for her centre parting.

Look nice?

Look how flawless momo's face is? I guess many gals out there will hope and wish that their face will be as smooth as momo's.

Momo is holding my dad's comb.

Anyone agree that momo has a sexy lips?

Wow this pic shows that momo, even though she is only 10 months old, but she was spotted to have a cleavage... Hmm....

Introducing momo-san... the little Japanese sex kitten. As for me, pls save your comments to yourself hor... Thanks... hehe

On Sunday I went to Vivocity. I didn't know that it was so big. Got many shops to browse. Didn't buy anything but I went to this Hong Kong cafe.

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

The atmosphere is great. I ordered this egg in boiling almond. Taste so nice. I didn't take any pics of it cos' due to some reasons. Hehe... If anyone wants to go and patronise it, pls remember to be there early cos' when we are leaving the place, there is a long queue awaiting outside.
But it worth waiting cos' the variety is more than the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Marina Square.

I catch Spiderman 3 at Vivocity Golden Village. We wanted to get the tickets for the 4k digital but the tickets are all sold out, not for one time slot but all the slots. So we take the cinema without any digital effects. Despite so, only the slots after 6pm got some empty seats but it's the first 4 rows. Damn! I should have done internet booking the next time. When I was checking it in the morning there are still many empty seats all around. We went there around 3 plus, this the seating arrangment left for us. We thought since we are already there queueing up then might as well just grab the tickets.
2 hours plus, the whole show.
I drive here, drive there. Auto car lah...
My driving skills sucks... Need more practice.

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