Thursday, May 31, 2007

Okie... Momo is getting better now. Taken her medicine liao... My mum take her to another doctor, cos' there are a lot of patients seeking consultation from him. You know, got long queue means got good lobang mah... No matter is hawker centre stall or clinic, all the same. Just follow the queue only and won't be wrong.

Even the 4D toto or Big Sweep... Those outlets got ppl who ganna first prize a few times will have longer queue than other outlets. Same same one.

Today momo can play by herself. Last nite I was playing with momo and watching TV at the same time. At one point of time, I was watching TV screen and didn't pay attention to her. She saw it, she knows it and guess what she did?

Her little head actually tilted towards me and peeped at me, seeing what am I doing. The first time she did, I didn't realised. The 2nd time she did I caught her. She was laughing and giggling.
So cute her little actions. She likes it when ppl play with her. She knows how to take things from me and when I stick out my hand, she knows how to place it in my palm.

She loves to play ball games. She will throw the mini-basket ball we got for her, or even any balls that was within her reach. Sometimes the ball will just get thrown over her back, to the back or to the side and momo just dun care. All she wants is to throw the "thing" in her hand away.

Finally I caught momo red-handed. I saw her sitting at my chair, trying to blog. See, I told you before, momo blogs.

Ops, papa saw me at his chair liao... He is going to beat my pat pat again. Must act cute fast, if not pat pat will pain pain.

Hah, what is this button for leh.... I pressed and pressed but nothing flashed leh.

Momo is taking her afternoon nap. She still has some mucus in her nose. The doctor recommends letting her to sleep on her stomach so that she will be able to breathe. She can't sleep in the sarong or lying on her back. The moment she hits the sarong, momo will cry.

I capture her in this posture at XX hours.

I capture her again at X+2 hrs later. Notice any difference between both pics? Yeah, only her right leg moves.

Got tagged by kiyomi....

Rules of the game:Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

But hor, most of my peeps... I read about their blogs but dunno if the owner realised that I was a reader of their blogs or not leh... So like that how to tag ppl leh....

Dun care three seven twenty-one lah.

1) I used to weigh about 64 kg in 2000, but in 2003 I was like 75 kg.. and then I no longer went back to 60s kg. Since then no matter how much I exercise, I still can't reduce my weight. Moreover I gain fatter and fatter, around the waist. Strange enough, I now manage to get slimmer, without the need to diet, exercise, pills, starvation, etc lately.

2) I used to box during my NS times. I ever went in the ring with a Gurkha.

3) I can do splits, without any sweat, like 10 yrs ago... Now I can't do anymore, tsk tsk...

4) I took up French for 2 yrs during my NYP times.

5) I used to write snail mails since in 1997. My first pen-pal was from Bulgaria.

6) Dun say you dun believe, I sleep with soft toys. I got a gremlim and a small white mouse in my bed. And when I got travelling, I bring them along oso... So far they have accompanied me to South Korea, Tioman, Redang, Genting.

7) I got 2 handphones.

8) I first owned a handphone, it was only after I started working in 2001. Nokia 3310.

9) I am phobia of injections. Whenever I got jabbed, I will blackout. But it only started during my Poly days, till now.

10) I'm getting a divorced soon. Dun ask the reason why...

1) Guek Hoon
2) Brenda
3) Jolene
4) Lie Yuen
5) Poisonlady
6) Judy

BTW, can tag some more or not leh?

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