Saturday, May 12, 2007

I went to IMH last week....

Not there as a patient but I was posted there as a Psychiatrist.... in clinic A. So you can call me Dr XXX... My uncle is the Emeritus Psychiatrist in IMH Clinic B leh... Dun play play.... I almost wanted to take a pic of his name at the board but there are so many patients sitting there. I dun want them to mistaken me as siao lang.

Well, talking about siao lang. I met one lady... She is not really siao but I think she really got some problems... Sorrie, not talking about you hor.. You got nothing for me to talk about here with my peeps...

This lady comes to me and said she want to make a complaint. So I bring her to one of the seats and listen her story... She was telling me how her husband's daughter's husband beat her, how he cheated her, dun let her buy things... They conspired together and make her sell off 3 houses and dun even give her a single cent. I wanted to go off but she keep on holding me, for about an hour. Wow... I dun know to believe her or not, cos' you know there are many cases of ppl gaining others ppl sympathy in such a way. At least there is one true case here. You may say that I'm heartless or I'm a person without any sympathy, but this is the truth. And you can't handle the truth, Truth....

So I tell her that she can make a police report at the nearest NPP, and I took the chance to run away.. Not really run, but walk away fast. I didn't really know that IMH is this big... So many blocks, so many walkaways...

As for the poor woman, she showed me a pic of herself when she was a bit younger. Well, at least before she got this mental illness, she was considered a babe leh.. She was with long hair, make up and dressed so elegantly. But look at her now, she wears those dunno what coloured make up with golden hair. I do feel pity for her plight but there is a line drawn... I dun want to go beyond my own boundary. It is not that you dun want to help but you need to look left look right before helping. There is this saying "The feet that you stepped today might be link to the ass that you kiss tomorrow"

Taken at the main entrance...

Lately I went to Bukit Timah. I saw some cute monkeys sitting along the roadside so I snapped this pic of them sitting together.

Guess which is male and which is female?

Last week I was doing OT at this Four Seasons Hotel. It's a gems exhibition. I think they got a shop at Takashimaya Level 9, if I'm not mistaken. This exhibition is located at the top floor of Four Seasons Hotel, 20th floor. The staffs treated us very nice. The waitresses give us coffee and pasties to eat. I took a few rounds of coffee cos' I really need the stamina to last from 9 am till 9 pm. The lunch, the girls buy for us. The staffs consists of an ang moh male and four chinese females. 3 of the females dressed so lowly cut leh... You know whenever they bend down to show the customers the displayed jewelleries... I thought myself was watching a football game. What half ball lah, full ball lah...

They did it on purpose.

For the 4 days exhibition, most of the customers are the regulars. Many are rich tai tais, bringing along their daughters along, meeting other rich tai tais... I overheard from one of the staffs there is a rich tai tai who bought gems worth of 90k singlehandly. So that means you dun need many customers to survive, just these kind of regular customers will do. One day just one transaction will cover for the day. Our lunch was kindly provided by them.

I only on duty there for one day, last sat. Not many ppl came. Some are couples, some are just
drop by to look around, some are regular customers, etc.

I doesn't know what is the rational behind such phenomenon...

When you see a rich couple;

it will be either the wife is a snobbish and the husband is a nice guy

the husband is a snob and the wife is nice

Or both the husband and the wife are snobbish.

Never you will be able to find both the husband and the wife are nice.

But who give a damn about them... Talking about credit cards, I think none of them can compared to me. Smell no smoke leh...

This is the company's name. Any rich tai tais out there ever went to this jewellery shop before?

This 2 chairs and 1 table arrangement is just outside the toilet.

This rattan basket is found inside the male toilet. I snap a pic of it cos' I'm sure if by chance I got one at home, most likely momo will end up inside. Not that I put her inside, but she will hide inside herself. She likes to climb here climb there...

You see how the toilet paper is folded? Not my creation but those housekeepers folds them this way, easy for the shitters reached out... Haha... Well, maybe this is the difference from other hotels compared to Four Seasons.

The swimming pool view at 20th floor.

The other side at the left view.

Momo likes to play with the swing at the playground... She will rush to play it whenever my dad brings her down. So since we got a baby swing at home, might as well let her play with it.

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