Sunday, May 20, 2007

Been a few days and my flu is still not recovering. Sigh... Really must exercise more... Take more vitamin C pills, if not eat more fruits.

But thanks to my personal nurse who willing to take care of me. Love her so much. Muck2... Send me herbal tea and care for me. Even though the tea is bitter but to me it's sweet. *mushy2*

Little momo is now downstairs with my dad meeting up with her older sisters and brothers. Now she loves to play with me. She willl laugh when she sees me.. or rather she laughs whenever anyone play with her. Bleh....

Yesterday was momo's 11th month old. Next month will be her 1 yr old. I wanted to throw a party for her. Make it at a hotel, just inviting some of my friends and cut a small cake for her. Dressed her up and make her to limelight of the day. Momo loves to see people around her. She likes attention. She likes to be noticed. Some times when we leave her alone in the room, she will cry and crawl out looking for any of us. Mind you, she can crawl from my room to the kitchen.

Last nite was Grasshopper's concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Anyone went there? Well, I didn't. I wanted to go cos' I like Grasshopper, I mean when I was in my poly days. But I got something on so I didn't book for the OT. Thinking back, it has been a long time since I last did OT for concerts. The last and only time I did was during Sandy Lam's concert.

Momo is getting more and more greedy. Take last nite for example, she just taken her milk and still wants to have a share of my dinner. She keeps crawling towards me and her eyes... keep locking at my plate. Just a missile targetting at the enemy's plane.

As soon as momo is able to walk, I will be taking her for a drip in the pool. Yeah! There is a private pool waiting for her. I need to get her a swimming suit, small enuf for her to wear. But even if she was to swim in her birthday suit, I think there shouldn't be any complaints. Afterall, she is just a toddler.

But just make sure momo doesn't pee in the pool. On the other hand, who doesn't do that? Everywhere is water and too lazy to head to the toilet, so why not? hehe...

Hmm... it has been a long time since I last swam. I think the last time I take a dip was in 2005, at one of the hotel's pool.

Lately I was busy at work, so no time to take pics of momo. But I do have 3 new clips of little momo. Will upload them soon. Stay tuned.