Saturday, April 14, 2007

Noti momo again... Last nite momo after taking her porridge dinner, was playing in my room with her toys. I don't know if she wakes up too early or she is just too tired, she doesn't want to play with her toys. She was crying and crying, so I just carried her in my arms and walked around in the house.

Initially she didn't want to, but after I pat her butt a few times and on her back a few times, she just put her head on my shoulder and not long after... she snoozed. I didn't know that momo can snored too. The sound she make is so cute... Well, now think of it, most probably it was the effects of the pacifier in her mouth.

Dozing off, in papa's arms.

See the pacifier? She seems to get accustom to it. I did offer her the one that I bought for her but she dun really likes the new one.

Soon momo will be 10 months old. Now little momo is able to stand on her own, I mean she can stand steadily by herself, with support. Not bad, heh?

Let's recap the past months how a little lass has transformed herself from a baby (girl) next door into the most sexiest little toddler.

Momo at her 1 month and a half old... See she still has her mittens on when she took this pose. A little amateur at the point of time. Well, you know she wasn't so used to the limelights so naturally she will be a little uneasy. (like real) This photo I already got grounded by my mum.

Momo at her 8 months old. The X-factor... Nice flawless back, considering the fact after taken all the beatings , whipping and cigarettes butts burns she went through... Ha! You really believe I did all that? Well, then you must be reading the wrong blog. I'll never do such things to my little princess. The most is I spank her butt...

Notice her left leg? She stick her leg out and try to pull her towel a little up to show her sexy leg...

Wow... this one is the most sexiest one.... Momo in her birthday suit... Well, I think it's okay since momo is young. There is no offence if momo was to run about showing her butt. Once momo is about to be able to talk, then should give her some privacy. Hope she won't be angry with me when she saw this... Talking about naked, I do have some naked pics of momo lying in bed. But those pics are solely for private viewing.

Now whenever I clean her mouth after eating, she will deliberately stick out her tongue. Once I took the chance to touch her tongue... It's so smooth and soft... It feels like gummy candy.
Today I did OT again.... At the Turf Club again... I stand till my back almost want to break. My legs so tired... I dun want to but I got no other choice... It's so packed and so stuffy... No air to breathe... It seems that how come those aunties and uncles got so much money to bet on horses. How good is they were to donate me $50 each, then I dun need to worry about my fucking debts. Not my fucking debts, I should say someone else bloody hell fucking debts.
Every bets they throw $50.... At least $50. How come they got so much money to bet on horses leh... Maybe the aunties withdraw all their poor hubbies money out from the ATMs or the uncles got their money from their wives who con other men's money... It's true, it's true...
Have you heard of this joke....
A man was telling everyone how he become a millionaire after marrying his wife.... Before marriage, he was a billionaire.
A man discovered his wife's supplementary cards are stolen. But he didn't cancel or make a police report... cos' he found out that the thief is using less than his wife.


H2O said...

Your daughter always screaming like crazy, making voice like hell, irritating and cries a lots too. Can you please stop her?

Shirley said...

h2o, if u think my daughter is a burden to u then could u pls ask her dad to return me?? Thanks

In Jesus Name

h2o said...

sorrie... you have just been screwed.... by your own lies. Heaven is fair, what you sow is what you reap.... you can join Vince McMahon's Kiss my Ass Club... Amen.

Karene's mom aka dad also said...

h2o is it? Ur words had gives u away too, might as well say that ur MR THAM CHEE HOE, if i would to get the best actress award then i think the BEST ACTOR award should belong to u, u think i stupid is it? h2 what o??