Monday, March 26, 2007

Some more pics of me and Orlando...

Now Orlando is back to Philippines... He send me some pics that we took together. His is digital camera so naturally it will be much clearer than mine. No matter how good the mobile camera is, at most is 3M pixels or 3.2M pixels. Digital cameras is like 8M pixels.... So the comparsion is unnecessary.

Taken at Boon Lay MRT, just before the train moves off... Too dark, maybe?

We take another one, more brighter....

This was taken somewhere between Chinese Garden MRT and Chinese Garden itself. Orlando says he wants the blocks of flats as background. I know HDB flats are so common, everywhere there are HDB flats. But to a foreigner, it's something new. I remember that time when I went to Korea, the tour guide will feel puzzled why so many ppl loves to take pics underneath a tree during winter. She will ask them what is a nice to take pics with a wintered tree, with no leaves. She doesn't understand that in Singapore, we cannot find any tree that is still going strong but with no leaves. Yes, there are trees with no leaves here but those are about to die ones. So maybe the saying "Moon are always rounder in other countries"

This was taken just outside Chinese Garden entrance.

This was taken at the bridge... Few more steps and we are inside Chinese Garden already.

This pic is the show-stopper. Actually I doesn't want to post this as this pic will add to the disappointment. It was taken outside Boon Lay GV. I doesn't know that Orlando is snapping me paying my bills. Paying bills that are unable to clear.... Pay and pay and yet still paying... Some one left the shit for me to clear. It was like sweeping the water from the sea back into the sea....

Saturday I got the whole day at home to spend with momo. So I took her together with my mum and one nerdy girl, who by chance is my sister-in-law, to NTUC to buy groceries. My mum doesn't want to leave momo at home. She says it is a good idea to bring this little curious girl out to explore. I think of leaving momo at home but since there are 3 of us going, so why not bring momo along.
I thought of bring the baby pram out. Actually I forgotten to take the baby pram out. I suddenly remembered when we are walking along the common corridor. My mum was saying it's okay cos' we can take turn to carry momo.
When we reached NTUC, I realized that the groceries cart can accommodate toddlers. So I just let little momo sit inside.

See, is she happy? She has been sitting a lot in her walker at home. Now she is sitting in a car that her legs can't touch the floor.

What is the thing at the left side?

Why are you taking my pics without asking my papa? You dun come near to steal my barang barang behind me okay.... My grandma is paying for them.

You believe or not? I give you a kick in the face. I angry liao... you back off okay.... Actually momo isn't angry, just that she likes to grin her teeth. Few days ago, my mum was telling me momo was spotting with 2 new upper teeth protruding from her gums. I actually try to feel them and I even take a peek at it. So small, so cute... but just that there is a gap in between them. Now momo got 4 teeth, 2 upper 2 lower.
She tends to bite my fingers when I was feeding her with some small food.
And it hurts. Ouch!!!
She got so many facial expressions. If there is a chance, I'll snap her pics and post them here.

Momo loves Cheezels. See how she is holding onto such a big packet.
Yesterday I went to do OT at Bright Hill Temple... Got sun burn at my arms, face and neck. I don't want to post any pics of myself here. It definitely doesn't look nice. So many cars coming in, but the parking space is limited. Those cars coming in were all looking for parking lots. No stopping along the way waiting for vehicles to move off. It isn't like that we normally see at the carparks. We gotta chase them away. Those who refused to move off.. will got a summon by the TP. There is one stupid red coloured car who refused to move off, so the TP gotta step in and the driver got a ticket to Hotel California... The parking lots are like first come first serve basis. Even that, it also depends on your luck. You can be entering in and there isn't any vehicles moving off... Just when you are about to leave, a car drove off and the car behind you gets the vacant lot. But you can't have it cos' your car is already like 5m away. You can't reverse back, so you gotta leave the car park and find your own car lot elsewhere.
The nice thing of doing OT is you can see many things, other than what you see during your normal duties. Yesterday I got too see how does a Cherry QQ looks like. It is really small, smaller than Kia Picanto or Kancil. Really small... I also have the chance to see Geely. Actually China made cars wasn't that bad looking either.

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