Thursday, March 01, 2007

Last nite I did OT at Singapore River Hong Bao at Esplande Park. Initially I thought will be at Esplande itself. So it was different from the time I did during Naadia Chan peforming at Esplande. I was lucky cos' I once again be deployed at patrolling team. So shiok cos' I can walk around and at the same time enjoy my work. Better than those who are stationed at the fixed place. Me and my partner walked all over the place. Too bad I didn't buy anything. I thought of buying something for momo to play with. The place is open to public but there wasn't like over crowded.

I saw a stall that offers to crave your name on a rice grain... for $10.

Got a few food stalls that I think the food is worth trying.

I didn't eat there cos' I was on duty there. I can't possibly sit down then enjoying my food. Even if were to eat, we need to buy and eat at our vehicle.

We walked and patrolled... Past by a stall selling wheatgrass drink. The lady stall holder offers to treat us her drink "Dun be shy, it's on the house"

Of cos' I'm not shy, but once I heard the word on the house... Terrified man.

Never take anything that is free. Who knows someone snap my pic and then my face appeared at the front page of Newpaper/ Straits Times/ Lianhe... maybe even Metro... BTW, Metro is the papers in M'sia.

"Policeman take bribe during River Hong Bao, demand free-flow of wheatgrass drink"

Sound ridiculous, right? But still it will be a big issue to CISCO.

So better play safe than sorry.

Little momo wakes up refusing to sleep again. So I put her on the bed and someone snap pics of us.

Excuse me, did you see my papa? I want him to carry me...

I was actually holding momo's leg cos' she was crawling so fast.

Momo seems she got some heart problems to tell me hor... "Papa, I think I poo again leh"Arggg

Wiping her saliva for her. Momo likes to suck her fingers...
Singapore River Hong Bao will be till this Sun 4th March. Hopefully I can do OT again this weekend.

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