Thursday, March 22, 2007

Few days liao since I last blogged. The laptop in my room sucks. Really sucks.

Little momo is now 9 months and 3 days old. I didn't take any pics of her for quite some time now. She is still the same old momo, still so noti and still got noti...

I think momo has grow a bit taller now. Cos' now when i carry her and put her on the table in the kitchen, her head is above the shelves. In the past, her head will "nicely" go underneath it. So it has been proven that momo is taller now.

Thought of getting her something, maybe a new pacifier or maybe a new pillow. I always thought that momo is so strong, her legs always inflict pain whenever she kicks me. Damn hard her bones... So I assume she will be able to walk when she was 9 months old, but she still can't stand up on her own feet.

Recently, momo is using the less better type of diapers. Those diapers that are selling at Giant, Giant's brand diapers. No more Petpet or Drypers. It doesn't have the elastic band at the back so whenever momo is wearing her new diapers, it looks like she is wearing those low cut shorts. Ha! Anyway, she seems to be quite happy cos' I can now play with her every nite before she sleeps. It is not that in the past I don't, but now my shift changes so I can spend my nights with her.

Have anyone notices that now whenever someone wants to leave any comments in my blog, all of it needs to be moderated by me, the blog author. I, of cos', welcome any comments left by my friends. But I just don't like it when the person chooses to be anonymous. You can choose your identity, either to be a blogger or other. I understand not everyone who reads my blog is a registered blogger but you can tick the "other" box and type in your own nick or name. It's perfectly fine with me if you doesn't want to reveal your name. But just at least tell me your nick.

Since you're reading my blog posts, then it shows that you're a friend of mine. Any friends of mine is also friends of little momo. Since you dare to admit that you're a friend of mine and momo, then why don't you dare to leave your name or nick? I strongly believes that friends of mine and momo are not someone are are liars, cheaters, hanky-panky, thief in the night, low- scums, etc. I strongly believes that all my friends are upright and got nothing to hide. All of my friends are those who dare to go out during stormy weathers cos' lightnings will not strike them and dare to leave their bags open cos' no one will steal their belongings.

If that is the case then I just don't see any reason why there is a need to remain anonymous.

In future, I see any more anonymous, I will not approve their comments. I will just send them to the trash bin.


Silverelf said...

Wah seh.. so fierce ah you?

eggyoke said...

this is not fierce... i just hate those ppl who macham behave like thief at nite... why cannot show yourself leh... names also got no balls to tell...