Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boring at home so I turn my attention to the little princess. She was awake so I lifted her up, place her in my bed and gave her a basketball. The basketball look kinda fake, huh? As if it was cut and paste onto momo's pic. But no, it was real. Momo is really holding onto it when I took these pics. I oso dunno why the ball got such effects when I took these pics. Look so red, huh?

Papa, I passed the ball to you.. You go slam dunk okay?

This pic reminds of me a movie by Tom Hanks, Cast Away... Anyone of you saw the show will know who is Wilson... Yeah, momo is talking to Wilson. But in the show, Wilson is not a basketball.

No, go away... I dun want to play with you... I only want to play with my papa...

I was doing OT again at River Hong Bao last sat. I was detailed for patrolling again... This time I walked around and I saw a toy I think momo will like to play with. Well, it's more like it's for me to play with. It only cost $3... I doesn't know if it's expensive or not but I think it's for momo so it doesn't matter. As long as she likes it, I dun mind paying a bit more. But it seems that momo is pretty terrified of her new toy. When I shake it in front of her, her eyes are so widely opened and she actually stares at it, her body moves away from her natural straight position when she was sitting in her walker. I tries to put it in her hand, she doesn't want to clinch her fists and she actually drops it on the floor. You know normally momo will touch anything she sees and her fists are so strongly clinched but for the case of this little drum, it was otherwise.

Maybe she is afraid of the sound when it hits the drum, or... I dunno.

Ancient folks will use it to humour their babies, crying babies. I was thinking maybe momo will likes it.

A closed up of the drum...

After a couple of tries, momo dare to touch it. She was so curious touching and seeing if anything she can eat.

Is the two balls at the side can be eaten? Some kind of sweets?

Huh? This thing how to play one? Papa I want a bigger one, can?

I think got some words inscribed on it leh... but hor, it oso seems like some dirt left over...

I bought for her one new toy at the River Hong Bao. Initially she was afraid to hold it, but I keep on putting it in her hands.. Soon she was curious to play with it.

Mon is momo's appointment for her 3rd jab. I was teasing her that the nurse is going to poke poke her at the thigh. She seems to understand what I'm trying to say to her.
Outside the room, my mom was talking to a newly give birth mother. She told us she and her husband wanted to have a baby girl. Her baby is a boy, you see? Her son is only 3 months old but is about the same size of momo.

Noti momo lying on the weighing scale....

It reads 6.5kg... Momo is under-weight.

I checked with the nurse after momo has taken her jab. She told us that for a 8 month old baby like momo is now, her body weight should be about 8kg. Poor momo, she is not having enough nutrients.

Who say so? She drinks her milk, takes her cereal and eats her porridge regularly. She is so greedy, she always wants to bite food and pester me to share with her.

Smoking is the cause of the problem.

After her appointment, we take her to window shopping at West Mall. She likes to go shopping. She likes to touch things on display. We bring her to Tom and Stefaine. There got many baby stuffs to look at. We let her try on the hats on display, she hates it when someone put something on her head. She will quickly pulls it away. Hehe....

At 4 pm, we went to the food court for our dinner. She was sitting at her baby chair, hitting the table as we eat. Is it she was hungry? No, cos' she just taken her milk before we go for our dinner.

Can I have my spaghetti too? I want the mushroom soup too. Big big one, okay?

Where is my food, where is my food?

Momo is at the food court... She is hungry and she keeps on hitting the table with her hands. Signs of impatient...

Little momo is sucking her pacifier.
I was recently sick with flu and sore throat. Maybe I didn't get enough rest and drink enough water. Or maybe didn't eat enough fruits. Working too hard or doing too much OT lately.
Got no choice...
If I dun work hard, where to get the money to settle all the debts. So much debts to pay and yet in so little time. I should have told the germs to visit me later cos' I dun have the time to receive them now. But they come uninvited.
As long as my momo got enough to eat and she sleeps well, I dun mind if I dun have enough to eat and enough to sleep. Whenever I arrived home, I sees that momo is sleeping so soundly in her playpan, that really smoothes my heart. At least that makes me think that all the hard work outside is worthwhile.


Mischique said...

Your entries are always very touching. I admire the perseverance and the love you shower your daughter. If there is ever a 'Best Dad' award I'll nominate you..LOL

eggyoke said...

No lah, I where got deserve such a title woh... Every dad will also love their own baby lah... When some day you become a mum, you will also show such affections to your own baby mah...

eggyoke said...
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Anonymous said...

ya, i think u r a great dad. don't worry about momo's size. i'm sure she'll catch up with all the love u r showering her with. jia you!