Sunday, February 25, 2007

Today is Sun and momo just come back from her morning jalan jalan downstairs meeting her new friends. My dad says she pee-ed in her diapers while downstairs. Taken her cereal before she went down meeting her friends. Came back, change her diapers and bathe by my mum.

Momo now has many new clothes, all thanks to my mum for spoilling her. In no time her big closet won't have enough space for her to hang her clothes. Dunno who give a comments saying that momo's head is bigger than her body. Do you think likewise? Looks more like a Tweety Bird, huh? But my momo ain't any ordinary Tweety Bird. She is a noti Tweety Bird. In the Walt Disney, Sylvester always wanted to eat Tweety Bird. In real life, momo will go and beat the Sylvester in my home.
Bad old putty cat
I did! I did taw a putty cat!

Momo in her "Postman" top. She was scratching her ear cos' I just kiss her ear. Ha!

Why you always like to take pics of me sitting leh?

I want to sleep already. Very tired just now go downstairs. Do you know that momo smells very nice after she bathes?

You see her sleeping so soundly after she changes to her jumper suit. But I guess you won't believe when I was rocking her to sleep, the lion dance troop was actually just below my block cos' the coffee shop below just reopens after CNY renovation. How momo manage to sleep with all the noise...

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