Friday, February 16, 2007

Today is Friday... CNY is coming.. Little momo is going on the streets finally dressing in her new clothes. Hope she will be obedient a bit and dun cry so much.

When I look at her sleeping, I can't help but to wonder... How is she going to be like that she grows up, when she starts to talk, when she is able to walk, when she starts to ask why this why that?

You know that kind of feelings?

Momo may be small but I know that she isn't so dumb as you think she is. I got a smart ass daughter here.

Right now momo is sleeping soundly in her playpan. She has grow taller each day, but her weight doesn't seems to increase according to her height. Not that we underfeed her or she eats too little. Yes, she doesn't like to drink milk that much but she got a damn good appetite for cereal and porridge.

I fed her today with cereal for breakfast. Of cos' I had mine first. She wakes up with her eyes sparkling wide and lie in her sarong smiling. A smiling baby is a baby with sufficient sleep. Of cos' I want her to have sufficient sleep. When she is asleep, she can throw her pillow from under her head to the other side of the playpan. Or her pants will drop and/or her shirt will expose her little cute navel button. She really looks like me when falling asleep.

Today I went to work and I think of many things. I was thinking when will I save enough money for myself and momo if things doesn't get better. When will be the time when I can officially drive my own car. Right now, all I can do is to borrow from others. As you know, once you borrow cars from others, you somehow owe them something. I doesn't want that. It wasn't a good feeling. But what to do? Based on my financial status, I can't fulfill my wish. I doesn't grumble or what, cos' I know owning a car is not that cheap. In Singapore, it must need both person to support a car. Unless either one person earns quite reasonably. For the time being, I just want to make momo happy.

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