Saturday, February 17, 2007

Today is eve of CNY. I supposed to work but I took leave. I have been covering others whenever they want to take leave or what. Now it's my turn and they have to cover me. Work is like that, you cover me, I cover you... Give and take mah...Then life will be better.

Momo got her first ang pao. She was so delight that she refused to let go. Her little hands are grabbing it so hard. She is really one happy little baby. I'll deposit in her account for the child development fund. Can you imagine such a noti baby got a few hundred in her account now? Luckily no one can touches is till momo turns 6, if not the consequences will be disastrous. I mean can you imagine if momo was to take the money and buy sweets. It will be like a mountain of sweets piling on the floor. And she will get tooth decay.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was playing with momo. She dun want to sleep after eating her porridge. So I put her on the bed and guess what, she now can sit without any support. Clever little girl...

Took 3 diff angle of rotations for her. She enjoy being in the limelights.
She now can sits on her own without any support. But I still a bit afraid she might just fall front or backwards and injured her little head.

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