Monday, February 19, 2007

Momo go visiting for the first time in her baby life...Early morning my mum feed her with cereal, clean her up a bit and we went out. She was so happy cos' she gotta wear her new clothes.. My mum specially bought for her to wear on CNY. It comes with a top and a shorts. The buttons are at the back, in front got a butterfly stitched. It doesn't cost too much. Noti momo needs to be doll up sometimes.

Luckily momo doesn't cry too much while we go visiting. She did cry a bit when we reached my grandma's place. We took a cab there as little momo is not suitable to squeeze with others in the public transport. At the back, momo did play for a while then she falls asleep. We reached my grandma's place and she was still sleeping. So my mum put her on the bed, with some pillows around and below the bed, next to the floor; just in case she wakes up and roll over. You know, momo is very fast in her actions. Even though you saw it, but you won't be able to react cos' she is too fast. Prevention is better than cure... Momo is too precious to be injured or hurt.

After a while, she wakes up... Momo cries... Maybe she wakes up and find herself stranger to the place. We gotta carry her, let her play with tissue paper and cuddle her. Just a while later she stop crying and is able to adapt to the new environment.

Momo was so greedy, she wanted to eat those new year cookies even though she only got 2 teeth. She bites and bites... and leaving all the crumbs on the floor and stick on her top. Aiyo....

We stay for about 2 hours or so, then we head back home. Took a cab oso... Little momo was sleeping on the way there and also sleeping on the way back.

The reason is I need to work later in the afternoon...

Little momo sitting on the bed in heer new year clothes.

Momo being carried by her aunt.. Niak niak... Momo should drool on her shoulder, but she didn't...

While waiting for the cab to come.

Why momo was frowning...looking so angry? Is it she doesn't want to wait?

I got a call from my deployment officer that got one fella reported sick. Cos' he is supposed to report for duty after his work for River Ang Bao. He doesn't want to go so might as well report sick and today is the first day of CNY. Everyone has already been detailed out, either to cover those Malaysians Chinese who have went back to their hometown or extra duties at other ad-hoc assignments. He got no other choice but to call me. He called in early at about 5 plus am already. I was sleeping so I didn't answer his calls. Then he called again at 8 plus am, I answered his calls and I told him today I was on leave and I was going to visit my relatives soon. He said since that is the case he will leave me as I was. Then at 10 am he called again and he said he really at his wits end... No matter how he find men and how he re-shuffle the roaster there is still one more lobang.

He wanted me to help him by coming for section 2, afternoon shift. I told him that right now I'm going out soon and even I wanted to help him there is no way I could make it by the normal timing (be there at 3pm). I told him that I can only make it maybe 4 pm or so. Even if it's I promised him by 4 pm there is still no guarantee cos' it was CNY and all the taxis are busy.

Anyway I told him maybe I'll be a bit late after 4 pm.

I went out to my grandma's place, stay there till about 1 pm then left. Momo sleeping in my mum's arms. Reached back home at about 1:30 pm. Took my lunch which my dad's buy for us, ironed my uniform, bathe and left my home at 2 pm after kissing momo goodbye.

In return for helping during the first day of CNY, I got another extra day off. I took leave on the Eve and 2nd day of CNY. Since I work on the first day of CNY, so I claimed off on the 3rd day of CNY. Instead of start work on the 3rd day of CNY, I start work on the 4th day of CNY. So I was considered working on the 1st day of CNY and took leave for the 2nd and 3rd day of CNY. Complicated?

Luckily the whole afternoon there was no much movements. Quite relax, so not much work to do.

Tomorrow I will be going visiting again. My friend agreed to lend me his car for the evening. Ha! Can you imagine that? But I need to top up his petrol for him. I heard from my other friends he actually modified his car, from the normal look of a Mitsubishi Lancer to Evo kinda look. Really rich hor. I told him since he likes speed so much then might as well buy the actual Evo. Let's talk about the price, a 1.6 Lancer will cost $44k, a 1.6 Sports will cost $48k, a Ralliant Turbo will cost $69k, a Evo will cost $141k...

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