Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year... to everyone... *Tsk tsk....*

Time to give ang pows to little children and....

Everyone else is still asleep, momo is still in her sarong dreaming. Just now, I heard her giggling in her sleep. I took a quick peep at her and saw her sucking her pacifier half-drop. Maybe not giggling, cos' her mouth is already sucking the pacifier so how could she possibly giggle in her sleep...

Later after momo has her milk then it's time for her to go out in her new year clothes. Dunno my mum will make her wear which set of clothes... I want her to be in dress but she doesn't really look so feminine in skirts... What to do? Little momo doesn't grow much hair. Well, I guess even if she grows up, most likely she also won't like to wear skirts. Her behaviour is more to a boy. You know, now whenever we put her in the walker, she will touch this touch that. Just last week, she spill my bowl of soup. And there is one time where momo fingers slammed by the drawer... That time she was in her walker and she so curious exploring her surroundings. She wheeled herself here and there.. touching this and that... Then she comes to this particular drawer (a big one) and she pulls the knob... The drawer slides ajar. She puts her fingers over the wood and then she moves forward.... OH, the walker shuts the drawer and that's how her fingers got hurt. OMG, she was crying so loud and tears flows down. My mum gotta give hug her and pat her, coax her with some condensed milk. All these bound to happen to all babies. Can't supervise them 24/7. Noti babies like momo gotta let them explore.

I shall leave you for now... Going out soon. Need to feed momo before heading out.

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