Monday, February 05, 2007

Been a few days since I last update my blog... Again the lousy laptop is unable to blog.. Gotta wait and wait... wait and wait.... Till the flower oso go ku ku ku ku liao...

Momo is having a good life here at my house... She eats and then sleep. Or if she doesn't sleep, she will sit in her walker and play bumper car. Or if she doesn't wants to sit in her car then she will shitting in her diapers. Oh no, *I am sitting in my poopie* Uggr....

My mum bought a new tube of ice cream. Of cos' I will eat it, after my meals lah. Not like that momo who wants to eat ice cream before her milk. Momo is always so greedy. She wants to eat whatever you're eating. Doesn't mean she now got 2 little teeth she can chew her food. She loves ice cream and anything that is sweet.

I didn't take any pics or videos of her eating ice cream cos' the last time I already did. Basically it's the same thing, she will dirty her mouth and all around it. This time round she is taking La Cremeria from Nestle. If I got the money now, I would have bought for my little momo ice cream like Haagen Dazs or Anderson's of Denmark or Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So momo, you just bear with papa okay... Soon papa will buy you some nice ice cream.... (Dunno when the day will come) *piak*

Some glutton has already scooped their share before momo... Actually it was me lah... niak niak...

Yesterday I was going to work, earlier than my usual time. I was heading to the gents' when I spotted this lonely cat lying at the automatic door. My first thought was to kidnap it back home for the fat cat to play. Or rather to keep this lazy cat company. Let him do some exercise, make him sweat a bit cos' too much fat deposited in his body liao...

I dun know if it's a pussy cat or oso tom cat... Most probably it is a pussy cat.
This clip was showing momo crawling on my parent's bed. Notice she will scratch her butt for a while then she start crawling. She was smart, she knows that someone is pointing the recording device at her. OMG, such a young age and she knows that.
This clip was showing momo crawling on the floor in my room. She was panting and yet she still wants to crawl. I put her on the floor cos' I want her to learn how to crawl. She is now 7 months old and still doesn't know how to crawl. Beat her pat pat ah...

Haha... just for laughs...
Lately CISCO got a lot of OT to do.. Now till after CNY the following week. Plus the upcoming Chingay leh.... Such a good lobang cannot let go mah... Where to find such good lobang woh.. can work can see girl can earn money somemore... For you info, Chingay is on the 24th Feb, 23rd is the rehearsal. Talking about OT hor, I think I got some time didn't do OT liao leh... How come like that leh? No OT, no extra money to use (to pay bills).
Today before I went out, I was at home checking my e-mails.. Then I saw the sarong was moving. Little momo has awaken. She was smiling from inside to me. Then I asked her if she has enough sleep last nite. She just smile. A smiling baby means she has enough sleep. If momo wakes up and cry then most probably she doesn't has enough sleep or she just poo-ed. I was like dancing in front of her and she... laughed... Laughed at me leh... It has been a long time since she last laughed at me. So happy, man. I give her a kiss all over her petite face.
Soon it will be CNY and momo will be officially meeting all her older cousins, aunties and uncles, grand aunties and grand uncles and her great grandma.

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