Thursday, February 22, 2007

After the CNY holiday mood, it's time to work again. Working is quite boring, esp when you work and work... Get the pay and all of it goes to the drain. But you can't help it cos' you have been tattooed with "you have just been screwed" on your ass. Letters from the banks continued to flood my mailbox.

*Welcome to Kiss My Ass Club*

Yesterday was the Chingay rehearsal... The crowd was still okay, compared to that time I did the Christmas Party last year. As usual I report for Chingay duty after my tour of duty. We had our dinner at Paya Lebar Division before boarding the bus. You know lah, so many lunchboxes packed together sure has some compromising in the serving and the quality. Just a drumstick, some veggies, peanut and ikan bilis and an egg.

There is a slight downpour before we left to Orchard. Even if it's heavy rain, we still need to go and the Chingay won't be cancelled just for the Mother Nature. You know, so many ppl has bought the tickets and so much effort has been put into for this show.

I was deployed at the place between Takashimaya and UOB. I doesn't know which UOB. Can be the one at Meritus Mandarin or the one at Faber House. Anyway, my deployment is to patrol so it doesn't really matter which is which. The whole stretch of road is closed for the Chingay; from Lane Crawford to Plaza Singapura. Can you imagine all the traffic lights are not able to use, so that means all the pedestrains will not be able to cross the roads. So many of them have been asking us how to get the other side of the road. I have heard so many ppl telling me they are living opposite over there, staying at the hotel just opposite the road. Some are genuine and some, one look and you know they're just talking cock. No matter which is which, we still can't let them cross over. Be it when the performance has started or after the display has ended, waiting for the road to be cleaned up. The whole stretch of road closure, there is only 2 underpass that you can use to cross over. The first one is the one at Takashimaya where you will exit at Lucky Plaza or vice visa. The second one is at the Plaza Singapura where you will eixt at Istana Park or vice visa. I know for those who has been around at Orchard Road since like you're in your primany school days, there is one more underpass at Centrepoint, right? Well that one is closed.

Some of the performancers come from overseas. I saw there is one from Africa, dancing their tribal dance. One from Malaysia, one from Japan...

As usual, no pics shown here cos' I can't take any pics.

We stand down at 11:40 pm, reached Paya Lebar at about 12 am. There is transport sending us back. I reached home at about 1 am. Momo is sleeping soundly and her pillow is at the other corner of the playpan. I kissed her good nite and I went to sleep.

Momo is so smart.. she knows where I'm hiding and her eyes can follow me.

Never argue with a drunk Japanese. Firstly you doesn't understand what he speaks and he also dun know what you're talking too.

I did encounter such an incident last nite. A group of 4 Japanese wanted to cross the road. I told one of them that road is still closed and he was talking to me in Japanese. I show him the hand signs...

I: "In front... got underpass... you go down.. come out at Taka..."

He: "オフィシャルウェブサイト!!!! アーティストプロフィール!!!"

Then he got angry and hit my hand...

I was looking at him and he continue to talk in his God damn Japanese.

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