Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3rd day of CNY. Got some time left before I go and collect my friend's car he promised to lend to me for visiting... So I snap some pics of momo sitting on the floor playing with the mandarin oranges. Apparently she wasn't too happy. I gave her two mandarin oranges and say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" but she just look at me blankly.

So I leave the oranges for her to play.

Little momo wearing orange top, with two oranges...

Why only give me one...two... oranges? Where is my ang bao?

Papa know I got no teeth, how to eat leh... Some more the skin so thick, got no fingernails how to peel...

Can you help me to peel? You lah.... I want to eat the big one... Pls?

I left my home in the afternoon around 3 pm, to my friend's place staying at Ubi. He promised me that he will lend me his Evo. Ha! What he told me is that he modified his Mitsubitshi Lancer powder-fully.

This is what a Lancer should looks like, original look...

And this is what a modified Lancer looks like... Change the hood, add the spoiler....

Nice look...

I drive all the way from Ubi back to my home in Jurong, switched on the radio and blast all the way home. You know first time driving alone, with no instructor beside me. Damn shiok...

I took the PIE...

Then just about to reach clementi, I took the wrong exit... Exit to BKE and end up at Choa Chu Kang... Damn! I just carry on driving and make a big round then exit BKE to PIE again. Anyway I dunno which E, as long as I can reached home, that's the most important thing.

Reached home, bathe and go out with my family again. My maternal relatives is having the family gathering at one of the chalets at Changi.

I hit the PIE again... Drive all the way to Changi. I know that route pretty well cos' many times I took cabs to work.. You know wake up late during the morning shifts. Late evening time still have vehicles on the road. I was like hitting the gas on 100km-80km-100km-90km all the way. My friend actually changed the exhaust and the air intake. You dun even feel you're hitting at 100km. It feels as though it's only 60km. During my lessons, I didn't dare to change lanes but on the highway I just change lanes easily. From lane 4... to lane 3.. then to lane 2... Lane 2 all the way.. Till I was about to reach then I change back to lane 3.

And again I missed the exit. I was supposed to exit the PIE leading to Changi Prisons but I go straight to the Changi Airport. Wow... I gotta make a U-turn near to the Airport and go ONE.....BIG..... ROUND the airfield. Really so long. I was driving 90km and still it takes about a good 15 mins to reach Changi Village.

Then from Changi Village I still need to look at the Street Directory which I bring along from my home, just in case I need to refer to the road maps. Momo was sleeping at the back of the car, in my mom's arms. Earlier on at home, she was crying and refused to eat her porridge. We gotta bring along her porridge to the chalet for her to finish up.

I left home at about 6 pm, reached chalet about 7 pm...Not bad my driving skills hor... Plus all the big round at the airfield and still managed to reach in one hour's time.

I parked my car at the guardhouse and walked a little to the chalet.

Saw my aunt at the kitchen... And the rest of them...

Everyone loves momo... They said momo looks like me and momo was like staring at whoever is talking to her. As though she knows what they're talking to her.

"She is so adorable"

"She looks like she is able to understand adult language"

"She is quite skinny for her age"

I let my cousins carry her, cuddle her and play with her. They all like her very much. See? Momo is so well received with hospitality in my family. Everyone loves her. No one will say she is ugly or dirty. My cousin's wife is even more harsh. She loves kids very much and she says can she just carry momo away and let her take care of momo? I got free time, I can just drop by and visit her. m(^~^)m

Momo is my little princess leh... How can I let others take her away?

On the 21st is a working day. So we left at about 9 pm... My mum say we go to Changi Village for some more makan... So I told her Changi Village is famous for 2 things; one is the Nasi Lemak and the other one is....

Oh, c'mon you all know the answer, right? Do I need to spell it out? Oh yes, I forget there are some of my peeps that aren't Singaporeans. So for the benefit of them and those Singaporeans who act blur here (yes, you lah.. dun hide hide behind the monitor) the 2nd one is transvestites. Ah Gua, bah bok... I heard they all got their own territories some more... Those pretty ones will stand at the more prominent places, whereas those not so good ones will stand at other places... Cannot anyhow invade...

The nasi lemak stalls are with queue so long... Can't possibly join the queue cos' momo is sleeping... She might wake up any moment. She didn't take much of her porridge. And so many ppl oso... All the smoke coming from the stalls... No good for momo.

So we left... to Geylang Serai. There should have more places to eat.

There not hard to find parking lots... Quite empty there...

After eating, it's time to go home. Momo wakes up and sleeps again. She is too tired from all the carrying and cuddling.

I dropped my mum, bro and his wife at the lift cos' all the parking lots below my block are all full. I was thinking of parking the car at the multi storey carpark a few blocks away.

And I did the most dreadful thing that most drivers hate... I scratched my friend's car...

See the line just below the petrol tank?

Is it obvious from far?

I was finding a parking lot at the Multi-storey carpark cos' all the parking lots below my block are full. I was driving around the first storey.. All full... Then I proceed to the next level... I saw there is a empty lot... So I try to park..

You see, there is a pillar at the left side of the parking lot. I need to reverse more to the left or else I can't get out from my car. So I tried and I make the wrong judgement. I thought it won't hit the pillar but it does hit. Luckily the pillar got a metal bracket attached to it. So even I hit it, the damage isn't that great compared to I scratched the pillar itself. No wonder there is no one parking at the lots next to the pillars. So in future must be smart. There isn't and won't be such a good deal as all the lots are full except this one, awaiting for you. Only if I have a little more patience and carry on seeking for at the higher storeys. If not, just park at the top storey. So it teaches me not to be lazy and it pays to have a little more patience than to take things for granted.

When I hit the pillar, straightaway I got out from the driver's seat and inspect the damage. I immediately called up my friend and told him about it. He told me to let him see the next day. If it's not serious, maybe he just spray it and the scar mark won't be obvious.

The next day I drive it back to Paya Lebar. He was working nite shift the nite before so just nice if I reached Paya Lebar at 8:30am. I let him see the scratch and he was shaking his head. There is a slightly dented and the paint was scrapped off. So we went to the nearby car garage at Eunos. There are a whole lot of them and he went to the one whereby he did his modification. The guy took a look and touch a bit.. He said it wasn't serious and just a paste and spray will do the job. Moreover the body kit is black in colour so the scar isn't obvious.

Thanks God that it wasn't expensive. But I guess in future he wouldn't want to lend me his car again.

I mean everyone sure will bound to have some minor accidents when driving. Bumps here, scratches there are quite common. It's not that I dun want to be responsible but he told me it's okay. He will DIY himself.

Let's pray that the next time he will still lend me his car.

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