Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Got some time to spare before I go for my OT later, so I went to the Prime Lounge at CISCO Centre to rest and relax a bit. Today River Ang Bao at Esplande. Never done before so I guess it must be some sort like the last time I did last year. Still remember that time when Naadia Chan came to Esplande to perform...

Yeah, this time I think will the almost the same, except no Naadia Chan. Got many fire crackers and ang baos. No mandarin oranges thrown in the the river, waiting for singles to pick up with their names written on it. That's what happens in Malaysia... According to my friends living in M'sia.

I was free so I actually try the M1 Explorer and try one of the games available. Japanese and Korean name....

My Korean name is Jun Hyo Jin...

My Japanese name is Kaori Tae...

Sounds like those little school girls, heh? I still remember that during my lower Sec Sch days, some girls in my class will actually keep Andy Lau's pic in their purse. And they will actually go around and proclaimed that this is her b/f. Wah kao... And now, I keep momo's pic in my wallet and go around telling everyone that this is my little lover princess.

So since I got the mood to play, I also type in momo's name and guess what I got?

Momo's Korean name is Yeom Hyo Jung...

Momo's Japanese name is Yutaka Yuta...

Haha.... Sounds so weird. wtf....

Just for the sake of fun, nothing else.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Momo is really growing up... Yup, there is no doubt about it. Now she starts to talk.. So better dun swear in front of her anymore. She is so bright and I dun want the first word to come out from her mouth is KNN lah... CB lah... If papa is okay... cat cat oso never mind...

Momo is talking... in her own language.. So cute and she is a chatty box.

In this video, momo is talking non-stop. I was beside her using my laptop and then she starts to talk or sing, I dunno know... My mum comes, scolding me cos' she thought momo is crying and I didn't bother about her. I gotta tell her that momo is talking, not crying. To prove my innocence, I play her the video...

Momo is so chatty... she keeps on talking and talking.. so noisy... lol.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Today is Sun and momo just come back from her morning jalan jalan downstairs meeting her new friends. My dad says she pee-ed in her diapers while downstairs. Taken her cereal before she went down meeting her friends. Came back, change her diapers and bathe by my mum.

Momo now has many new clothes, all thanks to my mum for spoilling her. In no time her big closet won't have enough space for her to hang her clothes. Dunno who give a comments saying that momo's head is bigger than her body. Do you think likewise? Looks more like a Tweety Bird, huh? But my momo ain't any ordinary Tweety Bird. She is a noti Tweety Bird. In the Walt Disney, Sylvester always wanted to eat Tweety Bird. In real life, momo will go and beat the Sylvester in my home.
Bad old putty cat
I did! I did taw a putty cat!

Momo in her "Postman" top. She was scratching her ear cos' I just kiss her ear. Ha!

Why you always like to take pics of me sitting leh?

I want to sleep already. Very tired just now go downstairs. Do you know that momo smells very nice after she bathes?

You see her sleeping so soundly after she changes to her jumper suit. But I guess you won't believe when I was rocking her to sleep, the lion dance troop was actually just below my block cos' the coffee shop below just reopens after CNY renovation. How momo manage to sleep with all the noise...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

After the CNY holiday mood, it's time to work again. Working is quite boring, esp when you work and work... Get the pay and all of it goes to the drain. But you can't help it cos' you have been tattooed with "you have just been screwed" on your ass. Letters from the banks continued to flood my mailbox.

*Welcome to Kiss My Ass Club*

Yesterday was the Chingay rehearsal... The crowd was still okay, compared to that time I did the Christmas Party last year. As usual I report for Chingay duty after my tour of duty. We had our dinner at Paya Lebar Division before boarding the bus. You know lah, so many lunchboxes packed together sure has some compromising in the serving and the quality. Just a drumstick, some veggies, peanut and ikan bilis and an egg.

There is a slight downpour before we left to Orchard. Even if it's heavy rain, we still need to go and the Chingay won't be cancelled just for the Mother Nature. You know, so many ppl has bought the tickets and so much effort has been put into for this show.

I was deployed at the place between Takashimaya and UOB. I doesn't know which UOB. Can be the one at Meritus Mandarin or the one at Faber House. Anyway, my deployment is to patrol so it doesn't really matter which is which. The whole stretch of road is closed for the Chingay; from Lane Crawford to Plaza Singapura. Can you imagine all the traffic lights are not able to use, so that means all the pedestrains will not be able to cross the roads. So many of them have been asking us how to get the other side of the road. I have heard so many ppl telling me they are living opposite over there, staying at the hotel just opposite the road. Some are genuine and some, one look and you know they're just talking cock. No matter which is which, we still can't let them cross over. Be it when the performance has started or after the display has ended, waiting for the road to be cleaned up. The whole stretch of road closure, there is only 2 underpass that you can use to cross over. The first one is the one at Takashimaya where you will exit at Lucky Plaza or vice visa. The second one is at the Plaza Singapura where you will eixt at Istana Park or vice visa. I know for those who has been around at Orchard Road since like you're in your primany school days, there is one more underpass at Centrepoint, right? Well that one is closed.

Some of the performancers come from overseas. I saw there is one from Africa, dancing their tribal dance. One from Malaysia, one from Japan...

As usual, no pics shown here cos' I can't take any pics.

We stand down at 11:40 pm, reached Paya Lebar at about 12 am. There is transport sending us back. I reached home at about 1 am. Momo is sleeping soundly and her pillow is at the other corner of the playpan. I kissed her good nite and I went to sleep.

Momo is so smart.. she knows where I'm hiding and her eyes can follow me.

Never argue with a drunk Japanese. Firstly you doesn't understand what he speaks and he also dun know what you're talking too.

I did encounter such an incident last nite. A group of 4 Japanese wanted to cross the road. I told one of them that road is still closed and he was talking to me in Japanese. I show him the hand signs...

I: "In front... got underpass... you go down.. come out at Taka..."

He: "オフィシャルウェブサイト!!!! アーティストプロフィール!!!"

Then he got angry and hit my hand...

I was looking at him and he continue to talk in his God damn Japanese.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3rd day of CNY. Got some time left before I go and collect my friend's car he promised to lend to me for visiting... So I snap some pics of momo sitting on the floor playing with the mandarin oranges. Apparently she wasn't too happy. I gave her two mandarin oranges and say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" but she just look at me blankly.

So I leave the oranges for her to play.

Little momo wearing orange top, with two oranges...

Why only give me one...two... oranges? Where is my ang bao?

Papa know I got no teeth, how to eat leh... Some more the skin so thick, got no fingernails how to peel...

Can you help me to peel? You lah.... I want to eat the big one... Pls?

I left my home in the afternoon around 3 pm, to my friend's place staying at Ubi. He promised me that he will lend me his Evo. Ha! What he told me is that he modified his Mitsubitshi Lancer powder-fully.

This is what a Lancer should looks like, original look...

And this is what a modified Lancer looks like... Change the hood, add the spoiler....

Nice look...

I drive all the way from Ubi back to my home in Jurong, switched on the radio and blast all the way home. You know first time driving alone, with no instructor beside me. Damn shiok...

I took the PIE...

Then just about to reach clementi, I took the wrong exit... Exit to BKE and end up at Choa Chu Kang... Damn! I just carry on driving and make a big round then exit BKE to PIE again. Anyway I dunno which E, as long as I can reached home, that's the most important thing.

Reached home, bathe and go out with my family again. My maternal relatives is having the family gathering at one of the chalets at Changi.

I hit the PIE again... Drive all the way to Changi. I know that route pretty well cos' many times I took cabs to work.. You know wake up late during the morning shifts. Late evening time still have vehicles on the road. I was like hitting the gas on 100km-80km-100km-90km all the way. My friend actually changed the exhaust and the air intake. You dun even feel you're hitting at 100km. It feels as though it's only 60km. During my lessons, I didn't dare to change lanes but on the highway I just change lanes easily. From lane 4... to lane 3.. then to lane 2... Lane 2 all the way.. Till I was about to reach then I change back to lane 3.

And again I missed the exit. I was supposed to exit the PIE leading to Changi Prisons but I go straight to the Changi Airport. Wow... I gotta make a U-turn near to the Airport and go ONE.....BIG..... ROUND the airfield. Really so long. I was driving 90km and still it takes about a good 15 mins to reach Changi Village.

Then from Changi Village I still need to look at the Street Directory which I bring along from my home, just in case I need to refer to the road maps. Momo was sleeping at the back of the car, in my mom's arms. Earlier on at home, she was crying and refused to eat her porridge. We gotta bring along her porridge to the chalet for her to finish up.

I left home at about 6 pm, reached chalet about 7 pm...Not bad my driving skills hor... Plus all the big round at the airfield and still managed to reach in one hour's time.

I parked my car at the guardhouse and walked a little to the chalet.

Saw my aunt at the kitchen... And the rest of them...

Everyone loves momo... They said momo looks like me and momo was like staring at whoever is talking to her. As though she knows what they're talking to her.

"She is so adorable"

"She looks like she is able to understand adult language"

"She is quite skinny for her age"

I let my cousins carry her, cuddle her and play with her. They all like her very much. See? Momo is so well received with hospitality in my family. Everyone loves her. No one will say she is ugly or dirty. My cousin's wife is even more harsh. She loves kids very much and she says can she just carry momo away and let her take care of momo? I got free time, I can just drop by and visit her. m(^~^)m

Momo is my little princess leh... How can I let others take her away?

On the 21st is a working day. So we left at about 9 pm... My mum say we go to Changi Village for some more makan... So I told her Changi Village is famous for 2 things; one is the Nasi Lemak and the other one is....

Oh, c'mon you all know the answer, right? Do I need to spell it out? Oh yes, I forget there are some of my peeps that aren't Singaporeans. So for the benefit of them and those Singaporeans who act blur here (yes, you lah.. dun hide hide behind the monitor) the 2nd one is transvestites. Ah Gua, bah bok... I heard they all got their own territories some more... Those pretty ones will stand at the more prominent places, whereas those not so good ones will stand at other places... Cannot anyhow invade...

The nasi lemak stalls are with queue so long... Can't possibly join the queue cos' momo is sleeping... She might wake up any moment. She didn't take much of her porridge. And so many ppl oso... All the smoke coming from the stalls... No good for momo.

So we left... to Geylang Serai. There should have more places to eat.

There not hard to find parking lots... Quite empty there...

After eating, it's time to go home. Momo wakes up and sleeps again. She is too tired from all the carrying and cuddling.

I dropped my mum, bro and his wife at the lift cos' all the parking lots below my block are all full. I was thinking of parking the car at the multi storey carpark a few blocks away.

And I did the most dreadful thing that most drivers hate... I scratched my friend's car...

See the line just below the petrol tank?

Is it obvious from far?

I was finding a parking lot at the Multi-storey carpark cos' all the parking lots below my block are full. I was driving around the first storey.. All full... Then I proceed to the next level... I saw there is a empty lot... So I try to park..

You see, there is a pillar at the left side of the parking lot. I need to reverse more to the left or else I can't get out from my car. So I tried and I make the wrong judgement. I thought it won't hit the pillar but it does hit. Luckily the pillar got a metal bracket attached to it. So even I hit it, the damage isn't that great compared to I scratched the pillar itself. No wonder there is no one parking at the lots next to the pillars. So in future must be smart. There isn't and won't be such a good deal as all the lots are full except this one, awaiting for you. Only if I have a little more patience and carry on seeking for at the higher storeys. If not, just park at the top storey. So it teaches me not to be lazy and it pays to have a little more patience than to take things for granted.

When I hit the pillar, straightaway I got out from the driver's seat and inspect the damage. I immediately called up my friend and told him about it. He told me to let him see the next day. If it's not serious, maybe he just spray it and the scar mark won't be obvious.

The next day I drive it back to Paya Lebar. He was working nite shift the nite before so just nice if I reached Paya Lebar at 8:30am. I let him see the scratch and he was shaking his head. There is a slightly dented and the paint was scrapped off. So we went to the nearby car garage at Eunos. There are a whole lot of them and he went to the one whereby he did his modification. The guy took a look and touch a bit.. He said it wasn't serious and just a paste and spray will do the job. Moreover the body kit is black in colour so the scar isn't obvious.

Thanks God that it wasn't expensive. But I guess in future he wouldn't want to lend me his car again.

I mean everyone sure will bound to have some minor accidents when driving. Bumps here, scratches there are quite common. It's not that I dun want to be responsible but he told me it's okay. He will DIY himself.

Let's pray that the next time he will still lend me his car.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It was the 3nd day of CNY... Didn't go visiting yesterday cos'... didn't go lah. Anyway, we are going today, 3rd day of CNY. Momo just had her cereal and my mom was busy in the kitchen leaving momo to my care. She was crawling in my room, finding things to bite and making a lot of noise. I supposed she wants me to play with her. Now whenever I got private time with her, I would teach her to say "Papa". When I uttered this word, she will stop whatever she is doing and look at me. I know she wanted to repeat after what I said but she just can't.

Well, I was thinking what pics should I take for her. I racksacked my cupboard where all her clothes are stored. Some clothes my mom says that it was not suitable for her to wear anymore.

I found this......

It was a Winnie the Pooh top. So me and her aunt help her to change into Winnie the Pooh top. Pretty loose for her even she is 8 months old now. But never mind...

Sitting there looking as though she not willingly to be photographed...

Playing with the toy my dad got for her...

Heh? Did someone just call me Plain Jane? I tell you momo not plain jane okay....

Wow... Look at her back... Sexy little momo leh... Bare back some more... No gimmicks

For this photo shoot I got grounded by my mom. She scolded me for making momo so vixen.
"Baby should have their baby innocence. I hate to buy those baby clothes that so revealing. Babies should wear those clothes that are cute cute and cartoon one....."
I mean there is no harm just letting momo wear it, afterall it's just inside the house, within the four walls. I, of cos', won't let momo appear in public wearing this top. Anyway, I didn't buy it either. It's just for the sake of photographing.
Momo just come back from her morning walk downstairs with my dad to meet her new friends. Dun underestimate momo, she now got many friends, old or young ones. Everytime when she goes down to the playground, sure there will be some aunties or kids come forward to pinch her cheeks or stroke her face.
Soon, soon momo will be able to play with the swing or the slide... Few more months to go...
Uploaded a video of momo playing with my mom. She is lying on my mom's lap and laughing so happily.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Momo go visiting for the first time in her baby life...Early morning my mum feed her with cereal, clean her up a bit and we went out. She was so happy cos' she gotta wear her new clothes.. My mum specially bought for her to wear on CNY. It comes with a top and a shorts. The buttons are at the back, in front got a butterfly stitched. It doesn't cost too much. Noti momo needs to be doll up sometimes.

Luckily momo doesn't cry too much while we go visiting. She did cry a bit when we reached my grandma's place. We took a cab there as little momo is not suitable to squeeze with others in the public transport. At the back, momo did play for a while then she falls asleep. We reached my grandma's place and she was still sleeping. So my mum put her on the bed, with some pillows around and below the bed, next to the floor; just in case she wakes up and roll over. You know, momo is very fast in her actions. Even though you saw it, but you won't be able to react cos' she is too fast. Prevention is better than cure... Momo is too precious to be injured or hurt.

After a while, she wakes up... Momo cries... Maybe she wakes up and find herself stranger to the place. We gotta carry her, let her play with tissue paper and cuddle her. Just a while later she stop crying and is able to adapt to the new environment.

Momo was so greedy, she wanted to eat those new year cookies even though she only got 2 teeth. She bites and bites... and leaving all the crumbs on the floor and stick on her top. Aiyo....

We stay for about 2 hours or so, then we head back home. Took a cab oso... Little momo was sleeping on the way there and also sleeping on the way back.

The reason is I need to work later in the afternoon...

Little momo sitting on the bed in heer new year clothes.

Momo being carried by her aunt.. Niak niak... Momo should drool on her shoulder, but she didn't...

While waiting for the cab to come.

Why momo was frowning...looking so angry? Is it she doesn't want to wait?

I got a call from my deployment officer that got one fella reported sick. Cos' he is supposed to report for duty after his work for River Ang Bao. He doesn't want to go so might as well report sick and today is the first day of CNY. Everyone has already been detailed out, either to cover those Malaysians Chinese who have went back to their hometown or extra duties at other ad-hoc assignments. He got no other choice but to call me. He called in early at about 5 plus am already. I was sleeping so I didn't answer his calls. Then he called again at 8 plus am, I answered his calls and I told him today I was on leave and I was going to visit my relatives soon. He said since that is the case he will leave me as I was. Then at 10 am he called again and he said he really at his wits end... No matter how he find men and how he re-shuffle the roaster there is still one more lobang.

He wanted me to help him by coming for section 2, afternoon shift. I told him that right now I'm going out soon and even I wanted to help him there is no way I could make it by the normal timing (be there at 3pm). I told him that I can only make it maybe 4 pm or so. Even if it's I promised him by 4 pm there is still no guarantee cos' it was CNY and all the taxis are busy.

Anyway I told him maybe I'll be a bit late after 4 pm.

I went out to my grandma's place, stay there till about 1 pm then left. Momo sleeping in my mum's arms. Reached back home at about 1:30 pm. Took my lunch which my dad's buy for us, ironed my uniform, bathe and left my home at 2 pm after kissing momo goodbye.

In return for helping during the first day of CNY, I got another extra day off. I took leave on the Eve and 2nd day of CNY. Since I work on the first day of CNY, so I claimed off on the 3rd day of CNY. Instead of start work on the 3rd day of CNY, I start work on the 4th day of CNY. So I was considered working on the 1st day of CNY and took leave for the 2nd and 3rd day of CNY. Complicated?

Luckily the whole afternoon there was no much movements. Quite relax, so not much work to do.

Tomorrow I will be going visiting again. My friend agreed to lend me his car for the evening. Ha! Can you imagine that? But I need to top up his petrol for him. I heard from my other friends he actually modified his car, from the normal look of a Mitsubishi Lancer to Evo kinda look. Really rich hor. I told him since he likes speed so much then might as well buy the actual Evo. Let's talk about the price, a 1.6 Lancer will cost $44k, a 1.6 Sports will cost $48k, a Ralliant Turbo will cost $69k, a Evo will cost $141k...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year... to everyone... *Tsk tsk....*

Time to give ang pows to little children and....

Everyone else is still asleep, momo is still in her sarong dreaming. Just now, I heard her giggling in her sleep. I took a quick peep at her and saw her sucking her pacifier half-drop. Maybe not giggling, cos' her mouth is already sucking the pacifier so how could she possibly giggle in her sleep...

Later after momo has her milk then it's time for her to go out in her new year clothes. Dunno my mum will make her wear which set of clothes... I want her to be in dress but she doesn't really look so feminine in skirts... What to do? Little momo doesn't grow much hair. Well, I guess even if she grows up, most likely she also won't like to wear skirts. Her behaviour is more to a boy. You know, now whenever we put her in the walker, she will touch this touch that. Just last week, she spill my bowl of soup. And there is one time where momo fingers slammed by the drawer... That time she was in her walker and she so curious exploring her surroundings. She wheeled herself here and there.. touching this and that... Then she comes to this particular drawer (a big one) and she pulls the knob... The drawer slides ajar. She puts her fingers over the wood and then she moves forward.... OH, the walker shuts the drawer and that's how her fingers got hurt. OMG, she was crying so loud and tears flows down. My mum gotta give hug her and pat her, coax her with some condensed milk. All these bound to happen to all babies. Can't supervise them 24/7. Noti babies like momo gotta let them explore.

I shall leave you for now... Going out soon. Need to feed momo before heading out.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Today is eve of CNY. I supposed to work but I took leave. I have been covering others whenever they want to take leave or what. Now it's my turn and they have to cover me. Work is like that, you cover me, I cover you... Give and take mah...Then life will be better.

Momo got her first ang pao. She was so delight that she refused to let go. Her little hands are grabbing it so hard. She is really one happy little baby. I'll deposit in her account for the child development fund. Can you imagine such a noti baby got a few hundred in her account now? Luckily no one can touches is till momo turns 6, if not the consequences will be disastrous. I mean can you imagine if momo was to take the money and buy sweets. It will be like a mountain of sweets piling on the floor. And she will get tooth decay.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was playing with momo. She dun want to sleep after eating her porridge. So I put her on the bed and guess what, she now can sit without any support. Clever little girl...

Took 3 diff angle of rotations for her. She enjoy being in the limelights.
She now can sits on her own without any support. But I still a bit afraid she might just fall front or backwards and injured her little head.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Today is Friday... CNY is coming.. Little momo is going on the streets finally dressing in her new clothes. Hope she will be obedient a bit and dun cry so much.

When I look at her sleeping, I can't help but to wonder... How is she going to be like that she grows up, when she starts to talk, when she is able to walk, when she starts to ask why this why that?

You know that kind of feelings?

Momo may be small but I know that she isn't so dumb as you think she is. I got a smart ass daughter here.

Right now momo is sleeping soundly in her playpan. She has grow taller each day, but her weight doesn't seems to increase according to her height. Not that we underfeed her or she eats too little. Yes, she doesn't like to drink milk that much but she got a damn good appetite for cereal and porridge.

I fed her today with cereal for breakfast. Of cos' I had mine first. She wakes up with her eyes sparkling wide and lie in her sarong smiling. A smiling baby is a baby with sufficient sleep. Of cos' I want her to have sufficient sleep. When she is asleep, she can throw her pillow from under her head to the other side of the playpan. Or her pants will drop and/or her shirt will expose her little cute navel button. She really looks like me when falling asleep.

Today I went to work and I think of many things. I was thinking when will I save enough money for myself and momo if things doesn't get better. When will be the time when I can officially drive my own car. Right now, all I can do is to borrow from others. As you know, once you borrow cars from others, you somehow owe them something. I doesn't want that. It wasn't a good feeling. But what to do? Based on my financial status, I can't fulfill my wish. I doesn't grumble or what, cos' I know owning a car is not that cheap. In Singapore, it must need both person to support a car. Unless either one person earns quite reasonably. For the time being, I just want to make momo happy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yesterday I watched The Saw Part 3... OMG, the scene are so gross. More bloody than the Part 1 and 2. Wow... Jigsaw finally died.. But the game continues... Do you think there will be Part 4 coming?

Today I watch Pirates of the Carribean Part 2. Not bad the show...

Both oso DVD...

Little momo is now getting more and more naughty... Just a few days ago, I was having my lunch at the coffee table in the living room. Momo was in the walker rolling here and there. She saw my having my lunch and she comes to my front. I know she was just greedy so I feed her with whatever I was having. Although she got only 2 little teeth ( I think she is growing teeth again) but she likes to eat a lot. She is having those signs now when her 2 little teeth protrude out that time. I put my bowl of soup in front of me while watching TV. Actually her little hands are already stretching out to touch my food but I put the food further away from her reach. Who knows she still managed to reach out for my bowl of soup and she overturns it. It all happens so fast. I saw it, try to save my bowl of soup but it was too late. She tip-toed and managed to reach it. So for that meal, I ended with no soup to drink. Her walker and the floor was wet. The best thing is the soup wasn't hot so little momo was like looking at me, acting innocent. I tell you soon she will be pouring her dessert on the sofa and then sit on it, her butt stained with the dessert and she will run about in the house...

I tell you this dream of mine soon will come true...

Today is 14th Feb, Valentine's Day... For the past few years from 2001, I'll be spending this day with someone special in my life. But this year I spend it alone, with momo... She today, as naughty as usual... Today I teach her how to say "Papa"... She was playing with her own foot when I hold her up sitting position and I teach her how to pronoune Papa. She immediately quiet down and look into my eyes.. I could feel like as though she knows what am I telling her and she is trying her best to utter those words. Maybe soon, in few months time she can. Have some patience...

Just now I was playing with momo at the living room. She can sit by herself on the floor without me holding her. How? She is simply so smart. She use her right hand on the side to support her body. I should have taken the pic when she was sitting on the floor. Next time round, I'll post her pics here.

Momo crawling liao...

See, I knew it.. My little princess won't be any way inferior to any babies... Now finally she learns how to crawl....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finally momo learn how to crawl... and she can crawl pretty fast. I already say.. my daughter can't be any worse than any other babies. She just needs a bit of pushing and training. I got home, sleep for a while and then I wake up and momo is crying. Got a hard time trying to calm her down.

Today mum cooks peanut porridge with scallop... for us to eat. Momo was greedy, as usual. She was sitting in her walker and she comes knocking into the table where I was sitting and peep into my bowl what am I eating.

So I was like sharing a bowl of porridge with momo. She eats a small spoonful and I eat a big spoonful. She got her own share but she simply can't wait for it to be serve to her.

I enjoying feeding her. Watches her as she swallows her food and still wants for more and more...

Pics of her crawling just minutes ago... I just can't wait to share with all my peeps. Momo finally learns how to crawl....Yipeee....

She was finding her toys and they are nowhere to be found... Can you believe it or not? We had lost her pacifier. I search and search but just can't locate where it was misplaced.

Papa I saw something moving there.... Got hairy hairy one... brown in colour leh... Papa our house that fat cat is hiding behind the TV rack....

Closed up and momo really does have the features of a baby girl... Only if she grows more hair...

Help... help papa... got a dog prowl on me... I can't breathe....

Who are you? Why you climb over me? You better go away or else I tell my papa hor....

Ouch... the doggie bite my hand..... Help, papa help me.. someone help me call my papa...

So fast and next week is CNY already... I still got no time (and no money oso) to do my stuffs. Momo got new clothes for CNY but I think I most probably will wear the old clothes when go visiting my relatives.
This year little momo will be getting her red packets. She will be delightful, I guess. Momo loves to play with ppl and... the last person will be me. Some times she will play with me, some times she doesn't. I guess I need to spend more quality time with her or else she will grow up closer to my mum. I mean there is nothing wrong for a grand daughter to be close to her grandma but I'm her only dad so naturally I wants her to be close to me too. Maybe when she gets a little older I want her to sleep beside me. You know the joy of waking up and the first you see in your most beloved daughter. She will be soundly sleeping and most probably drooling with saliva. Aww...
Now it is close to CNY. A lot of OT to do... But I so far didn't volunteer for any cos' I was kinda busy with my own private things. I need to settle it before I can move on with my life.
Few days ago, I tried to redeem my Sunperks points with M1. I called up the Customer Service No 1627. Earlier on, I tried by logging on to the website to redeem it online but everytime it says not successfully. So I thought of just redeeming it via the phone. I called and get through... Speak to a male customer officer and I expressed my concern why I was unable to redeem the respective vouchers even though I got enough points. He said I just give him the code and he will send me the vouchers I want within 5 working days. In my mind I was thinking things won't be so smoothly as he claimed to be.
And true enough, just the next day I got a sms from M1 Customer Service saying that I still got outstanding bills not yet clear so they want me to clear it first before sending me the vouchers. After clearing, then I can give them a call and they'll release my vouchers to me.
I've been a loyal customer to M1.. since year 1995 or so. That time was still the pager time. So far I stay with M1... but now I gotta break this bond with M1 cos' of a bitch in my life.
Sometimes I was asking myself.... What is more worse in life than you're being betrayed by someone whom you should be trusting and entrusted with? So for those out there reading my post, if you're facing set-downs in your work or personal life, dun dispair... just sit back and think... There is someone in your life who is much more worse than you. And the person is me. All the so-called office politics, back stabbing, stepping unto one's shoulder is nothing compared to mine.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I hurried to work... hurried to my locker and opened it... Found my Nokia 6280 inside my CISCO bag. I knew it that I left it behind lah... Must be I last nite too tired so I forget about taking it out from my bag. Normally in the MRT, I'll play Sudoku.. But last nite my back is so aching and I tried to sleep for a while and I ended up during the whole journey closing my eyes. So I didn't realise my phone wasn't with me at all...

Poor thing, it become so thin liao... I mean the battery... Only left with one bar.

And it didn't last till I got home. Just while I'm working, it suddenly go *batt flat* Damn it....

Today is a busy day... Got a lot of movements... Going in, coming out... No time to eat and drink, let alone sit down for just a while. But never mind, cos' busy is a good sign. Rather than sitting for 12 hours, might as well be in a job that is required you to be on the move.

Last nite I did some changes to my blog.... Yeah, I include a link in my blog... So please tag me tag me, okay? All thanks to Judy who guide me through the process... I thought it was hard to add a tag link bit it seems quite easy... Only if I got a tag in my blog earlier...

Today is Fri, weekend liao... I was thinking of dating someone out for dinner or at least coffee at Starbucks/Coffee Bean/Gloria Jean's... But hor, dunno is it that when someone who constantly asked you out and you didn't turn up so when it's your turn to ask them out, they'll do the same thing back to you? I was like asking myself when was the last time I went to the hotel cafe for a decent dinner? Seem ages ago.

Thought of bringing momo to the cafe. Now she can use the toddler's seat. Momo last nite refused to sleep. When I got home, she just wake up and all smiles. She is so happy that whoever plays with her, she will smile and laugh. We put her on the bed and she was turning here and there, hands touching the pillow and the newspaper.

I got home at about 11:45pm, she was awake.

At 01:00 am, she was still awake. Gotta let her suck her pacifier dripped with condensed milk in order to coax her to sleep. I know it wasn't good for babies. Yeah lah, now it's true. Whenever we let her drink plain water, she will spit it out. Tasteless water she doesn't want to drink. She knows the taste of sweetness and she will yearns for it every time.

I think now momo is learning how to pronounce some words. Or she is still talking in her own baby language. 7 months old baby, is it too early for them to learn adult words. So from now on, cannot swear in front of her anymore.

Little momo, when will you be able to walk and talk. Papa is waiting to bring you to the swimming pool and take you to eat ice cream. Now I realised that momo can frown her eyebrows or make those signs of being irritated mouth movements. You know, bite her lips or twist her lips.... Rub her eyes when she wants to sleep.

Momo simply hates to drink her milk. She only likes to eat cereal and porridge. But pediatrician says babies must take at least 5 times of formula milk in order for her to fully absorb the necessary minerals and vitamins...

OMG, why momo dislike to drink her milk leh... I even resorted to adding ice cream to her milk. Chocolate favour milk, mind you...

My mum keeps on buying new clothes for momo. I told her it's enough for her to wear already. She will outgrown them soon. Maybe not at the waist but in terms in length... Momo grows taller each day but she doesn't really grow meatier.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh shit... I lost my Nokia 6280... I dun know where I placed it now. This morning when I wake up I wanted to charge my phone but when I reached out to my bag, it wasn't there. Hope that I forget to take it from my locker last nite after work. I think and think... dunno if is it someone take my phone while I was falling asleep on the MRT leh... But cannot be mah, cos' the MRT got so many ppl around.

Then must be in the bus loh... I was sitting at the last row...

Anyway, I just pray that I really left it in my locker loh...

Shit, how terrible if I really lost my hp. All momo pics are all inside leh... Plus her videos and the mp3 songs, all my games that I painfully downloaded from the net...

Bloody hell, I cursed the fucker who take my hp. Curse that his/her hand rot and backside cannot shit out.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Been a few days since I last update my blog... Again the lousy laptop is unable to blog.. Gotta wait and wait... wait and wait.... Till the flower oso go ku ku ku ku liao...

Momo is having a good life here at my house... She eats and then sleep. Or if she doesn't sleep, she will sit in her walker and play bumper car. Or if she doesn't wants to sit in her car then she will shitting in her diapers. Oh no, *I am sitting in my poopie* Uggr....

My mum bought a new tube of ice cream. Of cos' I will eat it, after my meals lah. Not like that momo who wants to eat ice cream before her milk. Momo is always so greedy. She wants to eat whatever you're eating. Doesn't mean she now got 2 little teeth she can chew her food. She loves ice cream and anything that is sweet.

I didn't take any pics or videos of her eating ice cream cos' the last time I already did. Basically it's the same thing, she will dirty her mouth and all around it. This time round she is taking La Cremeria from Nestle. If I got the money now, I would have bought for my little momo ice cream like Haagen Dazs or Anderson's of Denmark or Ben & Jerry's ice cream. So momo, you just bear with papa okay... Soon papa will buy you some nice ice cream.... (Dunno when the day will come) *piak*

Some glutton has already scooped their share before momo... Actually it was me lah... niak niak...

Yesterday I was going to work, earlier than my usual time. I was heading to the gents' when I spotted this lonely cat lying at the automatic door. My first thought was to kidnap it back home for the fat cat to play. Or rather to keep this lazy cat company. Let him do some exercise, make him sweat a bit cos' too much fat deposited in his body liao...

I dun know if it's a pussy cat or oso tom cat... Most probably it is a pussy cat.
This clip was showing momo crawling on my parent's bed. Notice she will scratch her butt for a while then she start crawling. She was smart, she knows that someone is pointing the recording device at her. OMG, such a young age and she knows that.
This clip was showing momo crawling on the floor in my room. She was panting and yet she still wants to crawl. I put her on the floor cos' I want her to learn how to crawl. She is now 7 months old and still doesn't know how to crawl. Beat her pat pat ah...

Haha... just for laughs...
Lately CISCO got a lot of OT to do.. Now till after CNY the following week. Plus the upcoming Chingay leh.... Such a good lobang cannot let go mah... Where to find such good lobang woh.. can work can see girl can earn money somemore... For you info, Chingay is on the 24th Feb, 23rd is the rehearsal. Talking about OT hor, I think I got some time didn't do OT liao leh... How come like that leh? No OT, no extra money to use (to pay bills).
Today before I went out, I was at home checking my e-mails.. Then I saw the sarong was moving. Little momo has awaken. She was smiling from inside to me. Then I asked her if she has enough sleep last nite. She just smile. A smiling baby means she has enough sleep. If momo wakes up and cry then most probably she doesn't has enough sleep or she just poo-ed. I was like dancing in front of her and she... laughed... Laughed at me leh... It has been a long time since she last laughed at me. So happy, man. I give her a kiss all over her petite face.
Soon it will be CNY and momo will be officially meeting all her older cousins, aunties and uncles, grand aunties and grand uncles and her great grandma.